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Meest Group of Corporation

Welcome to Meest Canada – your dependable accomplice for worldwide package and freight conveyance from Canada and the USA to Ukraine, Europe, Focal Asia, Israel, and then some.

Meest was laid out in Toronto in 1989, and its organizer, Rostyslav Kisil planned to join the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada with their country by giving means to send bundles to help friends and family. They are proud to have built bridges that connect people, projects, and organizations worldwide today.

Although they offer their services to 62 nations in Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Israel, their priority for parcel delivery is Ukraine. They also provide e-commerce solutions, commercial cargo transportation, and money transfers to Ukraine.

Canada’s major cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Hamilton, Regina, Saskatoon, Victoria, and Windsor, are all in their service area. They likewise serve a few US states, including North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, and secretly the territories of Pennsylvania and New York.

Key partner in sending aid to Ukraine, supporting causes like Chornobyl Kids’ Resource, Educational Center “Dzherelo,” and Bridge of Trust. They also offer refugees who have been forced to flee their homes humanitarian assistance. Together with BCU Ukraine, Meest Canada sends 500,000 kilograms of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

At Meest, they are glad to be one of the fundamental allies of Ukrainian people group occasions, celebrations and shows. Exercises intricately linked to the Ukrainian diaspora, emphasizing connections and unity across continents for widespread community engagement.

Pick Meest Shipping Canada for dependable worldwide bundle and freight conveyance administrations. They are your accomplice in building spans that associate individuals and networks all over the planet.

Meest Express Services

Experience their global transportation administrations’ unwavering quality and effectiveness, interfacing you consistently from Canada to Ukraine, Europe, and Asia. Advanced global positioning system ensures real-time tracking, providing peace of mind for swift and secure package delivery.

For hassle-free shipping from Ukraine to global destinations, rely on their comprehensive commercial cargo solutions. Their planned operations ability guarantees the smooth transportation of business merchandise, improving courses and conveyance cycles to meet your business needs. Benefit from their solid and financially savvy administrations to upgrade your worldwide exchange activities.

Their money transfer services to Ukraine make it easy to send money across borders. They make financial transactions safer and more efficient. Experience a problem-free cycle, upheld by their hearty framework, guaranteeing your cash arrives at its objective immediately and safely.

Add to a significant reason with their food box administrations intended to help networks in Ukraine. Send fundamental food things to those out of luck, and have a beneficial outcome on surviving their dependable and ideal conveyance administrations. Through their food box delivery service, join them in supporting humanitarian efforts.

Accept their commitment to using their humanitarian aid services to make a difference. They spend significant time in conveying fundamental supplies to districts out of luck, guaranteeing that your commitments arrive at the planned beneficiaries quickly. Join forces with them to help communities through trying times and be a part of positive change.

FAQs By Meest Express Shipping Tracking

What administrations do you propose for worldwide delivery from Canada?

They offer comprehensive international shipping services that connect Canada to a variety of international locations and guarantee prompt and dependable delivery.

How can I see where my cargo shipment from Ukraine stands?

Using their advanced tracking system on their website, you can easily monitor the location and status of your commercial cargo in real-time.

What measures are set up to guarantee the security of cash moves to Ukraine?

Security is a top priority for their money transfer services, so they use robust encryption and authentication protocols to protect financial transactions and guarantee a safe and reliable process.

Could I at any point send food boxes to Ukraine for helpful guide purposes?

Yes, their administrations incorporate the conveyance of food boxes for helpful guidance. They work with the transportation of fundamental food things to help networks out of luck.

What details must I provide to ensure a successful cash transfer to Ukraine?

To start a money transfer, you’ll need to provide crucial information like the recipient’s information and the amount to be transferred. This will make sure the transaction goes off without a hitch and is accurate.

Could I at any point plan a pickup for my worldwide shipment from Canada?

Yes, Meest Express offers advantageous pickup administrations for worldwide shipments from Canada, smoothing out the transportation cycle for their clients.

In times of emergency, what measures do you take to guarantee the prompt delivery of humanitarian aid?

In crisis circumstances, they team up with pertinent associations and specialists to focus on and facilitate the conveyance of helpful guides, guaranteeing opportune help to impacted areas.