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R&L Carriers Tracking Logistics stands out among the USA’s trustworthy courier tracking services. This Transport Logistics Company provides customers across the nation with stress-free delivery and accurate package monitoring.

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Wilmington1 (800) 543-5589[email protected]PO Box 271OH, Wilmington 451770271

Official Website Link: https://www.rlcarriers.com/

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About RL Carriers Tracking

RL Transporters is a family-claimed, cargo-delivering organization based on the possibility that a fulfilled client is their main need. They strive to exceed a customer’s expectations on every delivery, from their world-class customer service to their skilled drivers.

Statement of Vision

to lead the transportation industry in terms of service, profitability, and safety, as well as to attract loyal customers and team members.

Core Values

Family: Treat employees and customers as if they were part of the RL family.

Service: Assisting their team, communities, and customers.

Safety: Relentlessly working toward a healthy and safe workplace.

Quality: Keeping their promises and going above and beyond.

Explore the History of RL Carriers

R+L Carriers Inc. has been in business for more than 55 years and has grown from one truck to a fleet of more than 21,000 tractors and trailers. Family-claimed and worked, the organization more than once puts resources into current innovation, further developing driver security and updating its foundation. 

R+L Carriers have continued to enhance the lives of their employees and provide friendly service to their customers despite the company’s rapid growth.

The Beginning of RL Carriers Tracking

Ralph L. “Larry” Roberts I. was a teenager who wanted to run his own business in 1965. With the purchase of a single truck, which he used to transport furniture, his dream came true.

The acquisition of intrastate and interstate authority from Mayflower Moving and Storage spurred expansion, laying the groundwork for R+L Carriers.

RL Transfer

The initial operation was confined to Ohio, but it soon expanded to include five additional states in the Midwest and South. The May 1989 securing of Gator Freightways, Inc. further fostered the organization in the South.

With the acquisition of Greenwood Motor Lines, Inc. in April 1992, growth continued. Every year, they added new service centers, which strengthened the service area.

Initial Procedures

Deregulation of the trucking industry in the early 1980s provided Larry Roberts, his family, and a group of dedicated employees with an opportunity.

The organization became consolidated related to the plan of another framework that moved cargo at unequaled travel times. The end result was R+L TRANSFER, INC.

Expansion of R&L Logistics Tracking

23 additional states, including New York, received service centers and services over the following five years. Before long, they created organizations to offer support to Gold Country, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

In 2003, the foundation for continued expansion was laid by the expansion of coverage in Western states. As operations began in Oregon and Washington in 2006, growth continued.

The Future

In addition to Canada, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and a number of Caribbean islands, R+L now serves all 50 states. In direct response to the requirements of their clients, the business will continue to expand.

As a main LTL engine cargo transporter committed to figuring out difficulties, there is no question that R+L Transporters will stay A Transporter You Can Rely On.

Quest for Quality Award – Logistics Management of R&L Carriers

The transportation and logistics industry has regarded Logistics Management’s Quest for Quality award as the most significant indicator of customer satisfaction and performance excellence for more than three decades. 

To decide the most elite, qualified Planned operations The board perusers rate transporters, outsider strategies (3PL) specialist co-ops, and presently, U.S. port administrators stringently based on help quality, making it the main overview of its sort on the lookout.

Services for logistics

The R+L Carriers Group of Companies includes R+L Global Logistics. A family founded R+L Global Logistics, a shipping and fulfillment business, on the belief that their top priority will always be a happy client.

Every day, they strive to go above and beyond for their clients, whether it’s through their professional and courteous R+L Global logistics specialists or their excellent customer service at R+L Carriers.

Air transport

R+L Global Logistics was created to accommodate urgent shipping requirements. They can move air cargo domestically and internationally. As required, they also make use of additional logistics services.

SEA Delivery

R+L Worldwide Strategies can assist you with LCL (less than container load) and FCL (full container load) to ensure proper storage and safe transportation of your shipment to its final destination.

Customs Brokerage 

R&L Carriers Global Logistics provides all of the Customs Brokerage and Compliance services necessary for international shipping.


For all of your warehousing, distribution, and order fulfillment needs, R+L Global Logistics has you covered.

