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SWE Durban Contact Number

CITYTelephoneEmail AddressLocation
Durban+27 (0)31 569-6808[email protected]Section 4, Edstan Business Park, 2 Ibhubesi Road, Newlands East, Riverhorse Valley Estate, Durban, 4037

Official Website: https://www.swe.co.za/

Siyanqoba Worldwide Express

The Logistics Company Named Siyanqoba Overall Express has a wide and thorough scope of specific Homegrown and Global messenger and airfreight administrations to suit your requirements.

“SIYANQOBA” is derived from the Zulu word signifying “TO Vanquish”, which is the commitment and enthusiasm that the proprietors and representatives propose to their clients. Utilize the experience of SWE today – 8 Days per Week.

  • Steady correspondence and communication with esteemed clients.
  • Persistent preparation and inspiration of The board and staff.
  • Persistent assessment and improvement of their items.
  • Customary assessment of their provider’s quality and impressive skill.

Overnight Express

  • A dependable expedited administration, by which assortment is typically produced using your premises with a despatch for the time being through their homegrown organization.
  • Conveyance to significant focuses is accomplished by 11h00 and to territorial and distant regions might require an extra 24-48 hours.


  • A Prudent help for bigger shipments.
  • Conveyance to significant focuses is typically accomplished by 17h00 the next day and to territorial or distant regions an extra 24-48 hours.
  • Administration appropriate Mondays to Fridays just, barring public occasions.

Road Freight

  • A protected, secure and dependable help for bigger, less time delicate shipments.
  • They typically achieve delivery to significant points within 24-48 hours and to regional or distant areas within an additional 24-72 hours.
  • Conveyance times are not ensured.

Express Same Day

  • A quick same-day house-to-house expedited administration.
  • Assortment is an endless supply of your call, with despatch on the most readily accessible flight, between all significant objections served by planned aircraft.
  • Sameday conveyance to territorial or far-off regions cited independently as a drive-away.

Early Bird Delivery

  • A help for extremely pressing shipments requiring early conveyance the next morning.
  • Scheduled airlines guarantee delivery by 9 p.m. to all major cities they serve.
  • Cite local and far-off regions independently.

SWE Company International Services

International Courier Documents

  • A House to house administration for a time delicate records around the world.
  • Travel times rely upon the objective.

Courier Parcels

  • A house-to-house administration for time delicate shipments and reports more than 5 kgs.
  • All shipments require customs documentation.
  • Travel times rely upon the objective and are dependent upon customs conventions.

International “Special” Shipments

  • “Very Pressing” shipments that require unique dealing with or potentially directing to the objective country to fulfill your basic conveyance time constraint.
  • Encourage these shipments before incurring collection, and additional charges will apply.

Global Airfreight

  • Airfreight is a more financially savvy alternative to dispatch for bigger shipments that aren’t time-touchy.
  • Travel times will be subject to the objective.
  • They offer both house-to-house and Entryway to Air terminal airfreight administration.

International Road Freight

  • Go across line street cargo to adjoining nations is a more savvy elective for heavier less time delicate shipments.
  • SWE Company at present gives a go across line street cargo administration to SWAZILAND, LESOTHO, BOTSWANA, NAMIBIA AND MOZAMBIQUE.
  • Travel times are subject to conclusive objective and customs conventions.
  • Taxes for this assistance are accessible upon demand.

FAQs By SWE Couriers Logistics Tracking

How might I demand a statement for delivery administrations?

You can get a shipping estimate by contacting their customer service or through their online portal. Give insights regarding your shipment, and their group will speedily furnish you with a redid quote.

What alternate courses of action do you have set up for surprising occasions influencing coordinated factors?

They have robust emergency plans in place to deal with unforeseen circumstances like transportation disruptions or natural disasters. Their need is to guarantee the congruity of strategies and activities and limit any effect on your shipments.

How would you deal with returns and converse planned operations?

Their opposite planned operations process is intended to smooth out returns. Contact their client support for help, and they’ll direct you through the profits interaction, guaranteeing a speedy and productive goal.

Are there any limitations on the kinds of products you can move?

They can deal with a great many merchandise, but certain limitations might apply. Contact their group to talk about the particulars of your shipment, and they’ll give direction on any relevant limitations or guidelines.

How would you remain agreeable with industry guidelines and principles?

Standards and regulations set by the industry are followed by their logistics operations. They routinely update their practices to guarantee consistency with evolving guidelines, both locally and universally.

What channels of customer support are available for logistics-related inquiries?

Their client assistance group is accessible through different channels, including telephone, email, and online visits. If you have any questions about logistics, please don’t hesitate to contact them, and they’ll be happy to assist you right away.