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SEKO Logistics Shipping Tracking stands out among the USA’s trustworthy courier tracking services. This Transport Logistics Company provides customers across the nation with stress-free delivery and accurate package monitoring.

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Arlington(630) 919-4800+1-(866)268-5263[email protected]1100 Arlington Heights Road Suite 600, Itasca, Illinois 60143, US

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SEKO Logistics Tracking

In 1976, SEKO launched operations from a single Chicago location. They have fabricated a strong standing all through the world as an imaginative and adaptable supplier of five-star operations administrations.

The Company specialize in transportation, logistics, forwarding, and warehousing for complete Supply Chain Solutions. They likewise stand out with creative and configurable IT arrangements.

You can benefit from their distinctive business model by:

  • Direct assistance and service.
  • Interpersonal connections
  • Solution-oriented creativity
  • Reliability and responsiveness
  • Adaptability and consistency.

They are “fast on their feet” when it comes to providing solutions that can fulfill your precise requirements because they have a flat management structure with only three layers between you and the CEO. 


SEKO is committed to improving your supply chain and increasing efficiency. Seko Logistics carves out the opportunity to comprehend your prerequisites and fabricate their cycles and administration around your business, leaving you allowed to commit your chance to what you’re great at – developing your organization’s benefits.

This is what they do by making things easier to do, by giving you options for the right service at the right price from multiple carriers, and by making it easier for you to keep track of sales and purchase orders. 

Forwarding of International Freight By SEKO Tracking

By enhancing your processes with technology, award-winning 24/7 customer service, compliance expertise, gateway consolidations, and other value-added services, they set themselves apart from the competition.

However, why is that? They chose us because once they have your shipment, they own it from beginning to end, touch it from top to bottom, and help you with anything you need efficiently.

Their Value-Added Freight Forwarding Services guarantee the safe, timely, and stylish delivery of your valuable cargo from supplier to customer.

The vital advantages of their administration include:

  • A consistent experience for customers: the same stylish experience across all channels—website, mobile, and retail.
  • Availability of Connections: Your eCommerce system’s components all communicate seamlessly.
  • The degree of visibility: monitor availability and inventory in real time.
  • Be Adaptable: schedule deliveries dynamically and select shipping methods.
  • Conveyance: with integrated back-end tracking and reporting, direct to your customer.
  • Internal integration that is seamless: Along with the existing retail channels, online orders, and returns can be managed.


For global trade, Seko Logistics offers complete NVOCC and full-service Ocean Freight Forwarding FCL/LCL solutions, including:

  • Utilizing the purchasing power of their global network through centralized trade lanes procurement.
  • Management of bookings, equipment, and allocations, as well as sailings and options for multiple carriers.
  • Options for full-service drayage as well as multi-level and expedited service to shorten transit times.
  • NVOCC and freight forwarder registered and licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC).
  • Through MySEKO, complete online visibility of the shipment lifecycle and important milestones.
  • Management of BCO direct service contract contracts.

International Air Freight Forwarding in SEKO Transportation

At times following-day administration isn’t quick enough. Perhaps you triumph when it’s all said and done a last moment request, a client needs a new part for a mechanical production system that is down, or perhaps ‘same day’ is just the idea of your market? 

They offer SEKO Next Trip Out – a period of basic help for circumstances like these or some other unexpected crisis.

The SEKO Next Trip Out assistance is accessible for shipments of any size, huge and little. There are no weight limitations, and they might do the pressing for you assuming you want them to. 

So for those worldwide delivery necessities that just can hardly stand by, or Worldwide conveyances of stock, parts, consumables, and supplies – SEKO can statement for the accompanying windows:

  • Facilitated freight and task freight.
  • Airplane on Ground/AOG.
  • Next Trip Out/NFO.
  • Worldwide and homegrown.
  • Customs financier.
  • Every minute of every day/365 help.
  • Air sanctions.
  • Larger than average shipments.
  • Express (1 to 2 days).
  • Standard (3 to 5 days).
  • Economy (5 to 7 days) sanction.

