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GLS Shipping Logistics

Established in 1968 as a dispatch administration with a solitary vehicle and driver, Dicom presently serves clients across many ventures, methods of transportation, and throughout North America, satisfying more than 80,000 shipments every day.

Dicom addresses the issues of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-shopper (B2C) clients through bundle, cargo and strategies administrations, customized to all of those clients’ remarkable necessities and prerequisites.

Regional Parcel

GLS Provincial Bundle Administration is the foundation of the entirety of their administration. They offer the quickest and most geologically broad provincial organization giving their clients the quickest travel speeds, later pickup times, and early morning conveyances.

  • 95% of intra-provincial deliveries were finished in less than 24 hours.
  • When compared to national carriers, integration of parcel and LTL – one driver for both – provides operational flexibility and quicker ground transit times.
  • One of the most complete provincial bundle networks in Canada.
  • 28 terminals that serve all of Ontario and Québec at once.
  • Transport of 75,000+ packages every day.

The GLS Dicom Canada LTL network is based on speed, dependability, accuracy and administration quality, and that saturates each part of their association. Their administration is incorporated with their provincial bundle administrations, giving their clients extraordinary transportation arrangements that make delivering more effective and less exorbitant.

  • Their organization gives quicker travel times to additional focuses than some other Canadian transporters.
  • LTL and Bundle administration can be coordinated to make a proficient, practical arrangement not accessible from other resource suppliers; Customers can assign a single driver to all shipments of freight and packages.
  • More than 25 terminals in Québec and Ontario zeroed in on 24 hour conveyances.
  • Through integrated, seamless carrier partnerships in all provinces, there is complete coverage across Canada.
  • U.S. LTL administrations are accessible inside select areas.

Dicom Canada Full Truckload

GLS moves full load shipments inside Canada and cross-line. Their resource based arrangements, increased by admittance to a huge base of obtained limit, streamline the load of the board. This permits them to zero in on their clients’ most difficult paths and limit prerequisites.

Their administrations are upheld by innovation that associates drivers and clients, guaranteeing steady permeability of shipments on the way as well as on-time pickup and conveyance announcing.

GLS Dicom Tracking resource based Full Load armada incorporates more than 100 drivers giving cross-line and intra-Canada full load administrations.

GLS has utilized vital associations with various TL suppliers all through North America for both spot-premise and repeating business, with an emphasis on transporters with up to 25 trucks and perfect well-being records. According to access to available capacity, GLS is one of the Top 100 brokers in North America.

Whether your business requires a total re-appropriated arrangement or a solitary full load path, GLS Limit Improvement and The executive’s administrations can obtain of full load limit that guarantees that paths are covered to 100 percent of the committed limit. Their dispatchers oversee drivers consistently, guaranteeing on-time pickup, conveyance, and every minute of everyday permeability and following.

FAQs By GLS Dicom Canada Tracking

How might I change my organization address?

To change the location of your organization you should involve the devices in your profile area, on their site or contact their client support.

How long do I have to open another record?

Opening a record can require as long as 24 hours since the client support should affirm and confirm the qualification of your application. Be that as it may, you can utilize your record to demand pickups in any event, when it is in the check cycle.

Can I get a rate without having an account?

You can contact their client care to get a rate statement for your things without having any record.

Do you offer ground and air administrations?

They offer air and ground conveyance administrations for shipments in the Canadian West. Conveyance via air is around 24 hours while conveyance by truck is around 3 days.

Where might I at any point see my bills?

You can see your bills from their site or ask for your week after week receipt by email.

How might I be essential to the group?

Send an application to determine the ideal position on the off chance that too unclear if it’s not too much trouble, indicate the city/branch.

Can I use Dicom Freight to ship chilled food?

Dicom Transportation Gathering conveys no short-lived food. Notwithstanding, shipping durable food is conceivable. What’s more, their trucks are warmed in the colder time of year to forestall freezing.