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Established in 2014 by companions Lai Chang Wen, Boxian Tan, and Shaun Chong, NinjaVan rose out of humble starting points with a recycled van. The business, which was started to help support their fashion line, has grown a lot since then. It has spread out across Southeast Asia to become a major player in the logistics industry. 

The visionary Chief, Lai Chang Wen, cleverly consoled early doubters, saying, ‘No, they have different vans, don’t stress over it.’ Working in six vital business sectors inside the locale, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand, It has turned into a main strategic accomplice in Southeast Asia. 

The organization’s development is highlighted by its obligation to quality coordinated factors arrangements custom-made for the advancing necessities of online business organizations. With a labour force surpassing 5,000 representatives, Ninja Van flaunts 100 percent inclusion across the district, setting its presence with laid out tasks and organizations in key business sectors. 

The business caters to businesses of all sizes with comprehensive logistics and supply chain products and services that are trusted by over 2 million shippers. The dependability and adaptability of Ninja Van’s conveyance arrangements are obvious in the stunning figure of 2 million bundles conveyed day to day, an accomplishment made conceivable by a committed group of more than 67,000 staff and conveyance workforce. 

Ninja Van’s effect reaches out to nearly 110 million clients, working with identifiable package conveyances that associate networks in both metropolitan and commonplace regions across Southeast Asia. The organization’s obligation to give consistent strategies and arrangements has situated it as a fundamental accomplice in the quickly growing web based business scene of the district, adding to the general network and openness of labour and products in Southeast Asia.

Ninja Van Services

Last Mile Conveyance 

Last Mile Delivery is the crucial link, ensuring swift and seamless package delivery to intended recipients. Operating in key Southeast Asian markets, the service is known for reliability and efficiency. Identifiable parcel deliveries connect communities, instilling confidence in accurate doorstep delivery. In bustling urban centers or remote areas, Last Mile Conveyance ensures precise and confident delivery experiences.

Global Conveyances

The Worldwide Conveyances administration broadens the arrive at past public lines, working with the consistent development of bundles across nations. Utilizing laid out tasks in numerous Southeast Asian business sectors, the help guarantees a dependable and secure global conveyance experience. 

Cargo Sending 

Cargo Sending is a comprehensive solution for businesses navigating shipping complexities across diverse transportation modes. From the point of origin, our service ensures efficient handling of shipments through expertise. Seamless coordination in freight movement guarantees smooth handling from origin to destination with precision. Cargo Sending provides a complete answer, promising expertise in coordinating and handling shipments seamlessly.

Satisfaction and Warehousing 

Tailored for businesses, Fulfilment & Warehousing meets storage needs, offering a seamless solution for inventory management. Utilizing strategically located distribution centres, it enhances order processing and fulfillment for efficient logistics operations. Empowering businesses to focus on core operations, the service entrusts stock management to a reliable partner. With a dedicated and strategic approach, Fulfilment & Warehousing ensures streamlined logistics and dependable services.

Turn into a Retail Accomplice 

By joining as Retail Partners, businesses embark on a journey, leveraging an extensive logistics network. Take advantage of Last Mile Delivery, international shipping, and efficient warehousing facilities as Retail Partners. Access a dependable, scalable logistics infrastructure by partnering, ensuring success in e-commerce and retail. In the dynamic marketplaces, joining forces as Retail Partners sets businesses up for lasting success.

FAQs By Ninja Van Singapore Tracking

In Singapore, how do I get in touch with customer service for questions or assistance with my delivery? 

You can arrive at their client service in Singapore by calling +60 111 722 5600 or messaging [email protected]. They are here to assist with tending to any worries or give help in regards to your conveyances. 

Which locales does Ninja Van cover in Southeast Asia? 

It operates in six important markets in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Their broad organization guarantees exhaustive inclusion and solid strategies administrations across these regions. 

How does the Last Mile Delivery service helps speed up the delivery of packages? 

The Last Mile Conveyance administration is the last connection in the strategies chain, guaranteeing bundles arrive at their planned beneficiaries quickly and consistently. With an expansive organization covering key business sectors in Southeast Asia, this helps give dependable and effective conveyance, interfacing networks with recognizable package conveyances. 

Could organizations of all sizes at any point profit from the Satisfaction and Warehousing administration? 

Indeed, the Satisfaction and Warehousing administration is custom fitted to meet the stockpiling and request satisfaction necessities of organizations, giving a consistent answer for stock administration. It takes care of organizations, everything being equal, advancing request handling and satisfaction while permitting them to zero in on centre tasks. 

What benefits does turning into a Retail Accomplice propose to organizations? 

By turning into a Retail Accomplice, organizations get sufficiently close to a broad strategies organization, including Last Mile Conveyance administrations, worldwide transportation choices, and effective warehousing offices. This organization furnishes organizations with a dependable and versatile operations framework, situating them for progress in the cutthroat web based business and retail commercial centers.