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Sutton Transport Tracking Following Undertakings Transportation stands isolated among the USA’s strong dispatch following associations. This Transport Organized Errands Affiliation outfits clients the country over with calm development and exact gathering taking note.

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Wisconsin800-472-6886[email protected]8011 Schofield Ave, Weston,
WI 54476, United States

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Sutton Tracking Identity

Sutton Transport employs more than 700 people and operates over 850 pieces of equipment in thirteen terminal transportation centers. They are proud to have been run by a family for more than 40 years. 

One thing has remained constant since its founding in 1979, despite all industry and company changes: Sutton Transport keeps on offering unrivaled support with an individual touch.

Objectives of Sutton Transport

Sutton’s goal is to be the Midwest’s most effective and dependable transportation network. They help their customers achieve their production and distribution goals by providing the best possible customer experience.

Their mission is accomplished by employing trained and empowered workers who are committed to continuous improvement and have a customer-first mindset. 

Sutton Transport measures accomplishment by the dedication of its clients and the associations laid out. Sutton Tracking put in a lot of effort and was determined to go above and beyond for its customers, resulting in its amazing service.

Core Values of Sutton Logistics Transport Tracking

Focused on employees

They are aware that success requires collaboration. Their way of life of cooperation permits them to cooperate — inside the organization and with their clients — to convey improved arrangements and on the whole, achieve their objectives. 

They try to inspire their workers to be their best and to contribute to the company’s goals and culture. They reward success with competitive pay and celebrate it.


Our business is founded on ethics, respect, standards, and image. Sutton Transport Tracking is conscious while communicating with our collaborators, bosses, and imminent clients. They always treat customers and employees with the dignity and respect they deserve, and they speak with kindness. 

Sutton Tracking is very good at evaluating a situation, determining what needs to be done, and then carrying it out without being asked. They constantly strive for improvement while doing more than is required.


They insist on speaking the truth straight and acting with integrity. Honesty, leadership principles, and moral judgment are all components of their integrity. People who show trustworthiness in the work environment see right from wrong, yet they additionally practice it in all they do.

Oriented toward the customer

Sutton Transport Tracking is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations with the best service possible. Relationships with customers that foster trust, confidence, and loyalty are our primary focus.

Constant Improvement

They have confidence in the tenacious quest for greatness, consistently raising their own bar to stay at the front line of the shipping business. They continually support novel plans to remain in their prime. 

A Brief History of Sutton Transport, Inc

Frank (Butch) and Deb Sutton established Sutton Transport on November 19, 1979, as a cartage agent for Burlington Northern Air Freight at the time. The Suttons began hauling their own freight alongside air freight in 1980 when the trucking industry was deregulated. They then obtained their own operating authority. Soon, Sutton’s footprint began to expand:

1981: Moves from Schofield, Wisconsin, to a larger Weston, Wisconsin facility.

1988 — Madison terminal starts activities.

1991: Sutton purchases a new Weston facility and moves in.

1993 — Fox Valley terminal starts activities in Neenah, WI.

The Milwaukee terminal opens for business in 1998.

Sutton Transport Tracking leaves the air freight industry in 2000 to focus on LTL services.

Due to the rapid expansion of that market, the Milwaukee terminal moves to a larger location in 2006.

2012 — Weston terminal triples in size.

2013 — Chicago terminal opens in Franklin Park, IL.

Frank Sutton dies in 2014, making him a legend in the trucking industry; The business is still run by the family.

Sutton acquires a 40-door terminal in 2015, and valley operations relocate to Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

2015 — 3,600 square feet are added toward the Weston, WI terminal.

2017: Sutton and Envoy Logistics, Inc. form a partnership. 2017: The Chicago terminal moves to Lyons, Illinois.

Their nationwide trucking division officially opens for business in 2018.

The Tomah, WI terminal opens in 2018.

2019: The terminal in Milwaukee, WI moves into a larger 77-door facility. The Chicago terminal moves to a 126,000-square-foot facility in Northlake, Illinois from Lyons, Illinois.

Sutton Transport acquires a terminal in Maple Grove, Minnesota, in 2020 to serve the Minneapolis region.

In order to supply Southern Illinois, Sutton Transport acquires EF Express from Highland, Illinois, in 2021.

2021: Sutton Transport acquires the LTL division of CRH Transportation, which operates five Missouri terminals.

Services of Sutton Transport Tracking

LTL Shipping Services in Sutton Transport, Inc

Not exactly load delivering is the vehicle of moderately little cargo, normally weighing 150 — 20,000 lbs. Shippers with less freight share the trailer with others shipping smaller loads to nearby destinations rather than hiring an entire truck to transport the load. Typically, the cost of shipping LTL freight is much lower than the cost of renting an entire truck.

Sutton Transport’s LTL services are dependable and backed by guaranteed services that provide you with every option you need to get your cargo there on time and in its original condition. Use the quickest, friendliest, and most cost-effective carrier to send your LTL cargo.

