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Bollore Transport Puteaux

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Puteaux+33 (0)1 46 96 44 33[email protected]Tour Bolloré, 31-32 quai de Dion Bouton 92800 Puteaux

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Bolloré Tracking

In international transportation and logistics, this Logistics is a global leader. The company’s goal is to help its customers grow by providing individualized service that makes them more competitive in their markets. This Logistics is dedicated to providing solutions that are dependable, adaptable, creative, and generate value. A commitment to its clients is connected to each of its strategic drivers.

  • NETWORK: Assisting customers in expanding internationally.
  • INNOVATION: Delivering innovative yet practical solutions.
  • Service Deal: Supplying their clients with a comprehensive array of expertise with high added value.
  • EXPERIENCES OF CUSTOMERS: Enhancing the customer experience.
  • QHSE and CSR: Assisting their clients in achieving sustainable growth.

The constant pursuit of improvement and optimization that is integral to the culture and values of this Logistics is ongoing.

Countries, including 83 partners146
Storage warehouses (open storage excluded)900,000 sqm
Tons of air freight390,000
TEUs of ocean freight710,000

Ballore Courier Services

A comprehensive set of services from this courier is essential for facilitating global trade and ensuring effective supply chain management. Transport, Trade Compliance, and Global Supply Chain are three broad categories for these services, all of which aid in the smooth movement of goods and ensure compliance with international trade regulations.

The transport services provided by Tracking include a wide range of options for maximizing the movement of goods across international borders. The company offers dependable and effective logistics for air, sea, road, and rail transportation to guarantee timely deliveries and cost-effective transportation options.

Compliance with regulations is crucial in the complicated world of international trade. With expertise in navigating the complex web of customs regulations, tariffs, and documentation requirements, this courier tracking excels in trade compliance services. By ensuring that clients adhere to international trade laws, their services minimize risks and prevent potential legal complications.

The Global Supply Chain services offered by Logistics Tracking are intended to improve the overall effectiveness of supply chain operations. This includes strategies for order fulfillment, demand forecasting, and inventory management. The company uses technology and expertise to create supply chains that are transparent, responsive, and able to keep up with the changing nature of global commerce.


Logistics in Aerospace

Solutions for the aerospace industry’s specialized logistics that guarantee the safe and effective movement of equipment and parts to meet industry-specific requirements.

Retail and consumer logistics

Customized logistics services for the retail and consumer goods industries, optimizing the supply chain to meet market demands and customer expectations in a fast-paced environment.

Healthcare Administration

Support for the healthcare industry’s complete logistics, including the transportation of supplies, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals with an emphasis on compliance and dependability.

Logistics for Fashion

Solutions for the fashion industry’s logistics from beginning to end, handling the complexities of the supply chain to meet the specific needs of this dynamic and trend-driven sector.

Logistics for Engineering and Manufacturing

Expertise in logistics for the engineering and manufacturing sectors, ensuring the smooth movement of materials and components to support production processes.

Logistics of Energy

Services in specialized logistics for the energy industry that address the particular difficulties of transporting energy-relevant equipment, materials, and parts.

Beauty Management

Solutions for the beauty industry’s logistics, with a focus on product integrity and timeliness for product transportation and distribution.

Aid and Relief Operations

Services for humanitarian logistics that are made to help aid and relief efforts by getting essential supplies to areas that need them quickly and effectively.

Logistics of Flavors and Fragrances

Support for the flavours and fragrances industry’s logistics, ensuring the safe and prompt delivery of these valuable, delicate goods.

Logistics for Food and Beverage

Services for the food and beverage industry’s complete logistics, addressing the particular difficulties presented by perishable goods and ensuring regulatory compliance.

FAQs By Bolloré Logistics Tracking

What kinds of businesses does the company primarily serve?

The business provides individualized logistics solutions to a wide range of sectors, including automotive, aerospace, consumer and retail, healthcare, fashion, manufacturing, energy, beauty, aid and relief, flavours and fragrances, automotive, food and beverage, and consumer and retail.

How does the business ensure that international trade regulations are followed?

The company ensures seamless adherence to international trade laws by utilizing its expertise in trade compliance to navigate the complexities of customs regulations, tariffs, and documentation requirements.

With its logistics services, the company helps the energy industry in what way?

The business offers custom transportation solutions for the energy industry’s essential equipment, materials, and components. It focuses on energy logistics.

Is there specialized transportation assistance for odours and flavours?

Ensuring safe, prompt delivery of delicate flavours and fragrances—logistics support for valuable industry commodities.

How does the company manage automotive sector logistics?

Precision-managed vehicle transportation, efficient logistics solutions—end-to-end services tailored for the automotive industry’s unique requirements.

What kinds of logistics options are available to the food and beverage sector?

Comprehensive logistics for food and beverage: navigating perishable challenges, ensuring regulatory compliance with specialized services.

Can the company tailor logistics solutions to meet the requirements of specific industries?

Tailoring logistics for diverse industries—effective, dependable transportation and supply chain management with customized solutions.