Logistics in reverse

R+L Global Logistics has the global network and infrastructure to quickly and effectively manage reverse logistics needs.

Career expo Strategies

R&L Tracking Trade Show Logistics offers domestic and international shipping services to get your trade show materials there quickly and efficiently so you can focus on the important things instead of the hard work.

Production network board.

With RL Global Logistics’ extensive collection of supply chain solutions, you can reduce operational expenses to a minimum and speed up product movement.

Service with a Purpose

At R&L Carriers Worldwide Operations shipments are dealt with with unique consideration and they address your organization expertly at pickup, conveyance, and all in the middle between.

LTL Shipping Administrations.

Not exactly Load (LTL) delivery is fundamental for moving more modest, and more successive shipments. RL Carriers LTL shipping enables you to cut costs, maintain visibility, and maximize efficiency.

Time-Conscious Options

For urgent shipments, RL Carriers are the answer. You can rely on R&L Carriers Tracking best-in-class Guaranteed and Expedited Services. Your Business Critical shipping requirements will be met by their logistics professionals, a nationwide network of service centers, and one of the largest fleets in the industry.

Assurance of Service

The R+L Carriers Guaranteed LTL Service promises that a shipment will be delivered by 5 p.m. on the scheduled standard delivery date, or the customer will receive an invoice with no balance. 

Additionally, if you require your order to be delivered within a specific time frame, you can opt for the Guaranteed Standard Hourly Window service.

They guarantee that your shipment will be delivered within a specific hourly window, Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If there are any delays, they will provide you with an invoice that does not require payment.

By Early afternoon

RL Carriers offer guaranteed AM service, ensuring that the shipment will be delivered by noon on the scheduled, standard delivery date. Furthermore, in the event of any delay, you will receive an invoice with no balance.


RL Carriers’ Guaranteed Hourly Window Service guarantees that your shipment will be delivered within a predetermined hourly window* or you will receive an invoice with no balance.

R&L Carriers Tracking’s exclusive value-added services are RL Carriers’ competitive advantage. They are your trusted transportation partner. 

Furthermore, they are able to stay ahead of the modern market by utilizing established core competencies and effectively understanding the evolving business requirements of their customers.

Advantages Added Value of R L Carriers

Business + Private Crating

You Crate provides nationwide shipping and crates! You Crate will deliver storage containers to your door in a variety of sizes and dimensions. They will then deliver them to any location in the United States, and you can pack them however you like.

Conveyance with No Signature.

Don’t bother remaining at home or taking off work to look out for your shipment! Conveyance without Mark gives more noteworthy adaptability to your private shipments.

Final Step

Through integrated shipping solutions like Final Mile service, RL Carriers can move your freight beyond the dock. By customizing each logistics solution to meet specific requirements, they are committed to providing service-based shipping options.

Freeze Security

Furnished with a devoted group and the essential assets for cold-touchy cargo, R+L Transporters Freeze Insurance administration carries out extraordinary taking care strategies and predictable observing of open-air temperatures.


R&L Carriers Tracking specialists in HAZMAT transportation know how to properly prepare and transport hazardous materials while adhering to federal and state material regulations. By shipping your HAZMAT with R+L Carriers, you can reduce both risk and liability.


There may be structural restrictions at the drop-off location from their trailer to your home or business, such as residential deliveries. Add R+L Transporters Liftgate Administration to guarantee your cargo is free from even a hint of harm upon conveyance.

Protect and load

Security shipment services from R+L Carriers ensure the highest level of protection for your residential and commercial shipping requirements. Freight is stabilized and maintained during transportation by the secured shipping divider.

Security and Safety

A specialized, tamper-resistant secured divider and tagging system is used by security shipment services to safeguard your shipment during transit and ensure that it remains unhandled until it reaches its final destination.

Technology for Shipping Freight in RL Carriers

RL innovation administrations make delivering your cargo simple. On all of their vehicles, they offer in-cab scanning for instant access to documents. 

In addition, they offer APIs and EDI services, and R&L Tracking makes it simple for you to schedule a pickup, obtain a rate quote, complete your Bill of Lading, and track all of your shipments online. This is cargo transporting innovation made simple.