Global Airship Cargo Sending SEKO Logistics Tracking

Seko Logistics is able to provide an outstanding level of service thanks to the expertise of their experienced routing specialists and their focus on forming partner alliances with international airlines.

With regards to Airship cargo Sending, each SEKO office all over the planet has a similar objective – to offer remarkable support and cutthroat valuing. They are able to meet those objectives, seven days a week, 365 days a year, thanks to their 40 years of air freight management experience, so they can fulfill your promises.


The experienced routing specialists who manage their value-added air freight forwarding services will inquire about your shipment’s expected arrival date and then tailor the air logistics service accordingly.

On the off chance that there’s adaptability in your conveyance date, their mastery in worldwide business sectors can set aside significantly more cash. 

Expertise in China

Their June 2019 acquisition of Air-City not only brought cross-border bulk import expertise in-house, but it also significantly enhanced their China shipping expertise, both for US imports and exports to China. 

This is especially critical in a climate where US merchandise, including perishables and other horticultural items, are turning out to be all the more profoundly pursued by the Chinese working class.

Air-City’s teams’ cross-border eCommerce delivery expertise, as well as their close working relationships with Chinese airlines, have been a real asset for SEKO.

Worldwide Airship cargo Sending Administrations

Sometimes, the next-day service is just too slow. Perhaps you have a last-minute order, a customer requires a replacement part for a broken assembly line, or your market simply demands “same-day” delivery. 

They provide the time-sensitive SEKO Next Flight Out service for unforeseen emergencies like these. Regardless of their weight or volume, shipments can be sent using the SEKO Next Flight Out service. There are no weight limitations, and they could do the pressing for you assuming that you really want them to.

SEKO is able to provide quotes for the following windows for urgent international shipping requirements or global deliveries of stock, parts, consumables, and supplies:

  • Project cargo and expedited air freight cargo.
  • Airplane on Ground/AOG.
  • NFO/next flight out
  • Global, Homegrown.
  • Brokerage of Customs
  • AOG.
  • NFO.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Cargo Project
  • Charter flights.
  • Oversized.
  • Send (one to two days).
  • Normal (three to five days).
  • Charter for Economy (5 to 7 days).

Brokerage and Clearance For Customs in SEKO Logistics

The Company SEKO gives customs and consistency administrations on a Worldwide premise, with their workplaces being all overseen by supported Traditions Merchants. SEKO Logistics provides superior quality and support around the clock for all clearance and entry services, including express eCommerce shipping options.

SEKO wants to give an Import The Executives Program that tends to each of your norms and expresses traditions and freedom prerequisites. They can help you with reasonable care, complete post-entry audits, and custom point-and-click report writing as part of their service.


The creation of a Client Import Policy and Procedures manual, assistance with classification and valuation, online tracking, an image processing system, and access to their Global communications services. All of which are essential success factors in maintaining compliance with governmental regulations—are the cornerstones of their 24/7 quality support.


Consulting, training, seminars, and outsourcing solutions for US shippers in the area of export and import compliance. They work with you to enter and access new export markets, streamline import procedures, and tailor each solution to your specific requirements.

Integrity and VISIBILITY

The AMS, ABI, and ACE portal applications are directly connected to the SEKO Import Operating System. This cutting-edge innovation gives fast transmissions and information recuperation from the Traditions Data set. 

Admittance to their working framework for record age, consistence revealing and report composing is likewise accessible for assigned clients.

Expertise in Type 86 and Section 321 in SEKO Transport

Through the acquisition of industry veteran Air-City, this crucial express delivery service for cross-border eCommerce customers was brought into the company in June 2019. Inc. 

They are capable of managing the Customs Clearance portion of importing bulk packages, allowing eCommerce orders to move through the system as quickly as possible.


