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Kuala Lumpur 1800-18-0018[email protected]9th Floor, Mercu 3, KL Eco City, Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan

Official Website: https://www.jtcargo.my/

J&T Cargo Tracking Malaysia

J&T Freight is a mechanically imaginative express organization under the support of the J&T Gathering. J&T Freight keeps on further developing productivity and upgrade strategies in light of high functional norms, solid stockroom transportation and appropriation frameworks, and high-level planned operations applications, to build the conveyance worth of the business for clients and make the best coordinated factors insight.

smart sorting equipment600+
Own vehicle8000+
Operational outlets23000+
Number of workers350000+

The Company J&T Gathering, which was established in August 2015, is the principal innovation-based coordinated operations organization in Southeast Asia with Web-based business as its primary business, its business covers different fields, for example, expedited shipment, freight conveyance, warehousing and production network, as well as the sort of business serving intercity, interprovincial conveyance and global. 

J&T Group has more than 240 large sorting warehouses, 600 automatic sorters, 8,000 self-owned vehicles, and up to 350,000 employees worldwide as of January 2021. It also operates more than 23,000 outlets.

Value Added Services

  • Safe Bundling.
  • Delegate for Getting Products.
  • Protection of Products.
  • Regular shipping.
  • Coordinated Stockroom and Appropriation.
  • Warehousing Administration.
  • Return of a Marked Receipt

Services of J&T Cargo Tracking

Helpful Request

  • Request effectively through the web and disconnected channels, including official sites, client frameworks, hotlines, and applications, and that’s just the beginning. You can likewise contact the power source or company where you are.

Full Following

  • Through visual following, merchandise will be observed whenever, and will focus on assistance, proactively conveying that issues are found and promptly settled.

Proficient Activity

  • Provide exclusive VIP service solutions and high-quality operational capabilities, as well as individualized logistics solutions for a variety of industries.

The board Standard

  • Administrations conform to the board norms, hearty execution of systems administration, quick organization of assets, and greater administration.

Guarantee Assurance

  • In order to give customers a sense of security, you should offer prompt good claim services and services for goods insurance.

Quick Reaction

  • Variety of administration channels and an expert call community, ready to offer support to the client from 09:00 to 21:00.

Smart Logistics

J&T Cargo Freight Tracking is focused on giving clients shrewd, computerized and visual operations administrations. Free innovative work of the JFS framework, online incorporated administration of the entire life pattern of merchandise.

  • Transportation Limit The Board Framework.
  • Handheld Terminal Administration Framework.
  • Client support Work Request The executive’s Framework.
  • Client Relationship The board Framework.
  • Arranging an Emotionally supportive network.
  • JFS Activity Center Framework.
  • The board Report Framework.
  • Call Center Framework.

J&T Cargo Prohibited Items


  • A wide range of firearms, ammunition, grenades, bombs, and other weapons.

Unstable Materials

  • Effectively dangerous materials like hazardous materials and detonators, explosives, fireworks, and so forth.


  • Gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, varnish, diesel fuel, aerosol/spray tubes, lighters, gas holders, phosphorus, sulfur, matches, and all other flammable materials, including liquid, gas, and solid chemistry.


  • A wide range of opiate drugs like opium (counting blossoms, fledgling and opium leaf), morn, cocaine, heroin, cannabis, methamphetamine, ephedrine, and other related items.


  • A wide range of destructive materials like sulfuric corrosive, hydrochloric corrosive, nitric corrosive, natural solvents, pesticides, hydrogen peroxide, and other unsafe synthetics.


  • Different kinds of radioactive components and J&T Cargo Tracking stores like uranium, cobalt, radium and plutonium.

Misleading publicity Materials

  • Propaganda materials and their printing materials, among other items, pose a threat to national security and the stability of social and political publications.


  • Various products can hurt well-being, similar to creature bones or different appendages, creature organs, unprocessed creature skins, and creature bones without or before the secure process.

It is against the law

  • Merchandise that is restricted by the regulations and guidelines of a nation like, reports, state privileged data, cash, fake cash, a wide range of protection paper, reproduction weapons, sharp weapons, workmanship products, interesting creatures and completed items.

Unseemly Bundling Material

  • Products with improper bundling, which can cause risk and contamination, or merchandise that can somewhat or absolutely pollute other shipments.

Dangerous Goods in J&T Malaysia

  • Fireworks.
  • Ammunition/cartridges.
  • Airbag inflators.
  • Dynamite structures.
  • Flares.
  • Aerosol.
  • Cylinder for gas (filled).
  • Silicon.
  • Fire Stop.
  • Nail Clean.
  • Gas CO2.
  • Glue.
  • Perfume.
  • Paint Jars.
  • Oil.
  • Toner.
  • Fuel check.
  • Soluble base metals.
  • Alumunium phosephide.
  • Carbon.
  • Camphor.
  • Slick textures.
  • Natural peroxides.
  • Oxidizing substances.
  • Pesticide.
  • Toner Powder.
  • Insecticide.
  • Materials with radioactivity.
  • Destructive Fluids.
  • Covering cleaning fluid.
  • Battery.
  • Void Tank.
  • Crisis Battery.
  • PC Battery.
  • Power Bank.
  • Dry Accu.
  • Laptop.
  • Insecticide.
  • Zippo.
  • Computerized Scale.
  • Mic.
  • Dinamo.
  • Chamber head.
  • Magnet.
  • Lithium Battery.

Frequently Asked Questions By J&T Cargo Tracking

What is JNT Freight following?

JNT freight following is the help given by JNT (Just-N-Time) Coordinated Factors to screen and follow the development of transported merchandise. Customers can use it to see where and how their cargo is at any given moment.

How can I use JNT to track my cargo?

To follow your freight with JNT, visit their authority site and explore the following segment. Enter the unique tracking number that JNT provided to you when your goods were shipped. The framework will show the status and area of your freight.

What data could I at any point overcome JNT freight following?

JNT freight following gives data about the ongoing area of your freight, expected conveyance date and time, any travel stops or postponements, and the historical backdrop of designated spots the freight has gone through.

Is the information that is tracked always current?

JNT endeavours to give precise and forward-thinking following data. In any case, there may be periodic postpones in refreshing the following status because of elements like organization issues or strategic difficulties.

How would it be advisable for me to respond assuming that my follow-up shows no advancement?

In the event that your followed freight’s status hasn’t refreshed for a drawn-out period or appears to be stuck, it’s prescribed to contact J&T Cargo Tracking Company’s client service. They are able to offer more in-depth.