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In Canada, CSA Transportation Courier Tracking makes package monitoring simpler. Effectively follow your shipments utilizing the given number for continuous updates and proficient conveyance to the executives.

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Official Website: https://www.csatransportation.com/

CSA Transport Canada

As a forerunner in truck transportation all through Canada and the US, they endeavour to convey the most ideal mix of administration and cost in the business. As provincial specialists with a public organization, they have the information and assets to give practical, creative delivery arrangements each time you call upon them.

  • Extensive knowledge of the trucking market between the US and Canada.
  • A solid history of steady, profitable growth
  • More than 300 professionals with knowledge of the region.
  • A culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • 14 regional distribution centres with full services.
  • Catering to businesses of all sizes.

To be one of North America’s leading transportation organizations. By doing so, the dedicated professionals at CSA Parcel will be able to share in the prosperity and success that their team’s dedication to providing exceptional service has brought about.

Individualized Assistance

They assemble connections by carving out opportunities to comprehend their client’s delivery needs. A pleasant experience is guaranteed by their no-voicemail policy, custom-tailored solutions, and friendly attitude. They endeavour to ingrain certainty each time their clients call upon them.


In all of their interactions with customers and employees, they are committed to being highly professional and ethical. As a transportation partner, they are the gold standard.

Spirit of Entrepreneurship

To be creative with their systems and solutions, they take the initiative. Their way of life empowers a moderate and imaginative climate, which conveys worth to their clients and the organization.


They acknowledge responsibility for obligations and invest heavily in working to their maximum capacity. They value cooperation, a positive attitude, and their shared objectives.

CSA Canada Tracking Services


At the point when you book full load shipments with them you benefit from the very broad organization of transportation organizations that have been laid out to assist with making CSA a main Canada/USA not exactly load (LTL) organization.

Each month, CSA moves more than 50 truckloads of consolidated LTL freight between their 14 LTL distribution centres in Canada and the United States. As a huge load gear purchaser, they have the volume estimating set up to get extraordinary rates for load transporting while at the same time guaranteeing you get an effortless encounter supported by CSA’s eminent client care and backing.

Shipping with a Flat Deck

Their in-house experts will make sure to ask the right questions to make sure they know exactly what is needed to move your load safely, legally, on time, and at a great rate because they know that every flatbed shipment is unique.

Simple Options for Shipping Between Countries

The process of moving freight between the United States and Canada is extensive. FedEx and UPS rule the transportation business, however there are different choices for independent companies that transport beds. When you work with the right trucking company, it is simple to understand LTL shipping from Canada to the United States.

This Courier Transportation is proud to assist businesses of all sizes in shipping standard pallet sizes from Canada to the United States. When you work with them, their customs coordinators will directly collaborate with your customs broker to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination promptly and safely.

They offer the least expensive method for delivery from Canada to the U.S. through their insightful circulation habitats close to the most significant boundary intersections. To ensure a stress-free transportation experience, their shipping professionals have refined the cross-border shipping procedure.

FAQs By CSA Transportation Tracking

Do you provide this service? My freight is best moved with a flatbed trailer.

Yes, they can arrange for the flat-deck truck transportation of your goods anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Hawaii and Alaska are included in your LTL shipping in the United States and Canada.

Yes! A qualified CSA network partner would transport freight to and from these states. A CSA logistics coordinator oversees shipment movements through their partner network. From a customer’s perspective, their service is seamless.
Accepted forms of payment include:
Upon approval of your shipping account credit request, payment terms are available. Mastercard and Visa are also accepted.

Do you give protection inclusion to my shipments?

Based on the weight of the missing or damaged product, CSA’s standard liability insurance coverage is limited to $2.00 per pound; included in the cost of your base freight. This might not be enough to cover the cost of your goods in some cases. You should check with your own insurance company because many business policies will cover goods in transit.

Does CSA offer customs brokerage services for international shipping?

CSA has customs facilitators on staff who can help you through the entire process because they are experts in shipments of freight across international borders. However, they do not offer customs brokerage services. Instead, their employees collaborate closely with customs brokers to make it easier to move freight across borders.