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Carotrans International

CaroTrans International is a reputable non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) around the world that is committed to providing prompt direct import and export ocean transportation services. 

Their point is to give fundamental, high-worth administrations that advance the present worldwide stock chains. In order to increase customer satisfaction, they continuously strive to improve the services they offer.

Services worldwide

CaroTrans’ administration portfolio incorporates Services for ocean transportation including LCL (less than container load), FCL (full container load), breakbulk, and OOG (out of gauge). 

Carotrans Group

Their decentralized structure, comprised of 350 local experts positioned to provide dedicated support and solutions worldwide, sets them apart. Their group draws in clients with enthusiasm and experience to convey consistent, worldwide transportation administrations. 

Any place they are on the planet, they convey this responsibility, alongside their solid worldwide organization of vital accomplices. To provide exceptional LCL and FCL ocean transportation, cargo consolidation, and other services, CaroTrans collaborates with reputable, well-established independent agents with regional offices. 

Established brands and industry leaders make up their dedicated agent partners, and they have the knowledge and experience necessary to keep global shipments moving reliably and as planned.

History of Carotrans Courier Logistics Tracking

Well before CaroTrans, there was Carolina Cargo. In the United States, it was a massive, primarily domestic trucking company founded in 1932. By the mid 80’s Mainfreight had laid out a relationship with them, working as their representative in New Zealand.

In 1989, Mainfreight had the option to go to the US to visit Carolina Cargo and immediately understood the numerous similitudes between the organizations. Mainfreight even accessed their frameworks and was so intrigued they returned home and started utilizing comparative innovation to assist them with propelling how they move, track, and follow cargo.
Unbeknownst to many, Carolina Cargo had two global gatherings, one of which was their worldwide cargo-sending business, CaroTrans.

It was made in 1979 by Jim Justiss of the Carolina Cargo bunch. By the mid-90 Carolina Cargo was attempting to get by and it was during this time they chose to consolidate the worldwide divisions with the end goal to safeguard that piece of the business.

Eventually, by 1996, Carolina Cargo was bought by Arkansas Best Enterprise who acquired CaroTrans in the arrangement. They were not hoping to assume control over a global division and concluded they would sell this piece of the business.

Mainfreight previously had an office understanding set up with CaroTrans from their Carolina Cargo relationship. What’s more, with CaroTrans available to be purchased, they realized they didn’t maintain that it should be offered to a contender. It was then, in the Spring of 2000, Mainfreight chose to buy a half stake in the organization. By mid-2003 they bought the rest of it making CaroTrans a full piece of the Mainfreight bunch.

Overall Workplaces of Carotrans Container Tracking

Their extensive local network of 13 branch offices and 24 CFS (container freight stations) in North America is strategically positioned to provide secure, dependable cargo moves. 

This foundation gives diminished inland transportation expenses and cargo dealing, sped up travel times, and prompt accessibility of neighborhood, proficient CaroTrans staff. 


Notwithstanding their CaroTrans North American workplaces, they have workplaces in Australia, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Their worldwide base camp is in Clark, New Jersey.

Culture of Carotrans Tracking

Whether it’s delivering a statement or making innovation to improve their client’s business, hitting the nail on the head matters profoundly to them all at CaroTrans. They challenge customary business practices and get things done in the ways they accept work best. 

This is the substance of their way of life. Their clients have expressed their satisfaction with their methods. that they “get” what they care about and go to great lengths to make it happen. They are centered on doing this with intelligence and dedication. 

Quality, initiative, solid relationships, and taking responsibility These qualities, in addition to their tangible capabilities, drive their expansion and delight their customers.


Culture of Possession: Draw in and hold people who ‘get’ their motivation and share them with developing their remarkable culture and values. They utilize a decentralized dynamic model, keeping their groups elegant to go with the best choices for their clients.


Own It and Live It: Exceed expectations on quality and drive. Every day, measure and continuously enhance their performance’s quality. Due to their “Three-Ring Rule,” there are no voicemails or receptionists at CaroTrans Tracking. This implies that when you call, there will constantly be a CaroTrans colleague prepared on the other line to help you.


An Inviolable Legacy: All choices are made on the premise that they will be here an additional 100 years. Think one decade from now, not the following quarter. Establish a business that future generations will admire.

Services of Carotrans USA

LCL Import and Product

Carotrans worldwide organization of north of 26 workplaces overall and persistent developing wingspan builds their capacity to give start-to-finish LCL combination arrangements by both help and area while lessening transshipment cost and time.

  • NO SHIPMENT IS Excessively Little OR Excessively Huge.
  • Worldwide Organization OF North of 200 Administrations.
  • House to house Arrangements.
  • Ceaseless Objective TO Keep away from IPI.
  • Shipping RATES Accessible FOR Neighborhood PICKUP AND Conveyance.

Import and Export FCL

Their worldwide organization of more than 26 workplaces overall and consistent developing wingspan expands their capacity to give start-to-finish solidification arrangements by both assistance and area.

Frequently Asked Question By Carotrans Tracking

What is CaroTrans, and what administrations do they offer?

CaroTrans is a worldwide cargo-sending organization giving sea and airship cargo administrations.

How do I keep track of my shipment?

Visit CaroTrans’ site and enter your following number for constant updates.

My tracking number is ineffective. How would it be advisable for me to respond?

You can either contact CaroTrans customer support for assistance or wait a few hours for updates.

Could I at any point follow different shipments?

Indeed, you can follow various shipments by entering their following numbers isolated by commas.

How long is the typical transit time?

Travel time fluctuates in view of elements like beginning, objective, and transportation mode.

How would I contact CaroTrans Tracking client service?

For assistance, use the contact information on their website.