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New York+1 (201) 866 6966[email protected]400 Plaza Drive, Floor 2, Secaucus, NJ 07094/USA

Official Website: https://www.turkon.com/en/

Turkon Transportation USA

They convey its distinction in the oceanic vehicles. With their ”Tailor-Made Arrangements” administration model, they offer different and adaptable answers for the various necessities of their clients, and they cautiously handle each phase of their administration.

They process the subtleties with the carefulness of a precious stone expert, similar to a skilled worker. Turkon Line Shipping Tracking handles your loads with expert care, delivering with precision and earned trust.

Turkon Compartment Transport and Delivery Inc. was established in 1997 by individuals from the Kalkavan family. Established to transport containers to the United States, Turkon is now the first Turkish company to offer direct service to the United States and boasts the shortest transit time in its industry.

Global presence with headquarters and offices across the USA, Germany, Belgium, UK, and various Turkish cities. Exports focus on chemicals, white goods, electronics, tobacco, paper, and textiles; imports involve auto, cotton, paper, and chemicals.

Turkon Line Logistics

With dedicated offices and skilled staff, Turkon Line prioritizes ‘Tailor-Made Solutions,’ continuously enhancing service quality. In the dynamic maritime sector, it provides innovative solutions, meeting customer demands with its successful ‘Customized Arrangements’ approach.

With a commitment to environmental sustainability, it conducts all journeys with ecological awareness and responsibility. Embracing eco-friendly policies, Turkon actively strives for efficient use of natural resources and pollution prevention.

Inside the structure of consistency with the IMO 2020 Guideline, it has had the Scrubber framework introduced on the entirety of its vessels, kicking off something new in its area in Turkey. It not only conducts its innovation activities while being mindful of the environment, but it also shapes the corporate culture in this way. Following its vision of environmentally friendly transportation, it is continuously improving itself with great love and gratitude for the ocean.

Their quality helps way to deal with be a creative and solid colleague.

To be the most incredible in the business by offering fitted answers for their clients through a unique administration approach and a supportable vision with a mechanical concentration.

Individuals are, ecologically cognizant, focused on moral qualities, open to the computerized world and change, inventive, and dependable.

FAQs By Turkon Line Shipping Tracking

How often is the following data refreshed for my dispatch shipment?

Their following data is regularly and reliably invigorated all through the excursion of your messenger shipment to give the most recent updates.

Can I use your tracking system to monitor my international courier shipment?

Yes, their global positioning framework permits you to screen worldwide messenger shipments, giving far reaching perceivability across borders.

What should I do if my courier shipment’s tracking information indicates a problem or delay?

If there should be an occurrence of inconsistencies, quickly contact their client care, and they’ll examine and determine any worries connected with your dispatch shipment.

Are there additional costs associated with utilizing the courier shipment’s tracking services?

No, there are no additional costs associated with accessing tracking information because tracking your courier shipment is included in their service.