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VRL Logistics Courier Tracking Online Current Status Coordinated factors Following Endeavors Transportation stands detached among India’s solid dispatch following affiliations. This Transport Coordinated Tasks Alliance outfits client the country over with quiet turn of events and precise social occasions.

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Karnataka1800 599 7800[email protected]Giriraj Annexe, Circuit House Road Hubballi, Karnataka, 580029 India

Official Website Link: https://www.vrlgroup.in/

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VRL Logistics Courier Tracking

The Organization VRL Bundle was laid out in 1976 by DR. Vijay Sankeshwar in Gadag, an unassuming local area in North Karnataka with a singular truck and a fantasy that was far to some degree extremist. VRL steadily extended its administrations to Bangalore, Hubli and Belgaum. 

From this unassuming start, VRL Transport has today developed into a broadly prestigious operations and transport organization which is likewise presently the biggest armada proprietor of business vehicles in India with an armada of 5671 Vehicles. 

Throughout the long term, VRL has spearheaded giving a protected and dependable conveyance network in the field of bundle administration. It has spread its tasks to Messenger Administration, Need Freight and Transport of Travelers via Air to satisfy the developing needs of its blossoming client base.

3PL and Warehousing arrangements presented by VRL Tracking Consignments are tailor-made and take care of one-of-a-kind necessities of its different client base. With the biggest merchandise transportation network in India, VRL package administration is crucial for countless Corporate Houses. 

This organization traverses the length and expansiveness of the nation and is upheld by decisively found parcel centre points. They work through an organization of 1126 Branches and franchisees to cater for their significant clients and they are currently during the time spent extending their administrations to arrive at even the remotest areas of the Country.

Vision of VRL Parcel Tracking


  • To turn into the Head Organization that cuts across different portions and arises as the torchbearer of each section that it wanders into.

VRL Logistics Tracking Company’s Mission

  • To offer the greatest assistance to their clients by persistently inflating cost effectiveness and keeping up with conveyance cutoff times. 
  • To urge their labour force to consistently take a stab at quality and greatness in all that they do. 
  • To advance collaboration and establish a workplace that energizes ability and draws out the best in their representatives.

Quality Policy

  • VRL Logistics are resolved to give quality coordinated operations benefits reliably at a sensible value and to ceaselessly work on something very similar to accomplish clients’ pleas on a maintainable premise.

General Bundle and VRL Logistic Ltd Tracking Need

General Bundle shapes the centre of VRL’s business and includes container Indian development of transfers of differing size and weight the nation over on a Not as much as Truck Burden (LTL) godown to godown Premise. 

The Organization likewise gives the choice of entryway assortment and entryway conveyance to the clients at an expense. The Need Freight business includes house to house conveyance. 

VRL Parcel Tracking offers its products transportation administrations across 22 States and, 4 Association Domains covering every significant city and town in India. VRL Transport has restrictive workplaces across 553 towns and urban areas in India. Tasks in this division are led through an organization of 875 branches and franchisees. 

They separate themselves from other specialist organizations through their wide help organization, as well as their capacity to offer house to house types of assistance through organization-claimed vehicles. 

  • Surface transportation for best last-mile availability.
  • Online track and follow office.
  • Committed organization possessed vehicles.
  • 24x7x365 days tasks.
  • Transfer size going from 1 kg to 40 tons.
  • Entryway get and entryway conveyance office.
  • Committed client care window.
  • On-time conveyance.
  • Broad cross-country organization.
  • Top-tier administration record.

Dispatch Administration Business of VRL Parcel Tracking

VRL Logistics Tracking offers Dispatch administrations for time-delicate reports and bundles. By and by, their Dispatch offering is accessible inside the Territory of Karnataka. Their Dispatch business is worked in 109 towns and urban areas. 

Their administration presenting in this vertical incorporates time-certain conveyances of reports and bundles and nearby ground transport for hand conveyances.

  • House to house time bound help.
  • Multi-Modular Network.
  • Time-bound Conveyances.
  • Exceptional Help to and from Distant Areas.
  • ToPay/COD Offices on Conveyance.
  • Return/Turn around pick-Ups.
  • Late Pick-ups and Early Associations.
  • Cash the executives and L.C. Administration for Bank.

