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Daewoo Cargo Lahore

CITYTelephoneEmail AddressLocation
Lahore042-111-007-009 / 0304-111-7-009[email protected]231-A Ferozepur Road Lahore 54000 Pakistan231-A Ferozepur Road Lahore 54000 Pakistan

Official Website: https://fastex.pk/

Daewoo Courier Tracking Pakistan

Daewoo Freight was laid out close by the Daewoo Express transport business in 1998. At that point, it was extraordinary in utilizing its vehicle transports to move coordinated freight. Daewoo Freight, synonymous with rapid shipping, is now widely used as a generic term.

Notwithstanding the transports, an armada of Liner Trucks has likewise been added to the Freight armada to productively ship the additional business created in the beyond couple of years. Aside from the expansion of Liner Trucks, freight supervisory groups have been amplified at 6 of their significant terminals (Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan, Peshawar and Faisalabad) to take care of the great measure of the everyday inflow/outpouring of freight.

The assistance given by Daewoo FastEX is something which just a laid out transport organization can convey. Daewoo Freight’s consistent service over the years has mapped out strengths, ensuring safety, reliability, and prompt delivery.

Daewoo FastEX has as of late presented conveyance at the doorstep in significant urban areas, Daewoo Good Tidings, and Daewoo COD. FastEX partners with DHL Pakistan, facilitating global freight services through dedicated DHL counters and pickup points.

FastEx Smart Cargo

Daewoo Fastex is dependent on giving the most solid Terminal to Terminal Freight administration in Pakistan. They have made their services easily available to customers all over Pakistan by opening over 200 delivery centres. A fleet of 500+ vehicles gives them a champion cross country inclusion and empowers their clients to appreciate quick, got and savvy freight administrations. 

Their got and earth controlled network permits you to deliver transient and important things to your friends and family. They likewise oblige weighty shipments at the most reduced rates around.

Material Unsatisfactory For Transfer

Daewoo Fastex rejects shipments of currency, jewellery, firearms, hazardous materials, and other restricted items.


Daewoo Fastex arranges insurance upon request; excluded unless purchased during booking. Coverage details are governed by contract.

Daewoo Courier Services

If you can’t come, Fastex will come to your doorstep. Fastex HD stands out by delivering to its clients quickly and securely. Not at all like customary messenger specialist co-ops, Daewoo shields the privileges of its clients by conveying their shipments with absolute attention to detail and obligation. In addition to providing an online tracking facility, Daewoo FastEX actively notifies its customers about their shipment status during each delivery phase.

Material Inadmissible For Transfer

Daewoo does not accept shipments of restricted items, including cash, valuables, firearms, and hazardous materials. Restrictions comply with international aviation regulations.


Daewoo Fastex may arrange protection upon request, excluding it unless purchased during booking. Coverage specifics vary.

FAQs By Daewoo Fastex Pakistan Tracking

How Might I Reach out For Any questions or Client assistance?

You can email them at [email protected] or call them at 042-111-007-009.

How do I keep track of a shipment?

Embed your transfer number in the transfer tracker on top of the landing page to audit the total status of your transfer.

What Are The Administrations Given By FastEX?

To see their scope of administration, click the Administrations tab on top of the FastEX landing page.

The amount Does FastEX Charge As Protection For High Esteem Products?

Their insurance fee is the same, 2% of the good’s market value.

How Might I Guarantee For A Lost/Harmed Shipment?

Customers must submit and record all claims for international/domestic shipments in writing to FastEX within thirty (30) days from the date of FastEX accepting the shipment. Failing to do so releases FastEX from any obligation.

What Are Your Hours For Freight Assortment Workplaces?

Their self-booking/assortment office is accessible to clients all day, every day and home conveyance administration will be from Monday to Saturday.