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Telephone+30 800-11-82000 /+30 212-0000-800
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Location1 Apellou str, 101 88, Athens, Greece

Official Website: https://www.elta.gr/

Hellenic Post Greece

The Hellenic Post Office (ELTA) is a Gathering of Organizations, that gives present day excellent postal administrations at reasonable costs to everybody, throughout the country. They were established in the year 1828, by the primary Legislative leader of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, with the no. 6550 Goal IZ’.. The ELTA Gathering is comprised of the organization ELTA S.A. furthermore, its auxiliary organization TAHYMETAFORES ELTA S.A. 

From December 2020, EESYP S.A. possesses 100 percent of the offer capital of ELTA SA. Hellenic Post offers postal types of assistance, monetary administrations, retail network items and messenger administrations. As per Regulation 4053/2012 “On Postal Administrations, Electronic Correspondences and Different Arrangements” ELTA is the All inclusive Specialist co-op and embraces the commitment to offer general support until December 31, 2028. 

The commitment to universal services shapes ELTA’s identity and role in the postal market. ELTA’s responsibility is to provide quality services at affordable prices to all citizens. This commitment, coupled with Greece’s geography, fuels the operation of over 800 service centres.

Hellenic Mailing Stations prioritizes clients, striving to meet evolving needs and foster innovation in services. Dedicated to continuous improvement, the company aims to enhance long-term trust with its vast customer base.

Hellenic Post Services

Comprehensive Postal Services

ELTA gives a great many current and top notch postal administrations all through the country. Laid out in 1828, the association has been a trailblazer in offering reasonable postal answers for residents across Greece. With more than 800 assistance communities, ELTA’s obligation to widespread administrations shapes its character and job in the public postal market. 

Financial Solutions and Services

In past postal administrations, ELTA fills in as a monetary centre, offering various monetary administrations to general society. This incorporates monetary exchanges, banking administrations, and other related arrangements, adding to the different contributions given by the ELTA Gathering. 

Retail Network Products

ELTA’s broad retail network brags a wide cluster of items, meeting the different necessities of clients. The association’s obligation to versatility and development permits them to advance close to the changing necessities of clients, encouraging a powerful retail climate. 

Courier Services

ELTA succeeds in giving solid and proficient messenger administrations, guaranteeing the quick and secure conveyance of packages. With an emphasis on client-driven tasks, ELTA intends to meet the steadily changing requirements of clients, continually developing and upgrading the nature of administrations advertised. 

Universal Service Provider Obligations

As the All-inclusive Specialist co-op until December 31, 2028, ELTA embraces the obligation of offering general administrations of adequate quality at reasonable costs to all residents. This responsibility, as commanded by Guideline 4053/2012, highlights ELTA’s commitment to its job in the postal market and its continuous endeavours to reinforce long haul connections of trust with its immense client base.

FAQs By ELTA Hellenic Post Tracking

What administrations does ELTA give to people in general? 

ELTA provides diverse services, from modern and affordable postal solutions to financial services and retail products. Established in 1828, ELTA’s commitment to meeting citizens’ varied needs defines its culture in Greece. As a leading provider, ELTA shapes its identity through a dedication to essential services nationwide.

Who claims ELTA, and what is its authoritative construction? 

As of December 2020, EESYP S.A. possesses 100% of the offer capital of ELTA SA. The ELTA Gathering contains the organization ELTA S.A. what’s more, its auxiliary organization TAHYMETAFORES ELTA S.A., guaranteeing a smoothed out and coordinated design to convey different administrations to general society. 

What is ELTA’s job as the General Specialist co-op? 

ELTA, the Universal Service Provider until December 31, 2028, is mandated to provide quality, affordable services. This commitment reflects ELTA’s dedication to its role in the postal market and community service.

How does ELTA focus on consumer loyalty and advancement? 

ELTA places clients at the focal point of consideration, endeavouring to answer actually to their advancing requirements. The association effectively advances development, continually growing new items and further developing administrations to fortify the drawn-out connections of trust developed with a huge number of clients who draw in with ELTA consistently. 

How does ELTA add to the geological scene of Greece? 

Given the geological morphology of the Greek locale, ELTA keeps up with the biggest retail network in Greece, containing north of 800 help habitats. This far and wide presence permits ELTA to maintain its obligation to all inclusive administrations, furnishing residents with helpful admittance to a different scope of items and administrations.