SEKO Customs Business workplaces keep up with Distant Area Documenting (RLF) at all ports of sections all over the planet. Services Seko Logistics offers include:

  • Track and trace in real-time.
  • Security filing by the importer (10 + 2).
  • Consulting on import compliance
  • An environment devoid of paper
  • EDI transmissions and email alarms.
  • Filing from a Remote Location (RLF).
  • Specialists in commodities.
  • Bonds and protection administrations.
  • Reconciliation and duty deduction.
  • Characterization and worth help.

Express International Shipping From SEKO Logistics Tracking

SEKO’s US Homegrown Speed Up help uses a blend of different conveyance answers to smooth out the conveyance interaction of your merchandise for a limited time and most extreme expense effectiveness.

Their expedited freight shipping service aims to get your shipment to its destination on time. Your package will arrive on time if you use multiple shipping options, such as exclusive truckload, commercial airlines, charters, and “hot shots,” as well as a cargo van or straight truck.

Therefore, SEKO is available to handle your most pressing requirements when a component for an aircraft needs to be delivered at 3 a.m. on a Sunday or when a plant goes down at 11 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Air Transport

  • 365 days a year, seven days a week, excellent service, and reasonable prices.
  • Experts in routing who will customize the service to meet your specific needs.
  • Part-charter and dedicated flights to handle urgent deliveries.
  • Proactive communication with a touch of individuality.
  • There are Express, Standard, Economy, and Charter options.

Transport Charters By Air

They offer full-service air charter support for the largest and most pressing aircraft engines, sports cars, and other high-value, time-sensitive oversized requirements, such as product launches. 

Next Flight Out

  • SEKO Next Flight Out is a service that is critical in terms of time when even “next day” is not enough.
  • Updates on the delivery’s status and location on a regular basis.
  • 24/7, 365 days a year, online tracking of all shipments is available through MySEKO.
  • There are no weight restrictions, and they can even help you pack.
  • Additionally accessible on Saturdays, Sundays, and all holidays.

Logistics and Ground Shipping in SEKO Tracking

SEKO started as a homegrown cargo forwarder in the US in 1976. From that point forward, they have extended their administration contributions to incorporate Worldwide air and sea administrations.

While SEKO keeps on growing around the world, SEKO Tracking actually succeeds at profoundly specific homegrown ground transportation administrations in the US.

Solutions for the US Final Mile

For store openings, shows, redesigns, high worth, normal item recharging and the sky is the limit from there, SEKO furnishes time-clear and concentrated administrations with their own SEKO-marked trucks, vans, and hardware. 

SEKO Tracking can take care of any special project for your retail expansion, trade show, event, or other special cargo needs, whether the cargo is too big or needs to be delivered before the store or business opens.


For final-mile home delivery of large, heavyweight, oversized, and high-value eCommerce items, SEKO Home Delivery and Last Mile is your most dependable and economical option. 

SEKO Next-Trip Out Transportation

Once in a while a following-day administration isn’t quick enough – so for circumstances like these, or some other unanticipated crisis, they offer SEKO Next Trip Out, a period of basic express air transporting administration.

It’s possible that you have a last-minute order or that a customer requires a replacement part for a downed assembly line. Or is “same day” simply a characteristic of your market?

SEKO Next Flight Out is available for shipments of any size and any weight, and if you need them to, they can even pack your items for you.

Keeping You Informed

They at SEKO stand out from other logistics companies by always keeping SEKO’s clients fully informed about their shipments’ status. They’ll call you with updates on where they are and even tell you when your shipment was delivered exactly.

Sunday and Saturday

They are available on Saturdays, Sundays, and every holiday because emergencies can occur at any time.

Transborder of North America By SEKO Tracking

Whether it’s FTL or LTL, to Mexico or Canada, they remove the concern from North American conveyance – and they even have a committed ‘superstar’ administration all through the two nations.


