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Intertown Transport (ITT Tracking) emerges as a dynamic and dependable player in the heart of South Africa’s bustling logistics landscape. It revolutionizes the transportation industry with cutting-edge solutions and a commitment to seamless cargo management.

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[email protected]INTERTOWN TRANSPORT The Old Showgrounds, Martin Street, Sidwell, Port Elizabeth

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Intertown Transport South Africa

In 1979, Peter Bokelmann started Intertown Transport (ITT Tracking). After four years, in 1985, Loot Tomlinson joined Peter and turned into an investor. Loot later became the sole investor after the terrible passing of Peter in 1991. 

IIT’s current MD, Grant Tomlinson, was with his brother Rob when Rob sold Intertown Transport to John Keates in 1996. Award turned into an accomplice in the business 1 year after the fact. 

John’s child, Gavin Keates, likewise turned into an investor in 2004, yet in 2012, the ongoing accomplices, Award Tomlinson and Jonathan Meyer, purchased the Keates family’s entire portion.



1978: Established AS Quick Cargo Established by Peter Bokelmann as Fast Cargo.

1979: Rebranded as Intertown Transport (ITT), Rapid Freight is now known as Intertown Transport.

1991: Need OF Productive Assistance Free conveyance on the off chance that calls aren’t replied to within 3 rings! Ransack turns into the sole investor; Loot’s sibling, Award Tomlinson, joins.

1996–2012: An Organization IS Fabricated Loot offers his portions to John Keates (1996) Award: Tomlinson’s accomplices with John (1997) John’s child, Gavin Keates, turns into an accomplice (2004) Jonathan Meyer joins and turns into an accomplice Award Tomlinson and Jonathan Meyer purchased the Keates family’s entire portion (2012).

2017: ITT’s “Large enough to handle, small enough to care” motto translates to “Large enough to handle, small enough to care.”

Services of ITT Courier Tracking


  • Their 210 vehicles are prepared to move your boxed products to where it need to go as fast and safely as could be expected.


  • Their airship cargo administration empowers them to offer proficient, fast conveyance to all significant focuses in South Africa.


  • They make your store network more effective with their committed warehousing and circulation administrations.


  • The severe prerequisites of drug transport have been met to convey important medication.


  • You need a safe and dependable courier service by your side if you want to see an increase in online sales for your company.


  • IIT’s messenger mastery presently additionally reaches out to gather and convey RICA consistent conveyances inside its conveyance impression.

Frequently Asked Questions By ITT Tracking South Africa

Where do you deliver?

The entire Western Cape, Garden Route, Langkloof, Eastern Cape, Southern Cape, Karoo, Old Transkei, and Border regions are served by their delivery and collection services. Intertown Transport has 18 branches and 14 specialists.

What do you deliver?

IIT’s 210 vehicles incorporate 4-ton trucks, 8 to 18-ton trucks and trailers and 1-ton LdVs. They transport any size or amount of boxed cargo fit for regular day-to-day existence. They don’t have a cutoff to individual bundle sizes or loads. No amount is too huge by the same token.

How do I open an account?

To open an account, either download and complete the credit application form provided below or call their office. By allowing the recipient of a parcel to pay in cash upon delivery, they make it possible for those who do not wish to open an account to be accommodated.

Is my parcel insured?

ITT Tracking doesn’t give protection to conveyances. For more information on in-transit insurance for your delivery, get in touch with your current insurer. All insurable risk belongs to the owner. All non-insurable gambles are for ITT, so on the off chance that the shortcoming is their own, they take care of you.

How do I track my parcel?

Click on the Track Package button found at the highest point of your page and supplement the waybill number to follow your bundle. You can also get help tracking your package by calling their helpful staff.

How do I pack a bundle?

You are responsible for pressing and fixing your bundle. Ensure you pick suitable padding to occupy every void space. Select a suitable compartment that can accommodate legitimate padding. Correctly seal and label your package.