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Bogotá316 351 5207[email protected]Avenida El Dorado N° 116-87, Bogotá, Colombia

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Deprisa is dedicated to effectively meeting the world’s current logistics requirements. They work to send and accept your records, bundles and products with the best conveyance times available.

They synchronize their activity with the speed of the business world. With their DEPRISA portfolio, you have the exact answer for your necessities. They have the biggest air armada in the country, the biggest number of courses worked more than 1,200 objections, and a lithe armada of cruisers and trucks that arrive at more than 600 objections all through Colombia. All in all, shipments are in record time.

Through their advanced Activities Center in Bogotá they associate over 90% of the nation’s shipments and Strategies Focuses in the principal urban areas, where you find state of the art innovation and devices that permit them to have more proficient administration of cycles, for example, cell phones, transport lines, electric stevedores, electric farm trucks, dynamic scales and X-beam gear that work with the opportune conveyance of shipments and freight.

Deprisa Colombia carries Colombians closer with their more than 180 retail locations from one side of the country to the other, which are decisively found. For worldwide shipments, they bring out circulation through their union with UPS, a main worldwide operations organization, with the inclusion of more than 220 objections all over the planet.

Be important for Deprisa, leave your public and global shipments in their grasp.

  • They convey operations arrangements guaranteeing the true serenity of their clients and offering exceptional support insight.
  • To be the favoured planned operations administration organization in Latin America, for its advancement and outstanding assistance.
  • Energy for what you do.
  • Obligation to effectiveness.
  • Creativity.
  • Trust.
  • Client their justification for being.

History of Deprisa Colombia

The Ministry of Communications authorized Avianca to transport specialized couriers in September 1996. This is the way Deprisa was conceived.

In 2006 they got the ISO 9001:2000 affirmation in Transportation of Public and Worldwide Shipments. In 2011 they laid out a collusion with Joined Bundle Administration Inc. (UPS), perceived as the main express messenger and bundle organization in store network administrations.

In 2012, it initiated the Activities Center point in Bogotá, which associates almost 90% of the shipments moved to Colombia. Additionally, they updated the infrastructure at the Colombian stations of Bogotá, Santa Marta, Pasto, and Manizales.

In 2013, with speculation of 6 million bucks in innovation, they carried out the Alertran framework, which has permitted them to advance cycles. Furthermore, they get mechanical apparatuses, for example, cell phones, transport lines and X-beam hardware, among others.

In 2014 they combined the worldwide messenger organization, with the fortifying of Avianca Express. With Deprisa Contradelivery at home, they added more payment options and expanded the product range with Deprisa Mercancas.

In 2015, they brought Avianca Express products and services to Central America. Additionally, the company is steadily establishing itself as a market leader in the parcel industry as the Deprisa Mercancas product consolidates.

In 2019, they carried out a valuing device to cite offers and measure client edges and fortified the relationship and administration with online business clients.

In 2021, they celebrate 25 years perceiving the benefit of working whole hours and conveying everything right away because each subsequent that passes is an amazing chance to tell the world that they are time specialists since they realize that together they figure out how to move the shipments and dreams of who trust them. 

FAQs By Deprisa Colombia Tracking

Where does Deprisa go?

In Colombia, they arrive at more than 600 objections, every one of the Branches of Colombia and their capital urban areas, districts and municipalities. They reach more than 220 nations worldwide.

What sort of shipments could I at any point make?

Deprisa has two kinds of shipments: Archives, Product and Public Freight.

What kind of shipments does it deal with in Colombia?

All shipments that are not limited by regulation can be taken care of, with safe vehicles and dealing with qualities. Their National Cargo service allows them to move all kinds of special and dangerous goods.

What sort of shipments does Deprisa deal with abroad?

It relies upon the prerequisites of the objective country since there is customs mediation in postal shipments, which are administered by regulation. Their conveyance times are somewhere in the range of 1 and 6 days depending upon the objective.

What are the advantages of using Deprisa’s services?

Conveyances somewhere in the range of 6 and 72 business hours inside Colombia. The most rapid courier shipping option is provided by Deprisa Aeropuerto, a Premium service. Inclusion of over 320 public and a greater number than 220 worldwide objections.