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Old Dominion Logistics Tracking stands out among the USA’s trustworthy courier services. This Transport Logistics Company provides customers across the nation with stress-free delivery and accurate package monitoring.

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Official Website Link: https://www.odfl.com/us/en/home.html

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Old Dominion Freight

Earl, Jr. Lillian Congdon started Old Dominion Freight Line in Richmond, Virginia, in 1934, with just one truck and the firm intention of keeping their promises to customers.

Since then, OD has made significant progress toward becoming a freight industry leader. “Helping the world keep promises” remains the OD family’s guiding principle as they continue to support their customers’ success.

Customer First

  • Even though a lot has changed over the years, they are still the company that always puts you first and invests in both their business and their employees. OD excels in more areas than just freight delivery. They stick to their word.

Statement of Vision

  • To be the chief transportation arrangements organization in homegrown and worldwide business sectors served.

Statement of Purpose

  • To offer novel solutions that go above and beyond what customers expect, increase shareholder value, and guarantee the OD company’s and their family’s continued success.

Core Values

  • These fundamental principles are held by OD and its staff members: Dependability, openness, innovation, professionalism, ethical support, and serving.

Why Old Dominion Freight Tracking?

Confidence is provided by premium service

Old Dominion (OD) employees have worked tirelessly for more than eight decades to consistently provide first-rate service and guarantee that your shipments will arrive intact and on time.

Reliability is ensured by over 99% on-time delivery

You rely on reliability and consistency. OD is dedicated to providing timely service, and its transit times rank among the best in the industry.

You rely on reliability and consistency

OD is dedicated to providing timely service, and its transit times rank among the best in the industry. To keep one of the lowest claims ratios in the industry, OD invests millions of dollars each year.

You get more done for less with OD technology

With cutting-edge online and mobile technology, you can get the immediate visibility you need to track shipments, billing, and related documents accurately and efficiently.

OD assist you in keeping your pledges

You benefit from OD. They show that your feedback is important to them every day by listening, coming up with new ideas, and constantly striving to improve your service.

Old Dominion Tracking Difference

Customers have rated Old Dominion Freight Line as the best value provider* for LTL freight for 13 years in a row. The reason is straightforward: by consistently providing a higher level of service, OD offers customers who ship LTL better value. Options with lower prices do not provide the level of service that today’s tighter supply chains require.

Beyond LTL rates, carrier performance has a significant impact. After all, the carrier you select has an effect on the bottom line and is a direct extension of your business:

  • Reduced productivity
  • Chargebacks and penalties.
  • Reworking or remaking defective goods.
  • Expenses associated with claims administration.
  • Issues with customer service.
  • Lost revenue.
  • Lost clients.

Quote for LTL freight

  • Find out how much your next LTL shipment will cost.

Trade or import

  • Utilize Old Dominion Tracking to estimate international shipping costs.

OD Adds Value

  • Before shipping LTL, speak with a specialist in OD logistics.

Old Dominion Logistics Performance

They at OD are of the opinion that the success of their clients is directly related to their own. They deliver your freight shipments on time and with a low claims rate that the LTL shipping industry aspires to. Every freight shipment, from daily LTL shipments to the most urgent expedited shipments, is handled as though their business depends on it because they believe it does.

Mastio & Company* has ranked ODFL as the best LTL carrier among national US trucking companies for the past 13 years. Get in touch with OD right away to find out how their performance can benefit your company.

Overview of Services

  • Choose the best service for your requirements.

Follow and Trace

  • Get information about your shipments in real-time.

Performance Assurance

  • Upgrade to Expedited services for additional assurance.

The technology of Old Dominion Tracking

Accurate and timely access to data becomes increasingly important as supply chains of today become increasingly complex and rapid. 

By creating transparency and giving their customers access to their shipping data, OD invests approximately $12 million annually in technology, which improves efficiency and security throughout their operations.

From the high-level telematics in their trucks to the best-in-class load arranging and directing frameworks, OD innovation ensures your cargo moves in the most solid and proficient way to your client. OD’s web- and mobile-based customer portals give you access to resources, tools, and shipping information no matter where you are or what device you use.

Make a BOL Format Template

  • On regular shipments, BOL templates save time.

Investigate OD’s Network

  • Find your nearby assistance place.

Connect Your Company

  • Advanced EDI and API options are provided by OD Shipping API Integrations.

Flexibility in Old Dominion Logistics

Be prepared with an LTL shipping partner who is prepared to satisfy any demand when business opportunities arise. OD is ready to create bespoke solutions to any problem thanks to a wide range of services, devoted staff, and cutting-edge technology. Shipping urgently? That’s fine. 

Does the vendor scorecard comply? They can assist. Management of just-in-time inventory? OD is prepared to fulfill your customer promises. In fact, among all national LTL carriers*, OD has the highest level of operational flexibility.

Enhance the OTIF Scorecards

  • Big-box retailer compliance is achieved by OD.

Reduce Charges and Fines.

  • Unjustified chargebacks are prevented by OD’s research tool.

Ship as Needed

  • Get a guarantee of delivery for shipments with a tight deadline.

Domestic LTL Old Dominion

Old Dominion tracking provides a variety of shipping options to meet your business’s needs, including air freight, standard less-than-truckload (LTL), and everything in between.

Driven by an Unwavering Desire To Succeed

Old Dominion Freight Line has been helping people around the world keep their promises for more than 80 years. They are a national less-than-truckload (LTL) freight company that works with both large and small businesses to create individual transportation solutions. 

Premium Help Across America

Because Old Dominion has a single source that covers the entire country, your order will be delivered on time and as promised no matter where you ship in the United States. 