Full Load Administrations (FTL) VRL Trucking

They give FTL administration to their clients by utilizing their expansive base of select branches as well as through their organization of autonomous financier specialists. 

They give house to house FTL administration to their clients, in which the merchandise is stacked onto their vehicle at the premises of the client and afterwards conveyed to the predefined objective. 

This help is commonly utilized by producers that have enormous amounts of products to be moved and is presented at a pre-decided cost.

They keep up with their organization of free financier specialists that have banded together with them for various years. Business specialists supplement the organization of their branches by extending admittance to clients requiring such FTL administration.

Different Capacities in VRL Logistics Tracking

Inside the products transport area, VRL Logistics additionally has capacities for the transportation of vehicles (vehicles) and fluid transportation. VRL owns 101 transport vehicles and serves esteemed clients like

  • Maruti
  • Nissan
  • Hyundai
  • Toyota

The Organization additionally works with 17 big hauliers for the transportation of fluids and synthetic substances. These are by and by being utilized for the transportation of fuel, molasses and such. 

VRL Tracking caters to unique customer demands by developing specialized freight, including sensitive testing supplies, high-voltage equipment, and more.

Transport of Passengers By Air

In 2008, VRL Logistics Tracking Strategies Ltd. wandered into the Vehicle of Travelers via Air Industry. It was a continuous movement for the organization. Indian flight industry, particularly in confidential flying, has witnessed significant growth and expansion in recent years. 

Remembering the developing business sector interest, VRL Tracking Bus chose to enter the Vehicle of Travelers via the Air Industry and serve VVIPs, celebrities and Corporate India. To this end, the Organization obtained a fresh-out of plastic new, Head Stream 1A aeroplane, produced by Vendor Beechcraft Inc, USA. 

VRL Tracking offers the Stream aeroplane for the Transport of Travelers via Air premises to the Corporate area, Relaxation and travel industry areas, Occasion executives, Commercial Organizations and celebrity flights. During the monetary year 2013-14, the Organization obtained one more recycled aeroplane of comparative make from Power Engines Ltd.

Business Morals

This conviction of their own fortifies their obligation to offer administrations that put their clients and them in a “mutual benefit” circumstance. VRL accepts it is smarter to be “Fair” than to be “Great”.

Administration Strategy

To offer, a great Vehicle for Travelers via Air administration, to every single client, during each and every flight activity, be it pre-flight, in-flight or post-flight. They are resolved to offer quality assistance and match client assumptions, many times, without fail.

Wellbeing and Agreeable Norms

To keep up with VRL Logistics Tracking aeroplanes, pilots and HR in outright prepared condition, to offer protected and agreeable flight insight to their clients, through ideal preventive support of the aeroplanes, keeping the aeroplanes in Airworthy condition and preparing the pilots and leaders, according to common flying prerequisites.

VRL Tracking Bus Outdoor

VRL Logistic Ltd Tracking licenses the utilization of its vehicles for marking. Rumoured corporate have had tie-ups with us previously and these incorporate Mahindra and Mahindra, Bosch, Maruti, Michelin, Hindustan Petroleum, Joined India Protection, Public India Protection, and so on. 

Their vehicles confound the whole Indian Roadways stretch and proposition a critical worth expansion and extraordinary brand review for your items.

Frequently Asked Questions By VRL Transport

How would I follow my VRL bundle?

Clients can get to shipment following data online through VRL Transport by visiting the organization’s site and entering the transfer or reference number related to the bundle.

Can we track VRL Logistics?

Track dispatch gives an internet based programmed global positioning framework to follow VRL Operations shipments. You can follow the ongoing status of the bundle as opposed to visiting the messenger area or calling client care focus.

What does VRL Logistics stand for?

VRL Logistics Stands For Vijayanand Roadlines Ltd, formally known as the VRL Gathering, is an Indian combination settled in Hubballi, Karnataka, India with tasks in around 23 states and 4 association regions in the country.

What amount of time does VRL require to convey?

This assistance guarantees conveyance in no less than 24 hours, 48 hours and over 48 hours (multimodal) to all areas across India.

What amount does VRL cost per kg?

The most effective method to Gauge VRL Cargo Charges. For intrastate vehicles, charge 4-4.5 Rs per kg. For highway transport, charge 8-9 Rs for each kg.