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Servientrega Colombia Transport Tracking

Servientrega began in 1982 with a humble capital of 17,500 pesos, established by Luz Mary and Jesús Guerrero. The underlying spotlight was on envelope and bundle transportation, quickly growing administrations to Cali, Buenaventura, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Medellín, and Cartagena.

To improve brand influence, the organization sent off the inquiry, “Do you have any idea what Servientrega is?” followed by the motto “Servientrega is… protected conveyance.” 

3rd Five-Year Period (1993-1997): Diversification

A solid accentuation on promoting prompted the production of new administrations, including mass transportation of records, global shipments, bundling, and the inventive “TODAY” administration. 

Servientrega Colombia Tracking kept on improving seriousness, presenting imaginative installment modalities, creating unique activities, and making Micromarket arrangements.

Brand values like security, responsibility, closeness, respectability, and globality were fortified. The “Arrangements Center” system advanced the item portfolio, coordinating the upper hands of partnered organizations. 

The “Solutions Center” strategy was used to expand the portfolio and incorporate competitiveness considerations into the Virtuous Circle of Competitiveness. A crucial stage in Servientrega’s expansion occurred during this time when the company focused on coordinating with various economic sectors.

Servientrega emphasized economic expansion, social equity, and environmental accountability as it moved toward sustainability. Relieving the carbon impression and embracing a “leaving a green impression” technique mirrored the organization’s obligation to a manageable future.

Entering another aspect, Servientrega zeroed in on union, adjusting physical and virtual patterns to guarantee business strength and heritage. To foster unity in diversity and ensure future success, this phase sought to strike a balance between diverse components such as people, brands, markets, channels, infrastructure, and risks.

Servientrega Colombia Services

They offer global transportation of your merchandise in holders or potentially free freight, to and from any port/air terminal on the planet; via ocean and air. With a presence in the nation’s primary airports and ports.

Because of their strategic alliances, they can involve complete logistics processes of international air and sea transport, customs procedures, land transport, storage, and packaging; as a result, they manage your merchandise imports and exports worldwide. where you can depend on a profoundly qualified workforce to give you counsel on your tasks and consequently fortify every one of your business joins, guaranteeing quality degrees of administration with your clients.

They guarantee your methodology before Colombian Traditions in ports and urban communities, concerning the Nationalization of Products, Import Records, Techniques for DTA, OTM, and direct downloads, among others.

Servientrega offers extensive administrations for the administration and capacity of inventories with various degrees of pivot, picking, pressing and gathering administrations, which permit the activity to be created by the business and strategic requirements of every client. Upheld by mechanical stock control frameworks.

They transport your nationalized freight to and from ports or to an objective inside the Colombian region; as well as giving DTA – OTM travel freight transportation administrations to approved objections like Free Zones and Approved Stockrooms.

They deconsolidate your holders at the port for stacking onto trucks or capacity processes for resulting appropriation from one side of the country to the other, with the particular return of the vacant compartment to the port.

FAQs By Servientrega Columbia Tracking

Are there any extra administrations for getting my shipment during transportation?

Yes, they provide additional packaging options and security measures to guarantee the safe and secure transportation of your cargo.

Can I utilize the same system to track international shipments?

Their global positioning framework is intended to give ongoing updates to both homegrown and worldwide shipments.

What measures are set up to guarantee the privacy of delicate freight data?

Through strict data protection measures and restricted access protocols, they place a high priority on maintaining the confidentiality and safety of the information about your cargo.

Is there a client service choice accessible for help with the following related questions?

Yes, you can get in touch with their customer support team whenever you have questions or concerns about tracking.

Are there ways to modify my shipment’s delivery schedule?

Yes, they offer adaptable conveyance choices. Kindly contact their client service to examine and modify the conveyance plan on a case-by-case basis.

What steps does the organization take in the event of lost or harmed freight?

In the awful occasion of lost or harmed freight, their client care will direct you through the case cycle for a brief goal.

Can I ask for proof of delivery for the items I’ve shipped?

Unquestionably, you can demand verification of conveyance through their client assistance, giving you affirmation when your freight arrives at its objective.

After the cargo has been shipped, is it possible to change the shipping address?

While it’s trying to adjust the transportation address post-dispatch, you can contact their client care to investigate accessible choices and help.