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In Canada, Overland West Tracking Canada makes package monitoring simpler. Effectively follow your shipments utilizing the given the following number for continuous updates and proficient conveyance to the executives.

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Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.1-800-698-21111-604-580-4600[email protected]11398 Bridgeview Drive Surrey, BC V3R 0C2

Official Website: https://overlandwest.ca/

Overland Logistics Canada

Every aspect of their business is designed to make your life easier. A broad help organization, a solid armada of pickup and conveyance vehicles, and intuitive web-based client devices – these are only a couple of the reasons Overland West is convenient and the most reliable LTL, TL and deck load transporter in Western Canada.

The best inclusion in BC

Overland West connects the west more effectively and efficiently than any other LTL carrier thanks to its twenty strategically placed service centres in British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. They offer solid, booked help (counting for the time being administration) to every point inside their organization. For clients, that implies fast conveyances, less time on the way, and less taking care of.

Assuming you’re transporting between focuses in Western Canada, an Overland West assistance community is liable for your cargo at each leg of its excursion. Ship with Overland West to ensure that your freight arrives at its destination intact and on time.

Specialists in genuine serenity

With regards to drawing an obvious conclusion, they’re truly amazing. Their workers have been planning, merging and moving cargo beginning around 1945. Additionally, they are experts in providing peace of mind in addition to moving goods from A to B. Consistent billing and competitive pricing are provided to each Overland West customer. They can give electronic warnings and have a full supplement of innovation choices including Electronic Information Exchange (EDI).

Overland’s History

The exciting merger of two leading regional expedited “less than truckload” carriers into one is the Overland West Tracking Canada Freight Lines. Overland Cargo Lines and West Arm Truck Lines have synergized their singular characteristics and experience to become English Columbia’s chief speed-up specialist co-op. Overland West Cargo Lines is currently the best option for Western Canadians searching for quality LTL transportation administration arrangements.

Entrust them with your significant and time-touchy cargo. Their on-time conveyance rate is truly outstanding in the business. Additionally, they are highly regarded for safeguarding the goods of their clients and preventing damage during transportation.

The policy of calling first

Their planned organization of administration is focused on client support. In case of a help interference, their administration place will call their clients with refreshes on timetables and conveyance times. It’s just one of many ways they make life easier for their customers.

Services of Overland Tracking

Coverage in Canada’s Western Region

Overland West is one of the biggest LTL transporters in Western Canada and works 16 decisively positioned administration communities across English Columbia and Alberta. With regards to interfacing with the West, they’re awesome. Their drivers are pros at pulling over the Kootenay Pass, along the Ocean to Sky hall, and through the winding high streets of Northern BC.

Their company operates more direct service points than any other carrier. An Overland West driver will transport your freight at each stage of the journey if you are shipping within their territory.

You can ship directly to remote areas thanks to the extensive network of Overland West. They can merge cargo showing up from any point and convey to mines, building locales and ranger service destinations day to day.

Kinds of Gear

With an enormous pickup and conveyance armada, they offer cargo administration from LTL to TL, back end conveyances to level decks. Indeed, even specific hardware, for example, compartment suspension, shade side trailers and B trains are inside their extent of administration.

They have a naturally dependable culture. None of their power hardware is over five years of age. It meets or surpasses all administration guidelines and elements of the most recent innovation.

Client Merchandise and Retail

When you transport with Overland West, you can rely on them to convey at settled-upon times – not settled-upon days. Their accomplished transportation experts will work with you to plan a calculated idea and guide out trustworthy conveyance dates and times.

Redone arrangements By Overland Shipment

Overland West Tracking Canada delivery specialists have been organizing, uniting and shipping cargo for more than 35 years. Whether you want to move a pallet or hundreds, they will work with you to plan an extensive help and rate bundle that successfully upholds your business and timetable. Their outstanding inclusion allows them to get shipments from different areas (counting ports), merge and convey to your store or organization of stores.

Intuitive administrator instruments

Pursue My OW to download a bill of replenishing or screen courses and conveyance times. You can likewise interface your coordinated operations framework straightforwardly to their own through electronic information trade.

Trustworthy assistance

Give your valuable and urgent freight to them with confidence. Their on-time conveyance rate is truly outstanding in the business. Additionally, they are highly regarded for safeguarding the goods of their clients and preventing damage during transportation.


They are the autonomous transporter. At the point when public transporters convey to significant downtown areas in the west, they pick them to deal with the rest. They have a huge pickup and conveyance armada in the district. Through connecting points in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver, they can handle any inbound or outbound shipments and distribute them to smaller cities in Alberta and British Columbia.

Frequently Asked Questions By Overland West Tracking Canada

How can I verify the delivery status of my courier?

To follow your messenger, utilize the given number on the Overland West site or contact their client care.

Is it conceivable to at the same time follow different shipments?

Yes, you can enter the tracking numbers for multiple shipments to track them with Overland.

Are there elective techniques to follow my dispatch assuming the site is inaccessible?

Yes, you can get in touch with Overland customer service and ask for assistance by providing them with your tracking number.

How much of the time is the following data refreshed?

The following subtleties are routinely refreshed, permitting you to remain informed about your messenger’s ongoing status and area.

Could I at any point get notices about my dispatch’s advancement?

Overland West offers warning administrations, keeping you informed about key achievements in your dispatch process.

How would it be a good idea for me to respond if the following data isn’t refreshing true to form?

Contact their customer support for prompt assistance and resolution if you encounter tracking issues.

Is there a particular period for conveyance data to be accessible for the track?

When a package is sent out, tracking information is usually available as soon as the courier is in transit.

Can I use the same tracking number to track my international courier?

Yes, you can follow your dispatch universally with the given number on the Overland West stage.

Is there an extra expense for utilizing the following assistance?

No, they give the following administrations as a component of their standard dispatch administration, and there is no additional charge for getting to this element.