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The Vander Pol family’s involvement in the transportation industry, dating back to the 1930s when John and Gus Vander Pol purchased Oak Harbor Transfer, led to the establishment of Peninsula Logistics in 1951.

The company has a seven-decade history deeply rooted in family and the Northwest. Gus Vander Pol, John Vander Pol, Henry Vander Pol, and R.W. Smith founded the company in the beginning. It started by providing services between Seattle and Port Angeles, Washington, with temporary authority.

It witnessed strategic expansions and leadership shifts over the years. Stan and Paul Vander Pol, Gus Vander Pol’s sons, became stockholders when their father took full ownership in 1973. Stan Vander Pol expected the job of President in 1976, driving the organization until 2015. In 1977, Gus’s son-in-law Merv Haveman joined as a shareholder.

Peninsula was able to expand its services throughout Aberdeen, Bremerton, Seattle, and Portland in the 1980s thanks to interstate deregulation. Paul Vander Pol sold his stock in 1987 after Gus Vander Pol passed away in 1982. In 1988, Peninsula acquired Washington’s intrastate authority, enabling the expansion into eastern Washington.

Peninsula capitalized on the ICC Termination Act of 1995 to continue expanding its coverage throughout the 1990s. In 1996, Stan Vander Pol assumed the role of the primary shareholder, overseeing the addition of additional terminals to expand coverage and service.

Tim Vander Pol, the majority shareholder, now owns Peninsula Truck Lines, which is in the hands of the third generation. It remains a reputable name in the transportation industry, and every transaction reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to treating employees and customers with respect and integrity. The company’s 70-year history is evidence of its long-standing position in the sector.

Core Values of Peninsula Truck

  • Follow the highest ethical standards when conducting business.
  • Ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • Cultivate a climate of shared regard and collaboration among their workers.
  • Consider vendors as business partners.
  • Support and add to their nation and the networks they serve.
  • Give a protected and solid workplace.
  • Their success depends on being profitable.
  • To exceed the expectations of their clients, employees, and the community to provide the best transportation services in the Northwest.
  • Excellence in Every Dealing

Peninsula commits to delivering clients “value-added” services that surpass the offerings of other transportation providers. In the Northwest, clients perceive Promontory as a steadfast dedication and provider of unmatched service excellence.

Services They Offer Include:

  • Overnight shipping to the majority of locations in Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, and Boise; Delivery on the second day to most cities in Southern Idaho.
  • Ability to offer customized morning delivery times, early shipment availability for “will call,” and late afternoon or evening pickups to customers.
  • Dependable Conveyance by Early afternoon.
  • Delivery is guaranteed by 9:00 a.m.
  • Cross-dock and pool distribution services, as well as assembly and consolidation services

Normal transporter authority:

  • MC No. 113165.
  • USDOT Number 8329.
  • Unsafe materials and TSA ensured.
  • Certified by SmartWay.

FAQs By Peninsula Truck Lines Inc

How might I follow my shipment’s conveyance status?

To look at the situation with your shipment, visit the authority site and enter the interesting following number given at the hour of dispatch.

If my package has not arrived within the anticipated time frame, what should I do?

Contact customer support with your tracking number if your package is delayed for assistance in determining the status and possible causes.

Is it possible to receive real-time updates regarding my cargo’s location?

Yes, real-time tracking updates are provided by many carriers. To inquire about gaining access to live location data, either visit the carrier’s website or contact customer support.

How long do I have to pick up my bundle once it’s marked as “Available”?

Customers need to pick up their package within three months from the time it is marked “Available” to avoid any issues. Adhering to this timetable is essential.

Could I at any point guarantee pay on the off chance that my bundle is authoritatively deserted?

Unfortunately, customers may not be eligible for compensation once a package is determined to have been abandoned. To avoid situations like these, it is essential to adhere to pickup time.