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ICC Worldwide Shipping Tracking emerges as a dynamic and dependable player in the heart of India’s bustling logistics landscape. It revolutionizes the transportation industry with cutting-edge solutions and a commitment to seamless cargo management.

ICC Worldwide Customer Care Number

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Mumbai(+91) 9664422188 / (+91) 9664422157[email protected]Lotus House, which is off Andheri Kurla Road,India’s Sakinaka is in Andheri (East) Mumbai, 400072.

Official Website: https://iccworld.com/index.php

ICC Worldwide India Pvt Ltd

In the present worldwide business world, acquisition and coordinated operations the executives remain closely connected. The supervisory crew at ICC Worldwide carries a client-driven way to deal with your obtainment and coordinated operations needs whether it is B2C internet business, express messenger administrations, or complex global freight, strategies, and satisfaction arrangements. Their center skill is in overseeing high volume line shipments from everywhere in the world to any place in India.

As one of the principal worldwide dispatches serving India since the 1970s, ICC has procured priceless involvement in tending to the global necessities of the Indian market. For north than 24 Years, they have been giving global messenger and operations administrations to organizations and people all over the planet. 

Notwithstanding branches all over India, they have a strong worldwide organization and serve markets in the USA, Europe, the Far East, and Center East. Today, they expand on their experience and development to give answers to significant clients and prepare for cross-line web-based business in India.

Mission and Vision of ICC Worldwide Shipping


  • ICC Worldwide Shipping Tracking Company’s main goal is to give a client-driven arrangement that guarantees straightforwardness, unwavering quality, and comfort for people and organizations around the world.
  • They endeavor to lay out a hearty worldwide organization that interfaces individuals and bundles flawlessly, guaranteeing effective and ideal conveyances across borders.
  • They are focused on defending delicate shipment information through cutting-edge safety efforts to ensure the secrecy and protection of their client’s data.
  • ICC Worldwide is committed to diminishing its natural impression by embracing manageable practices in its tasks and empowering eco-accommodating delivery choices.
  • They expect to consistently improve their following innovation and administrations, enabling their clients with the furthest down-the-line developments to meet their advancing necessities.


  • Their vision is to be perceived as a worldwide expert in shipment following, setting industry norms for exactness, dependability, and development.
  • They try to work with an existence where cross-line trade is consistent, open, and effective, interfacing with organizations and buyers across the globe.
  • They imagine saddling the force of information examination to give significant experiences and insight to their clients, assisting them with upgrading their production network and coordinating operations techniques.
  • ICC Worldwide imagines driving the way in advancing ecologically dependable delivery choices, adding to a maintainable and greener future.
  • They are focused on having a constructive outcome on the worldwide local area, through their administrations as well as through generous drives, social obligation, and backing for compassionate causes.

Services of ICC Worldwide Courier


ICC Worldwide Shipping Tracking company’s warehousing arrangements can assist you with setting aside time and cash. Whether you sell items on your own site, Amazon. in, Amazon.com, Flipkart.com, eBay.com, or your own site, they can stockroom your items and boat them straightforwardly to any client as and when you get a request.

Alongside warehousing, they can:

  • Perform Quality Checks.
  • Re-bundle your items.
  • Brand your shipments with your bundling and showcasing materials.


ICC Overall can deal with your express messenger and cargo necessities. They offer types of assistance for shipment and freedom via ocean and air freight to the USA and India.

Messenger Administrations

ICC Worldwide Shipping Tracking has been a trailblazer in USA-UK-India messenger administrations for the beyond 40 years. As one of the principal organizations to begin 2-multi day express dispatch conveyance to India, they convey a demonstrated history and experience to oversee your time basic tasks.

Their superior assistance is New York/New Jersey to Mumbai 2-day administration and anyplace in India multi-day administration. With free pick-ups from New York City and portions of New Jersey.

Express Dispatch shipments are restricted to 70kg per bundle and max. worth of $1200 per bundle. For single bundles surpassing this limit, if it’s not too much trouble, allude to “Cargo Administrations”.

They handle all freedom of dutiable merchandise, as well as archives and bigger freight loads. Time-bound archives start at just $9.00, including web-based following.

Banned Items in ICC Worldwide Tracking

  • Medications and Opiates (Unlawful).
  • Guns, parts thereof, and ammo.
  • Valuable and Semi-Valuable Things.
  • Radioactive Material.
  • Porn.
  • Bullion (Gold and other valuable metals).
  • ALL Fluids and Semi-fluids, containing compound specialists, similar to shines, cleaners, paints, nail cleaning, nail clean remover, and so on.
  • Money.
  • Any fluid, semi-fluid contained in a sprayer.

Furthermore, Things Explicitly prohibited from import into India:

  • Indian Postal Articles.
  • Single thing weighing north of 70 kg. isn’t allowed as a messenger.
  • Philately Things.
  • Renovated/Utilized hardware like Mobiles, Servers, and PCs.
  • Drones.
  • Quadcopters.
  • Satellite Telephones.

Frequently Asked Questions By ICC Worldwide Shipping Tracking

How can I monitor the progress of my international shipment?

To track your international shipment, you can use the tracking number provided when your item was shipped.

What information do I need to check the status of my package?

You’ll require the unique reference or tracking number associated with your shipment.

Can I find out when my parcel will arrive without mentioning the specific tracking service?

Yes, by entering the shipment’s reference code, you can get an estimated delivery date.

How do I know if my overseas delivery is on its way to me?

By using the assigned reference number, you can follow the journey of your package.

Is it possible to receive real-time updates on the location of my international delivery?

Yes, you can receive live status updates by entering your shipment’s reference number on the tracking platform.