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SpeedX Tracking Following Operations Transportation stands apart from the USA’s reliable dispatch following administrations. This Transport Planned operations Organization furnishes clients the country over with calm conveyance and exact bundle observing.

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New York(559) 550-0518[email protected]NEW YORK, NY 10001

Official Website Link: https://speedx.io/

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SpeedX Delivery

At SpeedX, they’re something beyond a conveyance organization – they’re your accomplice in progress. They accept that Web-based business conveyance ought not to be a problem, a monetary strain, or a wellspring of stress for your business.

That is the reason they’ve made a powerful conveyance experience that is intended to address your issues, surpass your assumptions, and future-evidence your Internet business.

Our state-of-the-art innovation joined with a top-tier mixture administration organization, empowers us to give a degree of administration that is unequaled in the business.

 Find the force of quick, adaptable, and reasonable conveyance – with SpeedX.

Who They Work With

Online Commercial Centers

  • Amuse clients with the 24-hour conveyance for not exactly the expense of ordinary ground delivery.

Significant Retailers

  • Clients need their items quickly! Construct client dependability with 24-hour conveyance and an extraordinary CX.

Satisfaction Focuses 

  • Offer elective conveyance choices to your clients while further developing transportation expenses and edges.

Band together with SpeedX for the Fate of Online business Conveyance

Is it true that you will take your Web based business conveyance to a higher level? Reach out to our group today to dive deeper into how SpeedX can change the conveyance experience of both you and your clients.

Whether you’re delivering across town or the nation over, they’re here to give you the direction, backing, and ability you want to succeed. They’re committed to building a drawn-out organization that drives results and separates you from the opposition.

Let’s Deliver Success Together!

SpeedX Shipping Transport Mission

At SpeedX Tracking, our main goal is straightforward: to give quick, adaptable, and reasonable conveyance that gives organizations an upper hand. They accept that Internet business conveyance ought to be a resource, not a weight.

Conveyance ought to be an encounter, in addition to exchange – and that is the reason at the core of our central goal is a guarantee to greatness.

They’re glad to join forces with organizations of all sizes and businesses, and they’re devoted to assisting them with accomplishing their Online business objectives.

So why pick SpeedX? Since they’re not only a conveyance organization – they’re your new accomplice in progress.

Delivery KPI95%
Parcels Delivered6.5m+
Population Reach88m+
Monthly Growth20% 
Average Cost Savings25%
Client Retention100%

Core Values of SpeedX International Courier Tracking

Quicker and Less expensive Internet business Conveyance

SpeedX is an innovation stage coordinating with local transporter networks that have practical experience in Web-based business conveyance. Controlled by information and examination, our foundation empowers transporters to transform the quick and solid conveyance experience into an upper hand. 

One-stop reconciliation gives clients admittance to numerous conveyance choices in key US showcases across the country.

Incorporate and Go

SpeedX provides you with a solitary place of joining that permits you to extend your conveyance contributions in key business sectors all through the US. 

SpeedX Delivery Coverage

The Company SpeedX benefits in excess of 6000 postal divisions in and around New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. These thickly populated urban communities address ~35% of the Internet business orders set from one side of the country to the other. 


  • They can deal with the interaction from start to finish or you can straightforwardly infuse volume into our sortation places.

Client Experience

  • Constant following, SMS informing to your clients, photograph evidence of conveyance.

Prescient Evaluating

  • Express farewell to pages of extra expenses and overcharges. They offer straightforward, unsurprising valuing.

Frequently Asked Questions About SpeedX Logistics Tracking

Who is SpeedX?

SpeedX is a last-mile transporter conveying rate, moderateness, and unmatched permeability for an extraordinary client experience.

Where does SpeedX Convey?

SpeedX’s provincial conveyance administration is accessible across the Upper East, Midwest, and West Coast. They cover 6000+ postal districts, addressing ~88 million customers across the country.
States covered include:

New York
New Jersey

What Administration Levels Does SpeedX Offer?

They give 24-hour conveyance and 2-day conveyance. They give get from your stockroom or you can convey straightforwardly into one of our sortation communities. From that point, SpeedX doles out and sorts bundles to the most ideal transporter and courses. 
Then, at that point, SpeedX drivers or one of our organization’s transporter accomplices take the relegated course and convey it to the client.
SpeedX interfaces you to a conveyance network that has been worked to further develop conveyance speed, lessen cost and give powerful permeability to your clients.