Assembling and cross-docking, expedited shipping, security divider services, truckload brokerage, intermodal services, and an extensive network of carriers for van, flatbed, and specialized services are just some of their domestic capabilities. 

With national coverage, you can feel completely safe.

Old Dominion’s national footprint enables them to ship across all 48 states with a border, giving you the most competitive transit times for domestic shipping. 

Old Domonion Logistics puts a lot of effort into training and developing its employees in order to attract the best candidates. They continually invest in their equipment to ensure that their drivers operate a modern fleet to support this commitment. 

In fact, their line haul fleet has an average age of less than four years, making it one of the youngest on the road. Mechanical delays or failed inspections that cause downtime are reduced as a result of this. 

Services Expedited by Old Dominion Tracking

OD Expedited Services can get your freight where you need it when you need it, whether you need daily deliveries that are on time or guaranteed deliveries that take place within or outside of normal transit times.

On-Demand Service that is faster

They’ll work with you to schedule a time-specific delivery with their OD On Demand service, whether it’s during business hours, after hours, or even on the weekend.

Guaranteed Expedited by Noon Service

Do you need delivery early? That’s fine. Your high-priority and time-sensitive shipments will receive an additional level of care with OD Guaranteed by Noon, ensuring that your order will be delivered by 12 p.m. on delivery day.

Weekend Guarantee

OD Weekend Promise is an expedited service that is available for an additional fee and guarantees delivery from Friday to Monday to and from 95 percent of the continental United States.

Expedited Air Service

Notwithstanding the assisted ground administration on which their clients have come to depend, OD likewise offers airship cargo administration. 

To provide you with completely individualized door-to-door air service deliveries, OD’s Air Service has established a dedicated network. Air freight services are available to and from China as well as within the continental United States.

OD Global Freight

OD can help you with everything you need to ship international freight, from Import and Export Compliance to Global Air Freight Service.

Old Dominion tracking can make your freight world a lot smaller wherever you need to go—throughout North America or beyond to places like the Caribbean, Europe, the Far East, Central and South America, and Europe.

Dependable, Seamless Access to Global Markets

Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands are just a few of the North American nations where OD Global provides predetermined services and prices. 

Additionally, they facilitate shipments to more than 40 Asian ports, more than 65 European ports, and additional global ports through their strategic alliance with Mallory Alexander, a full-service logistics provider who shares their commitment to excellence.

100% Visibility and Utter Simplicity in Shipping

You will always have access to extensive tracking, expert customer service, prompt BOL release, interchange agreements with all major steamship lines, and interchange agreements wherever you ship.

Choices & Adaptability

Your less-than-container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL) shipping, as well as nationwide container drayage, ocean and air freight forwarding, and expedited LCL imports, are all made easier with the assistance of OD. 

Old Dominion Tracking Truckloads

Customized business administration to help your load cargo necessities all through North America. To get started with your Dry Van, Flatbed, or Refrigerated needs, click this link.

Your truckload shipments are supported throughout North America by their truckload freight brokerage service. Request a quote from OD for your Dry Van, Flatbed, or Refrigerated requirements.

Purchase Truckload Plus

Within the Truckload Services system, where Truckload Plus prioritizes your shipment, they monitor it in real-time to ensure that it fits your schedule the best.

OD Container Drayage

OD provides backhaul, loading, unloading, short-term warehousing, and drayage services from numerous East Coast locations.

The Old Dominion Freight Tracking Line National Container Drayage Division, which is a part of OD Global, can move your full container (FCL) import, export, or domestic rail shipments directly from any Continental U.S. point of origin to and from Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte (NC), Dillon (SC), Greensboro, Greer, Norfolk, and Savannah ports and railheads.

The National Container Drayage Service offered by Old Dominion Freight Line provides export shippers with a fantastic opportunity to street-turn and load FCL container boxes for export. 

Old Dominion will then transport the boxes back to the port or railhead of origin from their initial delivery import destinations and commuting areas.

Specific Services of Old Dominion Freight Tracking

Conveying guarantees isn’t generally standard work. For success, cargo or the destination may sometimes require a novel approach. OD has your back.

Unique Needs Call for Unique Options.

With thousands of employees and real-time track and trace and flexible delivery times, OD can guarantee that whatever you need to ship, whether it’s high-value or high-volume.

Consolidation of Grocery Stores

OD’s Supermarket Combination Administrations lessen accessorial expenses, give single receipt charging, diminish or kill fines and dispense with dumping delays.

Services for Trade Shows

When you entrust Old Dominion with your trade show shipping, you can concentrate on running your business knowing that your materials and booth are in capable hands. They are aware that trade show transportation is a one-of-a-kind service.

Old Dominion Logistics Tracking Careers

Maintenance Technicians

For their OD Family Culture, they are currently looking for Maintenance Technicians. The purpose of the Diesel Mechanic, Maintenance Technician position is to repair company equipment safely, promptly, affordably, and effectively. Heavy trucks and forklifts make up the company’s equipment.


The benefits, bonuses, and pay at ODFL are all competitive. Your contributions to the 401(k) plan are eligible for a weekly guaranteed match from the company as well as a discretionary annual matching contribution based on the company’s net profits after taxes.

In order to guarantee the safety and comfort of their employees, they replace aging equipment and regularly maintain their truck fleet.

Warehouse & Dock

OD’s Dock and Stockroom laborers guarantee each truck is stacked with care, guaranteeing OD keeps up with their industry-driving low 0.2% cases rate. Imagine yourself working at Old Dominion if you care about quality and pride in your work.

Programs for Interns and Training

Old Dominion Tracking is aware that ongoing training and improvements are essential to an employee’s success and happiness, from sales and management to drivers and dockworkers. OD would like to hear from you if you see yourself as a team player who is eager to learn.