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XPO Logistics Shipping Tracking stands out among the USA’s trustworthy courier tracking services. This Transport Logistics Company provides customers across the nation with stress-free delivery and accurate package monitoring.

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Ann Arbor(800) 755-2728
[email protected]
2211 Old Earhart RoadAnn Arbor, MI 48105-2751

Official Website Link: https://www.xpo.com/

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XPO Logistics Tracking


Through a single source, their extensive network reaches 99 percent of all US zip codes, in addition to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.


Customers receive tools that are simple to use and simplify their experience through their proprietary software. To maximize productivity, XPO employs machine learning and data science.


XPO is expanding existing locations and adding new terminals. In addition, they construct their trailers internally and train new drivers at their 130 XPO driver school locations in order to rapidly expand their capacity.


XPO Logistics has been in the LTL industry for more than three decades and moved 18 billion pounds of freight last year, so they know exactly what it takes to meet the needs of their 27,000 clients.

Constructing a network

They are one of the largest LTL carriers in North America and investing in further expansion: expanding its team by training drivers, adding doors and equipment, and

Making Contact with the Customer

Your success is their goal. They take care of your freight as if it were their own because they know what your business needs.

Providing Effectiveness

With their LTL network technology, web tools, and EDI/API integrations, XPO Freight is constantly developing the next great idea to provide value to customers.

Striving for Perfection.

To guarantee that you receive the superior service you deserve, they maintain constant communication with customers.

Ideals of XPO Freight Tracking

Exceed Expectations for clients

They have built an LTL network with world-class staff, cutting-edge technology, and national capacity. Additionally, they are always expanding and enhancing.

Stay safe

They constantly strive to enhance their employees’ well-being and safety. For them to continue doing what they do best, this means staying current on the most recent protocols, technologies, and equipment.

Keep Your Word

XPO take pride in doing things the right way, which means admitting their mistakes and speaking up when they spot opportunities for improvement. They ensure that members of their team can rely on one another, as well as that their clients can rely on them to act in their best interests, by placing a high value on accountability, integrity, and a job well done.

Always get better

XPO Logistics Transport is forward-thinking and constantly makes investments in its workforce, technology, and network to achieve better outcomes each day. They find new ways to improve their performance for customers, employees, and shareholders, and innovation runs deep in their veins.

Be kind to one another

XPO Logistics Tracking put in a lot of effort to make sure their workers feel valued and in control. Respect, honesty, and ensuring that each member of the team has a voice are key components in the collaborative culture they create.

Be the best in every way

They want to be first in LTL. They never settle for anything less than the best for themselves, their customers, and their shareholders because they are competitive and driven to win.

Safety In XPO Transport

Zero workplace injuries and accidents is one of their primary goals. Their safety ecosystem is continuously improved through training and technology, and XPO safety professionals are stationed throughout their operating regions.

Their global Road to Zero initiative and the stringent compliance measures that direct their operations demonstrates their dedication to safe practices. As a result, their accident and OSHA incident rates are lower than the industry average.

Their safety team can assist customers with programs that can reduce cargo damage, increase security, and improve worker safety. In their motor carrier networks, they also provide owner-operators with online safety training.

Diverse talent

In addition to embracing diversity, XPO Tracking ensures that its teams reflect the communities they serve. The key to their success and innovation is their diversity of thought and background.


Both their company and the environment benefit from operational efficiency. They make investments in pilot programs for electric vehicles, LED lighting, electronic waste reduction, and fuel management.

Guaranteed Services of XPO Logistics Freight Inc

XPO recognizes the significance of prompt delivery to both you and your clients. Their Guaranteed Guaranteed by Noon delivery services ensure that your shipment arrives on time, regardless of whether it is of high value, urgent, or just in time.

You will receive: If you select Guaranteed or Guaranteed by Noon:

  • Priority handling of your shipments and care for them
  • increased the visibility of the network.
  • Electronic and automatic reimbursement of claims.
  • Placing a high priority in their systems on shipment.
  • There is no up-front cost.
  • Money-back guarantee on the automatic fee.

Money-Back Guarantee on Automatic Fees

With G and G12, transit delays rarely occur, but in the event that they do, they provide a hassle-free reimbursement procedure that does not require you to call, fill out paperwork, or file anything; instead, you will receive an electronic refund automatically. For complete information, see items 200 and 251 of the CNWY 199 tariff.

Timely and Important LTL Service

To meet the delivery requirements of all of your customers, including retail partners and big-box distribution centers, select their Time-Date Critical service.

The following are included in their Time-Date Critical shipping service to guarantee that your shipments will arrive within the specified time frame or date range:

  • Scheduled or secured delivery times, including a must-arrive-by date (MABD).
  • Lowered delays, which assisted in avoiding chargeback fees.
  • Shipments arriving within the specified time frame or date range.
  • Pricing is simple and fixed.
  • On your bill of lading (BOL), write “Deliver on” or “Deliver between” to indicate the service. It’s that easy.

Customized Customer Solutions of XPO Logistics Transport

They have you covered when you need a solution for customer service. Consider them an addition to your transportation division.

They provide a service that can be tailored to your needs and include a dedicated representative to assist you with your intricate operations. 

Your committed delegate goes about as a solitary resource, who personally knows your business to keep your tasks chugging along as expected and oversees and coordinates your inbound LTL inventory network.

Proactive tracking of shipments.

Drive higher on-time execution with steady checking of your shipments on the way. In order to meet your deadlines and reduce risks to your business, XPO provides status emails to service centers, alerts on potential delivery delays, and proactive issue resolution.

Pickups that are in sync.

They help you manage and coordinate your inbound LTL supply chain by scheduling and monitoring pickups, keeping accurate records, and anticipating and resolving problems.

Control of the returns.

XPO Logistics will keep your returns supply chain running smoothly with a return authorization, pickup management, shipment monitoring, issue resolution, and reporting.