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In Canada, Loomis Express Courier Tracking makes package monitoring simpler. Effectively follow your shipments utilizing the given following number for continuous updates and proficient conveyance to the executives.

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Loomis Courier Tracking

The Advantage of Loomis From conveyances to the Alaskan Dash for unheard-of wealth in 1905 through shielded vehicles to ground and dispatch administration, the Loomis brand has a long history of giving Canadian clients excellent homegrown help.

Since TFI International acquired Loomis Courier in 2011, Loomis has played a significant role in the parcel delivery industry. By managing and investing in a growing network of independently operated businesses, TFI International Inc. adds value for unit holders. 

TFI International is the industry leader in Canada’s transportation and logistics sector thanks to these subsidiaries. In both domestic and transborder markets, TFI International offers a comprehensive and one-of-a-kind combination of capabilities, resources, and geographical coverage.

Operating in five categories: Specialized Services, Less than Truckload, Package & Courier, Specialized Truckload, and Truckload.

Loomis Express Canada Services

Domestic Shipping in Canada

Explore their extensive domestic shipping options for quick parcel delivery throughout Canada. Their services guarantee timely and secure transportation from urban centres to remote areas thanks to strategically placed distribution centres. 

Whether you’re delivering standard bundles or require assisted administrations, their obligation to dependability and straightforwardness guarantees your packages arrive at their objections inside Canada with the most extreme accuracy and care.

Cross-boundary delivery to USA and Globally

As they extend their services beyond borders to the United States and international destinations, embark on a global shipping experience. Find the consistent availability they accommodate cross-line coordinated factors, connecting organizations and people to the worldwide commercial centre. 

Rest easy as cutting-edge tracking ensures real-time insights into your packages’ progress across international borders. Their safe international shipping opens global opportunities, ensuring goods move seamlessly without any complications.

Express Delivery for Immediate Deliveries

Discover how quickly and effectively their express shipping services within Canada are designed for time-sensitive deliveries. Express services prioritize urgency, ensuring safety for crucial shipments, important packages, or last-minute documents without compromise.

Specialized Methods of Shipping for Fragile Goods

Take a look at their specialized shipping options that are made to meet the particular requirements of delicate and fragile items. They know how important it is to handle sensitive shipments with care, and their staff is equipped to transport and pack glassware, electronics, and artwork safely. 

Discover the tranquillity that comes from using their specialized services, which guarantee that your priceless and delicate possessions will arrive at their destination unharmed and in perfect condition.

FAQs By Loomis Express Courier tracking

Might I at any point determine no mark expected for conveyances to private locations?

In the instructions box or reference line that will appear on the label, write “NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED” for the quickest delivery of residential packages. Please note that this only works for low-value shipments and removes the courier from any liability for lost packages.

My driver just arrived, but I didn’t give him a second package. Can he return?

If it’s not too much trouble, contact a Loomis’s Client care Delegate at 1-855-2LOOMIS (1-855-256-6647) and they will rapidly contact the driver to check whether he/she can get back to your business environment. The Customer Service Representative will reschedule a different pickup for you if he or she is unable to return right away.

Does Loomis Canada provide delivery on the same day?

They do not provide same-day service, but they do provide the 9 a.m. Express Service the following day and other time-sensitive services.

Do you deliver COD?

When sending goods that must be paid for at the time of delivery, their Return Cheque Service is an excellent option. If this is the case, a Loomis Logistics driver will take payment (in the form of a certified check, money order, bank draft, current or post-dated check, or money order) at the time of delivery and return it to you from anywhere in Canada. Keep in mind that Loomis Courier drivers won’t take cash.

What is Webship?

Loomis WebShip is an internet-based arrangement that makes it simple to transport bundles along with track, get verification of conveyance, request supplies and significantly more.