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Transnet Tracking emerges as a dynamic and dependable player in the heart of South Africa’s bustling logistics landscape. It revolutionizes the transportation industry with cutting-edge solutions and a commitment to seamless cargo management.

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According to the Legal Succession Act of 1989, Transnet SOC Ltd. is a public company with the South African government as the sole shareholder. South Africa’s pipelines, ports, and railway infrastructure are owned by Transnet.

The Organization’s Update of Consolidation (MOI) – supported by the Investor Pastor on June 25, 2013, lines up with the arrangements of the PFMA, the Organizations Act, and the Public Ports Act, No. 12 of 2005, as changed (the Public Ports Act).

As a State-claimed Organization (SOC), the PFMA fills in as Transnet’s essential regulation. Each year, Transnet Freight enters into a Shareholder’s Compact with the Minister of Public Enterprises (DPE) of the Government of the Republic of South Africa. 

The company is obligated by the Shareholder’s Compact to fulfil a number of strategic deliverables, including outcomes that are sustainable in terms of the economy, society, and the environment.

The Executive has given the DPE the responsibility of overseeing a number of SOCs that operate in essential economic sectors like mining, defence, energy, logistics, and others. The DPE serves as the government’s shareholder representative.

The National Development Plan (NDP), the Medium-Term Strategic Framework, and internal and external environmental drivers all played a role in the development of the DPE’s strategy.

Transnet Logistics Tracking Company’s Growth and Renewal Strategy is in line with the Shareholder’s SSI, which requires the company to achieve the following macro-strategic goals:

  • Decrease the all-out cost of strategies as a level of movable Gross domestic product. 
  • Impact and speed up the modular shift by expanding the job of rail in the public vehicle task.

Mission, Vision And Values of Transnet Company


By providing freight transportation and logistics services that are both effective and dependable, Transnet aims to contribute to the expansion and development of South Africa’s economy. Connecting communities, facilitating trade, contributing to the nation’s prosperity, and ensuring environmental sustainability are all priorities for us.


Transnet’s vision is to become a leading transportation and logistics company on a global scale. By continuously innovating, expanding their capabilities, and providing value-added services that enable South Africa to compete globally, they want to be the preferred choice for customers, partners, and stakeholders.


Integrity: They adhere to the highest ethical standards, ensuring that all of their actions and decisions are honest, open, and accountable.

Customer-Centric: They focus on their client’s requirements and fulfillment, endeavouring to surpass their assumptions by conveying quality administrations and arrangements.

Safety: They are committed to safeguarding the well-being of their employees, customers, and the communities they serve because safety is their top priority.

Excellence: In order to achieve the highest levels of performance, they continuously strive for excellence in all aspects of their operations, including their procedures, technology, and services.

Innovation: By utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to enhance our services and efficiency, they embrace innovation and adapt to changing industry trends.

Frequently Asked Questions By Transnet Tracking

In South Africa, what exactly is Transnet, and what does it do?

Transnet is South Africa’s state-owned cargo transport and strategy organization, answerable for different transportation administrations like rail, ports, and pipelines.

How do I keep track of my Transnet-shipped cargo?

Using the unique tracking number or container number of your shipment, you can track your cargo on the Transnet website.

Is the Transnet Logistics service available round-the-clock?

Yes, Transnet’s tracking service is available around the clock, so you can always check on where your cargo is.

Might I at any point follow different shipments at the same time with Transnet’s framework?

Yes, you can track multiple shipments on the website by entering their individual tracking or container numbers.

If I encounter issues with Transnet’s tracking system, what should I do?

You can get assistance with problems by contacting Transnet’s customer support or using alternative tracking methods.

Does Transnet provide update notifications?

Yes, Transnet sends you notifications about your cargo’s progress via SMS or email.

Does using Transnet’s tracking services come with any costs?

Transnet’s following administrations are normally free for clients to access and screen their shipments’ progress.