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In the clamouring city of Jakarta, Lion Parcel Tracking is a signal of effectiveness, guaranteeing your bundles are dependably reachable in any place they might be.

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Jakarta+62-21-80820072[email protected]Jl. Raya Agave No. 55, South Kedoya, West Jakarta, 11520

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Lion Parcel Jakarta Indonesia

Lion Parcel (PT Lion Express) is an operations organization that was established on February 14, 2013, serving as the first, centre and last mile for both homegrown and worldwide conveyances.

Upheld by more than 7,000 specialists, 15,000 conveyance messengers, and 3,000 armadas, the Lion Bundle conveyance network presently covers 98% of sub-regions in 34 territories in Indonesia. Lion Package is additionally upheld by the Lion Group organization and framework to associate individuals without time and distance restrictions to give reasonable strategies and administrations.


  • Turn into a coordinated factors organization with consistent and dependable administrations.


  • Focused on proceeding to give advancement that can foster each organization administration to offer reasonable types of assistance for the best client experience.

Values of Lion Parcel Tracking

Adapt to Each Situation

  • Consider each test to be a chance to develop.

Show Genuine Outcomes

  • Have respectability and maintain the value of genuineness in all that you do.

Development Through Coordinated Effort

  • Enthusiasm to team up to make advancements that answer difficulties

Trust The Group

  • Be available to speak with one another and trust colleagues to achieve successful collaboration results.

Why Lion Parcel Tracking Indonesia?


  • Screen and look for item data and cases through Lion Package client care without any problem. Contact their CS at +62-21-80820072.


  • Reach quicker with the backing of Lion Gathering’s aeroplane armada and high flight recurrence.


  • Send quite a few bundles unafraid of transportation costs and no-get costs. Sending bundles is more prudent with the Lion Package.


  • Arriving at the whole archipelago.
  • With in excess of 7,000 accomplices spread all through the archipelago, send them anywhere, all through Indonesia and abroad.

Services of Lion Parcel

Versatile Application 

Numerous clients can download and utilize the Lion Bundle portable application, which offers an easy-to-understand interface for the following packages on cell phones and tablets.

Email Warnings

Clients frequently have the choice to get email warnings concerning their package’s announcements, including when it is out for conveyance, conveyed, or, on the other hand, if any issues emerge.

SMS Cautions

Lion Bundle might offer SMS alarms, sending instant messages to clients with significant following data or conveyance notices.

Conveyance Time Windows 

A few administrations might give assessed conveyance time windows, permitting clients to design their day around the normal conveyance.

Evidence of Conveyance (Case) 

Lion Bundle might offer evidence of conveyance administrations, permitting clients to acquire computerized or actual affirmation that their package was effectively conveyed.

Area-Based Following 

Clients can frequently see the ongoing area of their bundle as it travels through different arranging offices, circulation focuses, and during travel.

Conveyance Directions 

Contingent upon the assistance, clients might have the option to leave explicit conveyance directions or solicitations through the following stage.

Modified Following Alarms 

Some following administrations permit clients to set up redid alarms for explicit following occasions, guaranteeing they are advised when significant achievements are reached.

Bring Following back

For return shipments, Lion Bundle might give the following administrations to screen the return cycle, from pickup to the shipper’s area.

Client service

Lion Bundle normally offers client care administrations to help clients with following requests, giving help while following issues or concerns emerge.

Frequently Asked Questions By Lion Parcel Tracking Indonesia

How might I follow up on my Lion Package shipment?

You can follow your Lion Package shipment by visiting their authority site and entering your following number in the assigned device.

What is the Lion Package with the following number?

A Lion Bundle following number is a special, recognizable proof code relegated to your bundle, permitting you to screen its encouraging and area progressively.

Where might I at any point find my Lion Package following number?

You can typically find your Lion Bundle following number on the delivery confirmation email or receipt given by the shipper. It might likewise be on the bundle mark.

Is there a portable application for following Lion Package shipments?

Yes, Lion Package frequently provides a versatile application that permits you to follow your shipments helpfully from your cell phone.

How frequently is the following data refreshed?

The following data for Lion Bundle shipments is commonly refreshed consistently, frequently a few times each day, to give precise and state-of-the-art status.

What does indeed “on the way” mean on the following status?

“On the way” implies that your bundle is at present moving between various areas or offices, like arranging communities or conveyance centers, en route to the last objective.

How would it be advisable for me to respond on the off chance that my Lion Parcel Tracking shows “Conveyance Endeavored” yet I am not at home?

In the event that a conveyance endeavor was made and you were not accessible, adhere to the guidelines given in the following subtleties: As a rule, you can reschedule the conveyance or get the bundle at a close by area.