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RAM Courier Tracking emerges as a dynamic and dependable player in the heart of South Africa’s bustling logistics landscape. It revolutionizes the transportation industry with cutting-edge solutions and a commitment to seamless cargo management.

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Isando0861 726 726[email protected]27 Wrench Road, Isando, South Africa

Official Website: https://www.ram.co.za/

RAM Courier Tracking South Africa

Throughout the course of recent years, the organization has grown in size and height, and today it has an unmatched armada (1500 vehicles) and organization traversing southern Africa. 

The ongoing staff supplement is a serious area of strength for 3000, an expert group that is prepared and inspired to follow through on the brand guarantee – to deal with each conveyance as though it were their own.

Major corporations and retail industry leaders are among their customers. Cellphone, Media communications, Data Innovation, Beauty care products, and Drug businesses are some places where they have extensive experience and a demonstrated history in conveyance.

A long time back Smash, then a generally obscure element, was granted the Vodacom dispatch contract against solid nearby and worldwide resistance. The account has since been retained by RAM Logistics in three distinct tender processes. 

In addition to their modern fleet, cutting-edge track and trace technology, and their capacity to provide low-cost Full Liability coverage, their success can be attributed to softer factors like their commitment and loyalty. 

Slam is focused on taking care of their essential resource: their kin. RAM Courier Tracking pays its employees more than the industry average, upskill them through ongoing training, and rewards them with a coordinated performance reward program to keep them loyal.

Additionally, there are some operational factors that assist them in keeping their rivals at bay. As far as anyone is concerned they are the main messenger organization in South Africa that doesn’t sub-contract conveyances to outsiders. 

They keep a 15% extra limit on vehicles to guarantee that they can keep this commitment. They are referred to as “Hand-to-Hand Couriers” because they receive your package from you and deliver it to its final destination.

RAM Logistics Services


  • Conveyance Around the same time as the assortment in nearby and fundamental focuses.


  • In RAM Courier Tracking, Conveyance by 9:00 on the next work day following Assortment in nearby and fundamental focuses.


  • Conveyance by 11:00 on the Next Work Day following the assortment in neighbourhoods and principal focuses.


  • Conveyance by close of business on the next work day following the assortment

Regional Deliveries

  • For all Request Administrations, Smash can convey specific Local Objections upon an earlier composed affirmation. Please check with the RAM Hub closest to you to see if Regional Delivery is possible.

International Services of RAM Logistics Tracking

Global Reports

  • Global Archive Conveyance within 2 to 3 Work Days to most significant objections in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Global Bundles

To most major locations in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the United States, International Parcel Delivery takes between two and three business days. In 2013, Smash declared a thrilling new improvement on their reestablished global item offering.

While before, they utilized various providers to assist with conveying beyond ZA, they have now settled on an organization with DHL Express, who are a market chief in Global Express and approach their administration to the north of 220 nations and regions around the world.

They have coordinated their frameworks with DHL Express, so you can appreciate consistent conveyance within 2 to 5 work days to the most significant objections in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions By RAM Hand-to-Hand Courier Tracking

How might I follow my Smash Messengers bundle?

Visit the RAM Couriers website and enter your tracking number into the appropriate tracking tool to keep track of your package.

What is Slam Messenger’s following number, and where could I at any point track it down?

A Smash Dispatches number is a special identifier for your shipment. You can find it on the delivery affirmation or receipt given by the source. It’s regularly a blend of letters and numbers.

Is there a portable application for Slam Dispatches?

Indeed, Smash Dispatches may have a portable application that permits you to follow your shipments on your cell phone. The official RAM Couriers tracking app can be found in the app store on your mobile device.

When I follow the progress of my RAM Hand-to-Hand Courier Tracking package, what data will I see?

At the point when you track your bundle, you’ll see continuous updates on its ongoing area, assessed conveyance date, and any critical status changes, for example, when it’s out for conveyance or conveyed.

My Smash Dispatches status hasn’t changed in some time. Is there an issue?

Once in a while, the following data may not refresh right away, particularly if the bundle is on the way or at an arranged office. If there’s a delayed absence of updates, it’s smart to contact Slam Messengers’ client support for explanation and help.