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Laid out in 2016, Tongyou Gathering has arisen as a conspicuous player in cross-line online business planned operations administrations, with its base camp arranged in Shenzhen, China. The organization brags a broad organization of branches and functional handling habitats decisively situated in key urban communities like Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Quanzhou, and Nanning, and that’s just the beginning. With a noteworthy day to day request handling volume surpassing 800,000 pieces, Tongyou utilizes more than 500 devoted planned operations experts. 

Spending significant time in cross-line web-based business planned operations benefits, Tongyou’s centre contributions envelop a range of worldwide express administrations, including postal bundles, global devoted lines, and four significant express organizations. The organization likewise succeeds in FBA first-leg administrations, supplemented by completely coordinated factors warehousing activities and framework administrations. 

The exclusive Tongyou Smart Logistics Framework is powered by self-developed strategies, operating systems, and intelligent equipment. It earned the company a stellar market reputation, emphasizing its commitment to creating intelligent logistics solutions. Tongyou strategically deploys teams at major global aviation hubs, fostering breakthrough partnerships with standard airlines. The company ensures online connectivity with postal services, customs clearance agencies, and logistics firms worldwide. This involves intelligent data docking, solidifying Tongyou’s position as an innovative and well-connected logistics service provider.

In December 2019, Tongyou Gathering started its posting plan, flagging an urgent second in its development direction. Looking forward, the organization stays resolute in its obligation to persistent development, epitomizing a steady soul and a promise to its unique yearnings. Tongyou sees it as its main goal to help China’s products and add to the acknowledgement of significant worth for cross-line web based business and strategies organizations. 

TopYou Services

Complete Cross-Line Web based business 

Tongyou Social Occasion excels in cross-border e-commerce logistics, processing 800,000 daily orders through strategic branches. Over 500 dedicated professionals ensure tailored solutions for evolving cross-border e-commerce needs. The company positions itself as a central figure in the dynamic industry with efficient operations. Tongyou’s widespread presence in major cities ensures seamless processing, establishing it as a key industry player.

Global Express Administrations

Tongyou Social Event specializes in global express services, facilitating the seamless movement of postal parcels and dedicated lines. Collaborating with four major express companies, the organization’s commitment to reliable and swift global express services is noteworthy. This dedication positions Tongyou as a preferred logistics partner for businesses engaged in cross-border e-commerce. The company’s emphasis on efficient global express solutions sets it apart in the industry.

FBA First-Leg Administrations and Warehousing Tasks

Tongyou Get-together succeeds in offering FBA first-leg benefits, a basic part for organizations engaged with online commercial centres. Combined with coordinated warehousing activities, the organization guarantees that items move proficiently from source to satisfaction focuses, upgrading the general productivity of the online business inventory network. 

Insightful Planned Operations Framework and Innovation Arrangements

Tongyou Social Occasion employs self-developed strategies, operating systems, and intelligent logistics equipment. The Smart Logistics Framework streamlines operations and contributes to the company’s stellar market reputation. Tongyou’s integration of cutting-edge technology positions it as an innovative logistics service provider.

Worldwide Organizations and Associations

Tongyou Social Affair extends globally with teams at major aviation hubs, fostering long-term collaborations with airlines. Online connections with postal organizations, customs, and logistics firms ensure a well-connected network. This strategic approach enhances capabilities in intelligent data docking. Strong partnerships within the global logistics ecosystem solidify Tongyou’s position in the industry.

FAQs By TopYou China Logistics Tracking

What scope of cross-line coordinated operations administrations does the organization give? 

Their organization has some expertise in offering a far reaching set-up of cross-line operations administrations. These administrations incorporate global express choices like postal packages and devoted lines, working with the consistent development of products across borders. Furthermore, they work together with four significant express organizations, guaranteeing a different scope of answers for organizations that take part in cross-line web-based business. 

How does the organization uphold online business vendors in their strategies? 

Their obligation to internet business merchants is obvious through the arrangement of FBA first-leg administrations. This fundamental contribution, combined with coordinated warehousing tasks, empowers internet business merchants to advance their inventory network. By proficiently dealing with the development of items from source to satisfaction focuses, they add to upgrading the general effectiveness and dependability of their strategies tasks. 

What separates the organization’s planned operations framework? 

The organization’s coordinated factors framework is recognized by its dependence on a self-created working framework and keen strategies activity gear. This complex foundation smoothes out their inner tasks as well as adds to the high market notoriety they have procured. This mechanical edge positions them as a groundbreaking coordinated operations specialist organization in the powerful scene of cross-line web-based business. 

How does the organization guarantee worldwide availability for its operations administrations? 

To guarantee a strong worldwide organization, their organization has decisively settled groups at significant flying centres around the world. Through long haul coordinated efforts with standard carriers and online associations with different expert providers, including postal organizations and customs leeway offices, they have created a very much associated environment. This essential methodology empowers them to give shrewd information mooring and encourages solid associations inside the worldwide strategies organization.