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Subang Jaya+603-80843111[email protected]ABX EXPRESS (M) SDN. BHD. 198401017696 (130250-H) Lot 651, 1st Floor, Jalan Subang 1, Taman Perindustrian Sg Penaga, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor

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KEX Express Malaysia

The Malaysian company KEX Courier Tracking has been providing courier services for more than 38 years. Previously, they exchanged as ABX Express. Starting around 2016, they became individuals from the Kerry Strategies Organization (KLN).

From that point forward, they concentrated more on web-based businesses and retail express administrations, and they also enormously increased their interest in data innovation.

In 2021, KEX Courier Tracking became the worldwide specialist of SF Global, which denotes the beginning of its global express administration.


  • Rebranding and The Sale of KEX Express.


  • Benefits completely cover cross-country travel in Malaysia.


  • The launch of the customer e-portal known as “Smartship Web” marked the beginning of e-commerce delivery services.


  • The Primary Opening of the Package Shop in Kenanga Shopping Center is growing with over 100+ branches across the country.


  • The sent-off internet shopping entrance is called “EasyShip“.


  • Digital FOD and COD services were launched.


  • Rebranding and The Sale of KEX Express.

KEX Courier Services

Domestic Shipping

KEX Express Tracking ships all over Malaysia using their online service Easyship and more than 700 local service touchpoints. They presently have one of the most stretched-out inclusion networks in East Malaysia within the expedited service industry. KEX has you covered nationwide, so whether you have customers in urban Penang, KL, Johor, or suburban areas, KEX can help!

COD digitally

  • Digital Cash on Delivery, or Digital COD, lets the person who gets the package pay for it with a cashless method when it arrives.

FOD digital

  • Computerized Cargo on Conveyance empowers the bundle’s beneficiary to pay for their transportation charge utilizing a credit-only installment technique upon the appearance of the package.

Vendor Center

  • Across the board, a stage is devoted to the accommodation of merchants.

International Shipping

From Malaysia, they provide express international delivery to more than 225 nations. In addition, KEX Express Tracking provides cross-border international shipping services. They guarantee that your cross-line conveyances are maneuvered carefully and accurately, with arrangements going from beginning freight dealing to documentation planning, customs freedom, and last-mile conveyance.

Warehousing and Dissemination

  • Using their proprietary management system, they provide terminal pick-up, inventory management, pick-and-pack, and express waybill preparation for customers.

Account Director

  • Dedicated to supporting you and making your logistical needs easier, including 24/7 handling of licensed and fragile shipments.

Frequently Asked Questions By KEX Express Courier Tracking

How does KEX Express work?

KEX is a famous messenger and coordinated factor organization working in Malaysia. It offers a scope of transportation and conveyance administrations for both homegrown and worldwide bundles.

How might I follow up on my shipment with KEX Express?

To follow your shipment, visit the official KEX Courier Tracking site and explore the following segment. Enter your novel following the number given during booking, and the framework will show constant updates on your bundle’s area and conveyance status.

What data do I have to follow my bundle?

The KEX number that was assigned to your package is necessary. This number gives you access to detailed tracking information and serves as a one-of-a-kind identifier for your shipment.

Can I track multiple packages simultaneously?

Using the online tracking system provided by KEX Express, it is possible to follow multiple packages at once. The system will provide status updates for each of the parcels you want to monitor once you enter their tracking numbers.

Are there elective ways of following my shipment?

Notwithstanding the site, you can follow your KEX Express shipment utilizing their portable application. This offers a helpful method for observing your bundles in a hurry.

How frequently is the following data refreshed?

The parcel’s movement and status are typically updated whenever it reaches a new facility or milestone in the KEX Courier system.

Might I at any point get notices for the following updates?

Yes, KEX Express’s tracking system lets you set up SMS or email notifications. Along these lines, you’ll get programmed cautions at whatever point there’s an adjustment to your package’s status.

Is KEX Express accessible for global shipments?

In total, KEX offers the following administrations for both homegrown and global shipments. You can monitor your packages as they travel across borders and through a variety of nations until they reach their final destination, which may be Malaysia or another country.