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Estonia+372 60 77 000[email protected]Itella Estonia OÜ Loomäe tee 13, 75306, Lehmja küla, Rae vald, Harjumaa, Estonia

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Itella Smartpost Logistics Pvt Ltd

Itella Estonia is a worldwide strategies organization which structures a piece of the Finnish-possessed Posti Gathering. They are one of the biggest organizations of their sort in the district and according to the perspective of their clients are progressively working as a solitary organization. They offer business clients street, ocean and air transport benefits, a comprehensive agreement strategies administration, a messenger and expedited shipment administration and a bundle shop administration.

Years of history400
Countries of operations6
Employees22 000
Business clients200 000

Various overviews have shown that Itella is the most favoured strategy brand among Estonians. A 2021 Kantar Emor poll uncovered that Estonians partake in the best help encounters while utilizing Smartpost Itella.

  • Best help insight in Estonia (Kantar Emor, 2021).
  • Logistics brand that is most well-liked in Estonia (DDB Brand Capital, 2021).
  • One of the most significant brands in Estonia (Idea, “Meaningful Brands,” 2018).
  • To turn into a cutting edge conveyance and satisfaction organization with moderate productivity.
  • Capably conveying what makes a difference to you – based on your conditions.


  • They are a straightforward accomplice and business, and they convey transparency. They stay true to their commitments and take proprietorship likewise when the unforeseen occurs.


  • They take responsibility for their people, the planet, and the significance of their work. The things they do together and who they are make them feel proud. They regard their associates, clients and accomplices.


  • To better serve their customers, they continuously enhance both their business and their competencies. They are interested and open to change and need to be a proactive leader.

Itella Tracking Services

Improve your freight transportation ashore with their Street Cargo administration. They offer proficient and dependable answers for overland transportation, guaranteeing ideal and practical conveyance of your merchandise to their objective. Whether it’s local or homegrown, their street cargo administrations give a consistent operations experience, permitting you to fulfill your production network needs with certainty.

Experience our Air Freight services’ quickness and effectiveness for yourself. With an emphasis on quick and secure transportation, our airship cargo arrangements take special care of time-touchy freight. Benefit from our worldwide organization and vital associations, guaranteeing that your shipments arrive at their objective quickly and with the greatest amount of unwavering quality.

With the help of their Sea Freight services, you can safely navigate global waters. Savvy and dependable, their ocean cargo arrangements offer adaptability for moving products across worldwide boundaries. Whether you have huge shipments or require a conservative delivery choice, their ocean cargo administrations give a thorough and productive answer for your freight.

Smooth out your store network with their Warehousing arrangements. Secure and organize your inventory efficiently in their strategically positioned warehouses, adept at handling diverse storage needs. Benefit from productive stock administration and dispersion administrations, guaranteeing your merchandise is promptly accessible when required.

Take advantage of their digitally tailored E-Fulfillment services’ efficiency. Designing e-fulfillment solutions for e-commerce, they seamlessly handle order processing, packing, and shipping needs. Upgrade your internet based retail tasks with their consistent e-satisfaction administrations, guaranteeing consumer loyalty through convenient and precise request satisfaction.

FAQs By Itella Smartpost Tracking

How does global package conveyance function?

Couriers or the closest parcel terminal are used to deliver international packages.

How does global bundle conveyance work?

International packages are conveyed by messengers or shipped off the bundle terminal closest to the client.

At what times does a dispatch pickup?

The get times differ by locale. For the most part, bundles are gotten between 09.00-21.00.

What safety efforts are set up for warehoused stock?

Through comprehensive security measures, surveillance, and restricted access, their warehouses adhere to stringent security protocols to guarantee the safety of their inventory.

How might I smooth out request satisfaction for my web-based business?

Utilize their integrated e-fulfilment services to boost the efficiency of your online retail operations by facilitating a streamlined order processing, packing, and shipping process.

Is there an incorporated framework for dealing with different shipments?

Yes, their global positioning framework gives a unified stage, permitting you to effectively oversee and screen various shipments at the same time for an extensive coordinated operations outline.

Are there tweaked answers for interesting delivery prerequisites?

Their administrations are adaptable and can be custom-made to meet explicit delivery necessities, guaranteeing that your one of a kind strategic requirements are tended to with accuracy.

How might I get authentic information on my shipments?

Global positioning framework holds authentic information, empowering you to access past data about your shipments, and improving your record-keeping and examination abilities.