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LDB Container Tracking

NICDC Logistics Data Services (NLDS), previously known as DMICDC Coordinated Factors Information Administrations is a joint endeavor between the Legislature of India addressed by Public Modern Passage Improvement and Execution Trust (NICDIT) and Japanese IT significant NEC Company, with 50:50 value cooperation.

NLDS was framed with the target of actually utilizing ICT across the Indian Coordinated factors Area, teaching best practices across the different cycles, and working towards acquiring productivity in the store network. LDB Logistics Container Tracking targets acquiring permeability and straightforwardness Coordinated factors climate, smoothing out the tasks across the production network, and helping in the government’s arrangement of working on the Simplicity of Carrying on with Work in India. 

The goal is to give the Commodity Import Holder permeability administration across the dish India alongside relative execution measurements for all Coordinated factors Compartment Administrators to empower the clients in making informed choices. 

The lead result of the organization “Coordinated Operations Information Bank Framework (LDB Framework)” is an overall arrangement that incorporates the data accessible with different offices across the store network to give definite constant data inside a solitary window.

Vision, Mission, and Core Values of LDB Tracking


  • To upset the strategies business by giving front line, information-driven arrangements that empower consistent, straightforward, and proficient holder following and coordinated factors the executives, at last upgrading worldwide exchange and inventory network tasks.


  • Engage their clients with ongoing holder following and strategies information, empowering them to pursue informed choices and advance their store network activities.
  • Team up with industry partners to create and keep a thorough and interconnected environment for information trade, normalization, and interoperability.
  • Enhance ceaselessly, bridging arising innovations to give cutting-edge arrangements that smooth out coordinated factors cycles and drive maintainability.
  • Encourage a culture of greatness, information sharing, and client-centricity inside their association.

Core Values of LDB Tracking

Transparency: They have confidence in the force of transparent correspondence, both inside their association and with their clients and accomplices. Straightforwardness is fundamental for building trust and making a consistent progression of data.

Innovation: They are focused on pushing the limits of what is conceivable in the strategies business. They embrace advancement and endeavor to create and carry out state-of-the-art answers to address the developing necessities of their clients.

Collaboration: LDB Logistics Container Tracking comprehends that the outcome in the area of the planned operation depends on compelling coordinated efforts with different partners. They effectively search out organizations and unions to make a thorough and interconnected biological system.

Sustainability: They perceive the significance of natural obligation in the planned operations industry. They work to limit their carbon impression and advance manageability inside their answers and practices.

Excellence: They go for the gold in all that they attempt. They set exclusive expectations for them and constantly endeavor to improve and succeed in their exhibition.

Information Sharing: They trust in the force of information and data sharing, both inside and remotely. They effectively advance a culture of learning and sharing experiences to help their clients and the business overall.

Frequently Asked Questions By LDB Logistics Container Tracking

How can I track my container’s location?

You can track your container’s location using their online tracking system. Enter the container number, and you’ll get real-time location information.

What types of data do you collect for logistics tracking?

They collect data such as container location, temperature, humidity, and other relevant information to provide comprehensive tracking and monitoring services.

Is my data secure with you?

Yes, they take data security seriously. They use encryption and follow strict security protocols to protect your information from unauthorized access.

How do I report a problem with container tracking or logistics services?

To report an issue, contact their customer support team through the provided channels, and they’ll assist you in resolving any problems or concerns.

Can your system integrate with other logistics software and platforms?

Yes, the LDB Logistics Container Tracking system is designed to be compatible with various logistics software and platforms, allowing for seamless integration to meet your specific business needs.