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YRC Logistics Tracking stands out among the USA’s trustworthy courier tracking services. This Transport Logistics Company provides customers across the nation with stress-free delivery and accurate package monitoring.

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The merger of Yellow Transportation, which was established in 1924 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and Roadway, which was established in 1930 in Akron, Ohio, is reflected in YRC Freight.

With its headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, YRC Freight is Yellow’s largest subsidiary. Other Yellow subsidiaries include Reddaway, Holland, and New Penn.

Through a full-service network, cutting-edge information technologies, and proactive customer service, YRC Freight is the leading transporter of industrial, commercial, and retail goods in North America.

Legacy of YRC Freight Logistics

A.J. Harrell, an entrepreneur from Oklahoma City, established a bus and taxi service in 1924 under the name Yellow Cab Transit Co. In 1926, he changed the name to Yellow Transit Co.

In the meantime, brothers Galen and Carroll Roush founded Roadway Express in December 1930 in Akron, Ohio, making their own mark on transportation industry history.

Street flourished all along — nothing unexpected, given the pioneers’ methodology. Galen Roush, for instance, was aware that businesses that kept their promises could both retain existing clients and acquire new ones. He would rent a truck and handle the shipment himself if there were no trucks available for a rush pickup.

D.S. Reimer, then a teenager from Steinbach, Manitoba, established Reimer Express Lines in 1952 with the assistance of his father, Frank F. Reimer. The company operated a route that connected Winnipeg and Windsor, Ontario. It was one of the first trucking companies in Canada to provide east-west service. 

Roadway bought Reimer Express in 1997, which improved service from Canada to Mexico and offered a seamless cross-border gateway. 

While back-office and other functions were combined in a best-practices approach in 2003, these powerful leaders merged under the name Yellow Roadway Corp. 

YRC Freight Tracking will take over YRC Reimer’s operations on May 8, 2019. To simplify their market strategy, the brand name remains unchanged. 

YRC Vision Statement and Core Values

They made public their statements of purpose, vision, and core values at the beginning of May 2015. The next chapter in the YRC Freight story begins with this launch. With this launch, they want to establish a unified vision for the company, which now employs more than 20,000 people.

You are important because of their values. They are who they are because of their core values. They aren’t objectives; They are the guiding principles that help them achieve their objectives. 

Values are about people, whereas goals are about results. The basic beliefs video displayed above was taken shots at a functioning terminal with genuine representatives.


  • Guard the route home. The most important factor is drive.


  • The forces behind success.


  • Yellow Freight Tracking learn strength from their differences and treat each other as they would like to be treated.


  • They go above and beyond to fulfill their customers’ expectations.

Statement of the YRC Freight Vision

  • Yellow Freight Tracking are the preferred carrier because they provide world-class safety and have the most reputable employees and brands in the business.

Capabilities of YRC Parcel Tracking

  • Effortless travel throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as their domestic ocean service to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.
  • Service connecting key markets that is reliable for two days, three days, and coast to coast.
  • With the YRC Freight Time-CriticalTM service, you can get your ground or air deliveries quickly and with confidence.
  • Definite delivery times. They are able to accommodate any time window, whether it be at a specific hour, on a particular day, or over multiple days.
  • Services specifically designed to protect an entire trailer.
  • Custom Projects’ management of special projects and logistics
  • Transport for bulk shipments, exhibits at trade shows, cold-sensitive goods, and product returns.

Industry Leadership of Yellow Roadway Corporation

  • Just a transportation supplier to ensure the conveyance of tradeshow displays at no extra charge.
  • Only LTL transportation company with representatives present at all major North American border crossing points to speed up Customs clearance
  • One of the first transportation providers to receive certification for the supply chain security programs C-TPAT, PIP, and FAST.

Information Technology of YRC Logistics Tracking

  • Supply-chain management and visibility of in-transit shipments are provided by internet-based services.
  • You can use electronic data interchange (EDI), secure web-based applications, and other technologies to manage your transportation processes.
  • The first company to use satellite and cellular technologies together to collect and send real-time data along local pickup and delivery routes. This vehicle-tracking and two-way messaging system for pickup and delivery operations increases responsiveness to your requirements for shipment and pickup service information.

Community Service Yellow Freight Tracking

In large and small communities across North America and other parts of the world, YRC Freight is woven into everyday life. Yes, when they pick up, transport, and deliver products for customers, they are carrying out their duties. 

However, their customers frequently become their friends when they frequent an address. They care about the communities they serve and want to do the right thing for them in big and small ways, from corporate support for national organizations to small groups of them helping out in their local neighborhoods.

Standard Service of YRC Logistics Tracking

North America is covered by YRC

Do you need your shipments to arrive nearly anywhere in Mexico, Canada, or the United States? Completely finished. 

Your comprehensive North American network is just as extensive as ours. Take advantage of their more than 250 terminals and be confident that your shipment will be delivered securely to almost any location in North America.

Do you want less stress during pickup and delivery? Add their guarantee* now. You can select from a selection of multiple days or by 5 p.m. on a specified date. It is entirely up to you to determine the level of comfort and control you require.

  • Guaranteed by 5 p.m.
  • Multi-Day Window.

Enhanced the Great Outdoors

Greg, the CEO, and founder of an outdoors-supply company in Louisiana, was going through some changes. His customer base began to expand to smaller retail establishments in somewhat remote locations as his business grew. Growth is still a problem, despite the fact that it is a positive issue.

From Alaska to Florida and beyond, Yellow Freight Tracking were able to deliver his merchandise. Greg was also able to fit his shipping costs into his budget because a lot of his business is seasonal and predictable, and time is less important than scope. To put it plainly, he was one blissful camper.


The date is set by you. The time is set by you. A dedicated team, a lightning-fast network, and guaranteed delivery* are all part of Time-Critical.

Solutions for logistics

In order to make it simpler for them to provide you with the precise solution you require, their distinctive portfolio of services has been consolidated.

Frequently Asked Questions of YRC Freight Tracking

How can I modify my password?

Click your name in the upper right corner after logging in. Then, under User Preferences, click the link titled “Change your password.”

On the quote or BOL, what does the role mean?

The shipper, not the move organizer, is where the freight will be picked up. The freight is received by the consignee, and the third party is responsible for paying for it.

How can I send or print a BOL?

Click BOL File Folder after selecting Ship from the top menu. Click the checkbox next to the pro number you want to use, then click the Go button next to the Section Action drop-down. There will be options to print, view, and email in the drop-down.

How would I change the job or date on my rate statement while utilizing my BOL connect?

If you’re accessing the BOL link from a rate quote, you can’t change the date or role. You’ll need to make a new quote with the right information if you want to change the date or the role.

On the BOL, how do I save a new commodity?

To display a brand-new commodity line, click the Add New Commodity button in the BOL tool. Click the Save checkbox left of the weight in the commodity line item after entering the commodity. The new commodity will be available from the drop-down menu once the BOL is submitted.