The Advantages of Shipping with Sutton In addition to the aforementioned advantages, shipping with Sutton has the following advantages:

  • Incredible help with an individual touch from a family-claimed business.
  • Professional and knowledgeable staff.
  • Capacity to accommodate unique requirements
  • Quotes on rates quickly and accurately.
  • Modern, clean equipment
  • System for mobile communication and computing on board.
  • Air-ride equipment in its entirety.
  • Certified in hazmat.
  • No fees for a single shipment.
  • Drivers in business attire.
  • Well-disposed, accommodating drivers who help on a case-by-case basis.

Nationwide Volume LTL of Sutton Tracking

Even though Sutton Transport Tracking has been in business for 40 years, we’re still expanding! Sutton Transport expanded its nationwide truckload service in 2018 to better meet the needs of both current and potential clients. 

Sutton Logistics constantly adds to its fleet of brand-new sleeper cab trucks. They don’t as of now hurried toward the northwest locales of the country; however, with the assistance of their logistics company, Envoy Logistics, they are able to arrange to ship to those regions.

Sutton’s OTR Shipping Administration.

Sutton Transport, Inc LTL shipping service is complemented by nationwide shipping known as over-the-road (OTR). On the off chance that you want your cargo pulled the nation over and you’re searching for a driver you know and trust, look no further than Sutton Transport. 

You can rely on the experts at Sutton to get your freight to its destination safely and on time, whether you need a full or partial truckload.

Services for the entire logistics chain

Sutton Transport provides their clients with streamlined transportation options through Envoy Logistics, Inc. Envoy Logistics works with a number of carriers to make sure your freight needs are met by the right one. 

Their custom-designed transportation management system (TMS), which makes use of cutting-edge technology, enables them to keep track of each carrier they use and every shipment they move, as well as enables you to manage all of your transportation requirements.

Continually rely on:

  • LTL provider with a single source.
  • Web-specific quoting system
  • Payment and audit of freight bills.
  • Reporting on transportation that is adaptable.
  • dedicated specialists in solutions.
  • Taking care of claims.

Providing seamless solutions for the transportation of Sutton Logistics

Envoy Logistics tailors solutions to help you reduce the cost of getting your products to market and increase profits. 

They are aware of your requirements and will collaborate with you to meet your transportation needs, no matter how complicated they may be, in a cost-effective manner, regardless of whether you conduct business in retail or industrial settings.


  • By allowing you to manage all of your transportation requirements from a single location, their sophisticated software maximizes efficiency.

Resource with Only One Point

  • You are relegated to an Emissary Arrangement Expert who knows your record, comprehends your business needs, and assists with any issue that might emerge.


  • As your business challenges and requirements shift, they collaborate to reevaluate and modify your services.


  • Try not to stress over claims! In the event of an incident, they only require a small amount of information from you and handle the rest.


  • You conclude how you need to deal with your transporters. Sutton Transport, Inc can route your freight for you or you can route it yourself.


Envoy creates the reports you want by customizing them through their transportation management system. Conveying Consistent Transportation Arrangements.

Envoy Logistics tailors solutions to help you reduce the cost of getting your products to market and increase profits. 

Whether you are leading a business in modern conditions or retail, they comprehend your necessities and they work with you to meet your transportation prerequisites, regardless of how mind-boggling, in a financially savvy way.

Frequently Asked Question By Sutton Transport

How much money does Sutton Transport Tracking make?

What is Sutton Transport’s SIC code? The company’s revenue is $176.8 million. Sutton Transport’s SIC: 47,473 What is the NAICS code for Sutton Transport? NAICS of Sutton Transport: How many people work for Sutton Transport? 48,488 700 people work for Sutton Transport. Which industry does Sutton Transport belong to?

Which transport provider earns the most money?

UPS is one of the 15 largest trucking firms in North America. 2022 Profits: $100.338 trillion
FedEx. 2022 Profits: $93.512 trillion
Transport Service of J.B. Hunt 2022 Income: $14.814 billion. …
Logistics for XPO 2022 Income: $7.72 billion. …
System of Landstars. 2022 Profits: $7.44 trillion
Logistics in a hurry…
Freight Line of the Old Dominion….
National Schneider

What is the typical revenue from trucking?

Average trucking company revenue per year.
All sole proprietorship trucking businesses in the United States made an average of $118,345 annually. If that sounds low, keep in mind that this applies to all trucking businesses, even those that may operate part-time.

For trucking, what is an acceptable profit per mile?

Most of the time, owner-operators make about 70% to 80% of what they take in. For instance, the owner-operator can earn up to $2.51 per mile if the flatbed truck transport rate is $3.14 per mile. They may earn up to $156,000 per year if they travel frequently.

Which months are the busiest for trucking?

In fact, there are four seasons in the trucker’s year, some of which are busier than others. January through Spring is broadly viewed as the slowest season. With the holidays over, there are fewer goods to ship.