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SAIA Freight Tracking Service offers real-time monitoring of shipments. Stay informed about your deliveries’ locations and status through their user-friendly online platform, ensuring a smooth and transparent logistics experience.

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SAIA Logistics

Saia was established in 1924 when Louis Saia, Sr., a produce vendor in Houma, LA, concluded there was something else to be made in conveying produce than selling it. The first “truck” was the family vehicle with the back seats eliminated.

Over the course of the following 45 years, Saia kept on growing, laying out terminals all through Louisiana and Texas. By 1986, Saia was one of the biggest local LTL transporters in the country, with 23 terminals across five Southeastern states, roughly 1000 workers, and more than $50 million in income.

In 2007, Saia reported the acquisitions of The Association Organization of Columbus, Gracious, and Madison Cargo Frameworks Inc., situated in Waunakee, WI. That very year, they likewise had more than a billion dollars in gross income, without precedent for their set of experiences.

In 2012, Saia extended their capacities past LTL with the acquisition of The Robart Organizations, a Georgia-based firm that provides non-resource-based load administration and outsider-coordinated operations.

SAIA Freight Tracking procured LinkEx Inc., a differentiated, resource-light 3PL situated in Dallas, Texas, in 2015. Today, Saia operates 192 terminals across the nation and employs almost 12,000 individuals. Through their organization of accomplices, they offer support to Gold Country and Hawaii, in addition to Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. 

Their working assistance gatherings, Saia Coordinated Factor Administrations, and LinkEx provide total transportation and strategy arrangements.


  • To securely drive their clients’ prosperity with custom arrangements based on the three mainstays of their administration-centered values: individuals, reason, and execution.

SAIA Freight Tracking Company’s Core Values

Client First

All that they do—taking the necessary steps implies putting the client first. It doesn’t mean duping security, strategies, methods, or regard; rather, it implies understanding that, on a very basic level, their clients are at the core of all that they do.


Security isn’t a strategy or technique. Security is a key way of behaving and practising. It is through this bound-together practice that they can proficiently and successfully work securely and carry out their roles to help individual representatives and the company’s objectives.

Dealing with One another

Collaboration, sympathy, and giving 100%. Dealing with one another means chiefs thinking often about representatives, workers really focusing on one another and clients, and everybody at saia phone number thinking often about the organization’s motivation and objectives.

Pride and Regard

Everybody should be treated with nobility and regard. Each representative at SAIA Freight Tracking has a sense of worth that they bring to their job at the organization. They should all perceive mankind in one another and treat others differently.

Make the best decision

Making the best choice means settling on the scrupulous decision, the moral decision, in any event, when nobody is looking. Making the best decision requires an obligation to greatness and mindfulness that why you accomplish something can be pretty much as significant as what you do.


As an organization and collectively as representatives, they should embrace their obligation to their neighbours, the climate, those with whom they work, and the networks that support them. They understand that it is easy to discuss being a productive member of society, but setting words in motion is another.

SAIA Careers

Is your vocation taking you where you need to go?

In the event that you’re looking for a remunerating vocation in a quick-moving and testing industry, then, at that point, Saia is the most ideal spot for you. Saia has a long history of progress tracing all the way back to 1924 and gives total transportation and coordinated operations arrangements all through the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Saia is a developing enterprise offering top-tier advantages and chances to rouse each colleague. With north of 11,000 representatives devoted to their positions and their clients, you might find your own professional way at Saia.

Services of SAIA Freight Logistics Tracking


Your shipment is significant; that is the reason it merits a definitive security rating. With Saia’s Full Worth Inclusion, you can buy extra freight protection that covers your shipment at full value in the event there’s a case.

All shipments starting on a Saia bill of filling are qualified to demand inclusion, including volume shipments and shipments to Gold Country, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.

Advantages of Full-Worth Inclusion:

  • There is no per-pound limit on new or utilized products.
  • Covers disguised harms appropriately detailed in no less than 15 days from the conveyance.
  • No deductible.
  • Cargo is safeguarded from misfortunes brought about by Demonstrations of God or catastrophic events.


Could it be said that you are looking for an extraordinary goal in a store network quandary? Allow Saia’s Custom Answers to be your single hotspot for any unique conveyance interest. Browse three choices to meet your particular necessities when standard conveyance simply isn’t sufficient.

Expedited Delivery

  • At the point when shipments should show up before standard conveyance, pick Custom Arrangements. They facilitate shipments across a 48-state region. You decide the time span, and they’ll get it there.

Non-Business Hours

  • Saia comprehends that moving too soon and past the point of no return can be a major issue. With Custom Arrangements, you indicate an exact time, and Saia will convey it.

Select Delivery

  • Your organization’s necessities don’t necessarily fall flawlessly within a particular classification. With Custom Arrangements, they work with you to make a special arrangement that goes beyond the conventional.

Frequently Asked Questions By SAIA Freight Tracking

What is SAIA tracking?

SAIA tracking is a service provided by SAIA, a transportation and logistics company, that allows you to monitor the real-time status and location of your shipments as they move through the delivery process.

How can I track my shipment with SAIA?

To track your shipment with SAIA, visit their official website and navigate to the tracking section. Enter your shipment’s tracking number, and you’ll receive information about its current location, estimated delivery time, and any updates along the way.

What information do I need to track my shipment?

To track your shipment, you’ll need the unique tracking number provided to you when the shipment was booked. This number is usually found on your shipping documentation or receipt.

Can I track multiple shipments at once?

Yes, you can typically track multiple shipments using SAIA’s tracking service. You may need to enter each tracking number separately or use a specific format to input multiple tracking numbers at once, depending on the features offered by SAIA’s tracking system.

What should I do if there’s a tracking issue or no updates?

If you encounter tracking issues or notice a lack of updates for your shipment on SAIA Freight Tracking platform, it’s advisable to first double-check that you’ve entered the correct tracking number. If the issue persists, you can reach out to SAIA’s customer support for assistance in resolving the tracking problem.