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The Early Years of Innovation: 1980s

Established in 1982 by Harry Whitehouse, Amine Khechfé, and Scott Montgomery, PSI Partners (PSI) started as an innovation counseling organization. Situated in Palo Alto, California, the group at first gave energy examinations to various organizations. One of its initial clients was the U.S. Postal Service. PSI’s most memorable undertaking with USPS® was to give an examination of the energy consumption of a Post OfficeTM in Carmel, California. This was the start of what might turn into a long organization filled with the soul of development.

In Endicia Shipping Tracking, From making an expense assessment application to fostering a maintenance cost assessor, PSI helped USPS mechanize and speed up numerous manual errands that were dialing back everyday cycles. In 1989, PSI delivered its most memorable programming item, Envelope Director, which immediately turned into the USPS corporate norm for address purging since it successfully diminished the expenses related to undeliverable mail.

Prototyping Electronic Postage: 1990s

Following the outcome of these early undertakings, PSI was tapped by the Postal Help to foster an answer that would print the POSTNET (Postal Numeric Encoding Procedure) scanner tag—used to sort and handle mail—straightforwardly onto an envelope. 

Similarly, as with each task, PSI zeroed in on further developing the client experience and met with the item clients to comprehend and distinguish the most ideal way to address the test. During this interaction, they understood they could accomplish something other than tackle the USPS POSTNET issue. 

Endicia Shipping Tracking, On the off chance that they could make an answer that printed the POSTNET standardized identification in addition to the beneficiary and return addresses, and furthermore printed the genuine postage, they could save USPS much additional time and cash.

Services of Encidia Shipping Tracking

WAREHOUSES in Endicia Tracking


Keep your stockroom murmuring along, and stay away from human blunder, by mechanizing dreary and everyday assignments with simple to set up transportation rules.

  • Select the best rates in view of custom transportation rules and client inclinations.
  • Interface with numerous workstations and distribution centers for better control and permeability.
  • Auto-generate USPS consistent marks and documentation for homegrown and worldwide shipments.
  • Programmed address purifying.
  • Programmed post-back of the following data with ODBC trade records.

Consistent Incorporation

They make it simple to incorporate USPS administration into any stockroom activity, saving you both time and cash.

  • The distribution center, transportation, or ERP, the executives support.
  • XML import/send out and ODBC Network.
  • Multi-transporter delivery and stockroom mixing
  • Web-administration Programming interface.

Frequently Asked Questions By Endicia Shipping Tracking

What is Endicia Courier?

Endicia Tracking is a service that allows you to monitor the shipping and delivery status of your packages. It provides real-time updates on the whereabouts of your shipments, helping you stay informed about their progress.

How do I use Endicia?

To use Endicia Shipping, you’ll typically receive a track number from the shipper or online retailer. Enter this tracking number on the Endicia website or the app’s tracking page. You’ll then be able to see the current location and estimated delivery date of your package.

What information can I get from Endicia?

Endicia tracking provides details like the package’s current location, transit history, expected delivery date, and any attempted delivery notices. It gives you a clear picture of where your package is in the shipping process.

Is Endicia Courier available for all shipments?

Endicia tracking is typically used for shipments that are processed through the United States Postal Service (USPS) and use Endicia’s services. If the sender has chosen this service and provided you with a tracking number, you can use Endicia Tracking to monitor your package.

Is there a cost for using Endicia tracking?

The expense of utilizing Endicia is typically remembered for the transportation charges paid by the shipper. As a beneficiary, you can follow your bundle with the expectation of complimentary use of the following number on the Endicia site or application.