SEKO is well-positioned to facilitate the northbound and southbound flow of goods between Mexico and the United States, with offices on both sides of the border. 

Seko Logistics is dedicated to your satisfaction and provides full truck, LTL, Hot Shot, small package, and specialized equipment support for your Mexico freight requirements. SEKO’s service teams are 100% bilingual and trained in customs law. 

In addition, They handle permits and verification and can arrange for your freight to be pre-cleared so that it can move quickly through customs.


In addition to a few additional services that are unique to Canada, their Canadian operation provides all of the personalized attention and service that their southern US border offices provide. 

SEKO also provides a number of other services to Canada, such as the Non-Resident Importer Program, which allows businesses to import into Canada without having an office there. 

Services For The North American Transborder 

  • Customs freedom and conference administrations.
  • Archive arrangement and the executives.
  • Services for FTL and LTL to and from any location in Canada or Mexico.
  • Services for forwarding include revision, inspection, classification, and so on.
  • Import and export drayage and brokerage
  • Warehousing and dispersion.
  • Dedicated “Hot Shot” truck service all over Canada and Mexico.
  • Mexico cargo insurance and the processing of powers of attorney
  • Mexico LTL Cargo ‘in-bond’ administration to MTY and MEX.

Ocean and Sea Cargo Sending By SEKO Logistics

SEKO’s sea-planned operations, Worldwide ocean cargo, and delivery network envelops in excess of 40 nations around the world, including the world all’s significant seaports.

Every year, they manage hundreds of thousands of TEU containers traveling to and from Asia, Europe, and North America. 

Your sea freight shipments will arrive at their final destination in good condition and save you time and money because Seko’s staff is intimately familiar with all local customs laws and regulations.

Sea Sending and Transportation

Seko Logistics Tracking Company is able to offer multiple ocean transportation options for both part container (LCL) and full container (FCL) movements due to Seko’s strong working relationships with the largest ocean carriers in the world. 

Furthermore, SEKO gives a combination and de-union of sea shipments at the beginning and objective, to enhance your production network and convey a full scope of Worldwide transportation strategies.

Chain Supply Visibility

Thanks to MySEKO, its online customer portal, and freight rate management software, SEKO’s tracking and tracing capability is unique in its sophistication and performance. 

MySEKO allows you to follow your sea and ocean cargo from beginning to objective, giving you admittance to see and transfer all essential documentation, and to get announcements through email and configurable reports. 

Management of Order Purchase

You will always be aware of where your containers are, where they are going, where they are stored, and when they have arrived thanks to their in-house developed online PO Management System. Ocean travel is simple and painless from any location.

Special Handling is their Speciality

SEKO deals in a wide range of sizes and weights for specialized cargo and provides break bulk and RO/RO (Roll On/Roll Off) project cargo shipping services. For a shipping quote, please get in touch with them right away with your specific requirements.

Warehousing and Completion of Orders By SEKO Tracking

They are able to stock your products and fulfill orders in each local market in a more timely and cost-effective manner thanks to the multi-user logistics facilities that make up their Global infrastructure.

The “pay as you go” business model offered by Seko’s warehousing and order fulfillment services is fully supported by SEKO’s logistics management expertise and web-based technology.

MULTI-Client Operations Offices

They are able to offer shared warehouse solutions in as many as forty different nations. Because you only pay for the space you use each month, you can take advantage of the economies of scale of their multi-user logistics sites. 

A considerable lot of their clients request that they imitate the cycles of a current office previously run by them in one more nation as a component of their Worldwide development procedure. 


Additionally, SEKO provides contract logistics solutions for dedicated site solutions. They can offer as much consultation and project management as you need to make sure that your exclusive logistics operation is professionally designed to meet your business needs, in the right place, and run how you want. 

Product launches, manufacturing (light assembly), pick-and-pack, gift wrapping, eCommerce, order receipt and fulfillment, inventory, replenishment, and supplier and client management are among the contract logistics services offered by SEKO.