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Overseas Logistics Courier Tracking emerges as a dynamic and dependable player in the heart of India’s bustling logistics landscape. It revolutionizes the transportation industry with cutting-edge solutions and a commitment to seamless cargo management.

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New Delhi+91-11-47244444,[email protected]OVERSEAS LOGISTICS PVT. LTD. LG-9 & 10, Somdatt Chambers-1 5, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110066

Official Website: http://www.overseaslogistics.in/Default.aspx

Overseas Logistics Pvt Ltd

An ISO 9001-2000 guaranteed messenger organization, OVERSEAS has set up a good foundation for itself as one of India’s driving channel accomplices of all major global dispatch organizations, giving global Dispatch and Cargo Sending administrations, conveying overall for both individual and business clients.

OVERSEAS gives a total scope of express arrangements by offering ocean and airship cargo for trade and Import for the entryway as well as port conveyance, and house-to-house dispatch administration to practically all objections on the planet. OVERSEAS has delighted in consistent development throughout recent years and worked in association with different associations.

Their prosperity is to a great extent founded on their devotion to furnishing prudent expedited shipments alongside elevated degrees of client care. They are continuously searching for ways of working on their clients’ insight.

Established by Mr. ‘Ashok Gupta in 1991, Overseas Coordinated Operations is a worldwide specialist co-op in the field of global dispatch and strategies field. It was officially known as OVERSEAS EXPRESS. OVERSEAS is a diverse firm, deeply grounded in the Indian market with a presence in all significant urban communities in India.

OVERSEAS strategies have groups of experts from assorted fields, which gives it an edge over its rivals. Their vision is to be perceived as the Indian Chief and Supplier of Incorporated Operations and Appropriation Arrangements while keeping top-notch work and fulfillment of clients as their fundamental point.

Mission and Vision By Overseas Express Tracking

Their vision underscores that they need to be The Coordinated Operations Organization for the World. This goes past the basic reality that, as a worldwide organization, they are available in more than 220 nations and regions, or that they are much of the time the absolute first coordinated operations organization to enter new business sectors. 

It likewise stretches out past its extraordinary capacity to offer an extensive variety of strategic arrangements, enveloping everything from global expedited shipments to warehousing, to customs financier, to cargo sending – to specify only a couple of regions in which they are dynamic. 

Their vision focuses on that they need to be the operations supplier individuals go to – their best option for all their transportation needs, yet in addition as a worker or financial backer. Their vision is additionally underlined in their statement of purpose: Excellence. Essentially Conveyed. 

This implies that they need to work on the existence of their clients. They make their clients, representatives, and financial backers more fruitful. They generally exhibit regard while accomplishing their outcomes.

Overseas Logistics Services

Airship Cargo Administrations

Overseas Operations gives airship cargo administration to your prerequisites of ideal and solid conveyance of archives and bundles house to house all over the planet and different travel time choices to address your issue. You can appreciate the following data, Units of your shipments, and ask for a conveyance warning.

Domestics Express

Overseas Planned Operations offers homegrown express support for your necessities of ideal and dependable conveyance of reports and bundles house to house all over the planet and different travel time choices to address your issue. You can appreciate the following data, Cases of your shipments, and ask for a conveyance warning.


Overseas Planned Operations offers worldwide express assistance for your necessities of ideal and solid conveyance of archives and bundles house to house all over the planet and different travel time choices to address your issue. You can appreciate the following data, Units of your shipments, and ask for a conveyance warning.

Warehousing Administrations

Overseas Coordinated factors give Warehousing Administration and turnkey dissemination offices that are decisively situated to serve you. They have previously demonstrated their experience to convey what is committed. 

With normal upgrades in quality and capacity, they have procured themselves a decent situation among the main suppliers of Warehousing Administrations. Their brief and sensible administrations have been valued by clients. They have a well-resourced stockroom outfitted with the most recent hardware.

Prohibited Items in Overseas Tracking India

  • Antiques
  • Compositions and show-stoppers
  • Photo placements
  • Sculptures
  • Earthenware and containers/porcelain/ceramics
  • Marble, quartz, Caesar stone, and other stone or impersonation stone items
  • Products containing glass
  • Screens, PCs, and printers
  • TVs, plasma and TFT screens, screens
  • Car Boards
  • Completely gathered furnishings or unloaded furnishings and bedding
  • Family products expulsions
  • Unaccompanied overabundance of stuff or belongings for global conveyance
  • Lithium or Metal Batteries or items containing these batteries (counting cell phones and PCs)
  • Inks/Toner cartridges
  • Wine/spirits and lager
  • Gems, gold or silver articles, and valuable stones or things containing gold, silver, or valuable stones
  • White products (for example garments dryer, microwave, cooler, ice chest, broiler, cooking plate, water radiator, climate control system)
  • Palletized merchandise (or things requiring bed jacks/forklifts)
  • Merchandise containing oil (for example motorbikes, bikes, and gearboxes)
  • Liquids
  • Coins, bullion, cash, securities, banknotes, deeds, bills of trade, Mastercards, gift vouchers, different archives addressing cash, debatable things
  • Hazardous Products (for example vapor sprayers, combustible things, harmful gases, explosives, and so on)
  • Perfume
  • Animals or creatures
  • Bloodstock
  • Live or dead plants, trees, seeds, and blossoms
  • Frozen or chilled meat, fish, or groceries
  • Guns, ammo
  • Logical Hardware
  • Anything that requires assortment from any Grays Online station
  • Anything that requires assortment from the ‘lost and found’ part of Carriers at air terminals

FAQs By Overseas Logistics Courier Tracking

How can I monitor the progress of my international shipment?

You can easily track your package’s journey by using their online tracking tool.

What information do I need to track my cargo’s location?

Simply enter your unique reference number or waybill number to access real-time shipment status.

Is there a way to find out when my package will arrive at its destination?

Yes, their tracking tool not only shows the current location but also provides an estimated delivery date.

What happens if my package doesn’t show any tracking updates?

Occasionally, there may be delays in updating tracking information, but this doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem with your shipment.

Can I track multiple packages simultaneously using your tracking service?

Their tracking tool allows you to monitor the progress of multiple shipments at the same time for your convenience.