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In Canada, ICS Courier Tracking makes package monitoring simpler. Effectively follow your shipments utilizing the given number for continuous updates and proficient conveyance to the executives.

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Brampton1-888-427-8729[email protected]201 Westcreek Blvd, Suite 102 Brampton, Ontario L6T0G8 Custo

Official Website: https://www.icscourier.ca/

ICS Cargo Canada

Laid out in 1978, ICS Dispatch has turned into Canada’s driving B2B and B2C supplier. With cutting-edge capacities and different conveyance choices to meet the developing requirements of the present organizations, the advantages of utilizing ICS Messenger rapidly add up. Their a little more than 1,000 devoted representatives who work to guarantee you can transport with inner serenity.

At ICS Dispatch, they physically handle bundles to limit the rate of harmed merchandise, they pack encloses enclosures and move all bundles the hard way.

ICS Logistics first proposed the idea of the fixed route. Each day, their driver arrives at your place of business at the same time, allowing you to better plan your day.

At ICS Messenger, drivers are quite possibly one of the most esteemed resources and they will become one of yours too. Their drivers know your business and the significance of on-time and polite help. You will get to know their drivers and they will come to figure out your unique requirements.

Fast and responsive are two of their most esteemed qualities. They can respond and answer substantially more rapidly than their bigger, less spry contenders. They can offer you, the customer, flexible and scalable distribution solutions because of their quick and efficient communication.

ICS Logistics Services

At the point when it needs to show up the exceptionally next work day, trust their Following Day administration to get it there on time.

  • Delivered with a guarantee by the end of the next business day.
  • Delivery that can be followed without any restrictions at all.
  • Exceptionally aggressive rates.
  • High-value shipments can take advantage of additional insurance.

A less expensive alternative to Next Day service that provides the same level of dependability and security.

  • Full following ability.
  • Cutthroat rates.
  • Within three to five business days, delivery
  • Identifiable conveyance with positively no limitations.
  • Extra protection is accessible for high-worth shipments.

There are options available to enhance the online shopping experience of your customers.

  • Canada-wide at-home delivery is available.
  • With their option that doesn’t require a signature, you can ensure that your customer gets their delivery immediately.
  • Give advantageous conveyance choices to your client employing their organization of SMARTSpot areas the nation over.
  • ICS Alert Me sends conveyance updates to the client through message or email.

Their most affordable, one-day, plus delivery, non-tracking product.

  • Far-reaching conveyance for business-to-business conveyances.
  • 1 to multi-day conveyance administration to most significant downtown areas.
  • Customized administration is given by educated drivers.
  • Conveying to the world from Canada.
  • Administration to the north of 220 nations.
  • Delivery to businesses and homes.
  • Extra protection is accessible.
  • Full following abilities.

ICS Courier Prohibited Items

  • Any form of human remains.
  • Dead or alive insects, birds, and other reptiles.
  • Live plants or cut blossoms.
  • Veggies or fruits.
  • Fish, fish, meat and poultry (new or frozen).
  • Cash, coins, bonds, stocks or other debatable protections.
  • Besides costume jewellery, jewellery, gold, or any other precious metals.
  • Weapons (and parts thereof) and ammo.
  • Weed (barring marijuana gear).
  • Biohazardous Irresistible Material.
  • Cancer-causing agent.
  • Perilously Responsive Material.
  • Dangerous Waste.
  • Irresistible Material.
  • Analytic substances.
  • Radioactive substances; or Dangerous Goods Prohibited.
  • Anything precluded by regulation in the beginning purview, the objective locale, or whatever other ward the shipment might need to ship through.

FAQs By ICS Courier Tracking Canada

What urban communities does ICS Dispatch convey to?

ICS Dispatch conveys to all Canadian postal codes.

Do you support private locations?

Yes, they get and convey to private locations.

Can a P.O. Box be shipped?

Their drivers don’t approach PO boxes. For them to deliver, a real address is required.

Can I ship beyond Canada?

Shipping to other countries is possible.

Might I at any point transport to a Country Course?

An actual location is expected as far as they’re concerned to convey.

What befalls my shipment assuming the driver can’t convey it?

Any shipments they can’t follow through on the principal endeavour will be held for 5 work days.

Might I at any point accept my receipt electronically?

Indeed, you can accept your receipt electronically in PDF design. Simply send your request via email to their billing department, and they will respond within 24-48 hours.

Is there an initial membership fee for ICS Canada?

ICS Cargo does not charge a setup fee for new customers.

Is there a daily minimum pick-up fee?

Yes. As per the Canada Post Companies Act, every day-to-day pickup by ICS Messenger is dependent upon a base charge of 3x what Canada Post charges for a 50-gram envelope.