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ANDHRA PRADESH0866-6638787,924809445[email protected]Navata Road Transport D.NO.18-667, BOSE BUILDINGS, KANURU, VIJAYAWADA – 520007 ANDHRA PRADESH.

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Navata Courier Tracking India

Navata Road Transport, a street strategies specialist co-op, laid out in the year 1982, by pioneer Late Parvataneni Subhas Chandra Bose, presently possesses a position of pride among the main Street Transport Associations in South India. The Company Navata is spread across an organization of 668 branches in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Odisha with aggressive development plans all through India.


  • To lay out their presence in remote corners of India with their immense organization by giving total vehicle arrangements without settling for less on Help Quality, Business Morals by continually ad-libbing foundation and workplace.


  • Resolved to keep up with top-notch administrations on top of changing necessities of their clients, all by keeping up with the principles in the vehicle area and by improving brand value at all levels.

Corporate Qualities

Anything Navata Road Transport Tracking do, they guarantee to live by their qualities and client generally starts things out with each of their qualities guaranteeing that they convey the most extreme consumer loyalty.

  • The client starts things out.
  • Doing it Right All Times.
  • Enhancing People group.
  • Best Assistance and Norms.
  • Business and Hard-working attitudes.

Milestones of Navata Road Tracking


  • Navata Organizer has laid out the ‘Bose Work Shop’ in Vijayawada.


  • Origin of NAVATA with 46 branches, 17 vehicles and 65 staff individuals.


  • NAVATA develops 307 branches, 131 vehicles and 900 staff individuals.
  • Initiation of Schooling Grants to close family members of their Representatives, Workers and Hamalies.


  • Navata Pioneer ‘Repairman BOSE’ left them perpetually leaving his brainchild in their grasp.


  • Parvataneni Subhas Chandra Bose Commemoration Trust is established and committed to serving the general public as loved by their pioneer.


  • On the third commemoration of their pioneer, a Free Dispensary is begun, to serve a huge number of Autonagar labourers in Vijayawada.


  • NAVATA spreads its activities to Karnataka.


  • To give quality preparation for drivers, ‘PSC Bose Remembrance Driving School’ has begun.
  • Broad development in Tamilnadu is embraced.


  • NAVATA gets ISO 9001: 2000 affirmation in Transportation administration.


  • NAVATA scales new levels of development with the support of its clients.

Services of Navata Road Transport

Web-based Following: Navata Road Transport Tracking gives an internet global positioning framework open through its true site. Clients can enter their extraordinary following or waybill number to get constant updates on the status and area of their shipments.

Constant Updates: The global positioning framework presented by Navata Transport gives constant updates on the advancement of shipments. This remembers data for the ongoing area, expected conveyance time, and any applicable status changes.

Portable Following: Navata Transport might offer portable following choices, permitting clients to follow their shipments utilizing a versatile application or a dynamic site. This gives adaptability and accommodation to in a hurry following.

Multi-Stage Openness: Navata Transport’s following administrations are many times available across different stages, including personal computers, cell phones, and tablets, making it simple for clients to actually take a look at their shipment status from their favoured gadgets.

Warning Alarms: Navata Transport might offer notice alarms through email, SMS, or versatile application notices. Clients can get caution for significant updates, for example, when a shipment is out for conveyance or when there are delays.

Client service: If there should be an occurrence of any issues or requests connected with the following, Navata Transport commonly gives client care administrations. Clients can contact their help group for help with the following related kinds of feedback.

Authentic Following: Some global positioning frameworks given by Navata Transport might offer authentic following information, permitting clients to audit the excursion and conveyance history of their shipments.

Navata Transport Branches List

Navata Road Transport Tracking is spread across an organization of 668 branches in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Odisha with aggressive development plans all through India.

Frequently Asked Questions By Navata Road Transport Tracking

How might I follow my shipment with Navata Transport?

You can follow your shipment with Navata Transport by visiting their authority site and entering your following number in the assigned device.

What information do I need to follow my shipment?

To follow your shipment, you normally need the special following number or waybill number given by Navata Transport when you booked your shipment.

Is the ongoing following accessible for Navata Transport shipments?

Yes, Navata Transport offers the constant following for a large portion of their shipments, permitting you to screen the area and status of your freight as it moves.

Consider the possibility that my following data isn’t refreshing or is wrong.

If your following data isn’t refreshing or appears to be wrong, you can contact Navata Transport’s client service for help with settling the issue.

Might I at any point follow different shipments all the while with Navata Road Transport Tracking?

Indeed, Navata Transport ordinarily permits you to follow numerous shipments on the double by entering various numbers, making it advantageous for organizations with different shipments on the way.