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Bidair Cargo Tracking emerges as a dynamic and dependable player in the heart of South Africa’s bustling logistics landscape. It revolutionizes the transportation industry with cutting-edge solutions and a commitment to seamless cargo management.

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Johannesburg+27 11 230 4600[email protected]3rd Floor, Agents Building, Northern Perimeter Road, OR Tambo International Airport

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BidAir Freight was laid out in 1996 as Express Air Administrations, whose armada of tanker airplanes worked for a short-term centre and was a homegrown organization. Throughout the long term, they have continually developed as a business, learned from examples, and rolled out various improvements to their plan of action.

As BidAir Cargo, they now offer a freight services agreement to various African passenger airlines to manage their underutilized cargo capacity. The aircraft acquires income for the freight limit, which BidAir Freight oversees and makes accessible to the express package industry. 

They have likewise evolved other dealings with and advertising administrations for homegrown and provincial aircraft. Imperial Air Cargo, which operates overnight freighter services in South Africa with a fleet of dedicated B737 freighter aircraft, was acquired by BidAir Cargo in 2014.

Bidair Cargo Tracking Company’s Ideals

  • Through mutual respect, honesty, integrity, and accountability, they are able to achieve a passion for service excellence and create a stable work environment with motivated and well-trained employees.

Corporate Family

  • BidAir Freight is a 100% auxiliary of the Bidvest Gathering and reports to the Security and Flight Group of the Bidvest Administrations Division.


  • BidAir Freight has a full license from aeronautics administrative bodies, remembering Section 108 directed specialist status for all their homegrown branches. They are SACAA and have agreed to oversee worldwide freight through their branches in Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg.

Same Day Express (SDX )

  • For top-critical shipments, freight is ensured to go on the following accessible flight. This help offers a tight 1 hour, 15 minutes cut-off for hand/close by out.

Short-term Expedited Administration (ONX)

ONX is a short-term expedited administration for critical and larger/united shipments that have a distinct cutoff time. It likewise considers shipments that can’t be obliged on traveller airplanes. ONX has characterized acknowledgement deadlines at the beginning, the most elevated stacking need, and reliable conveyance times at the end.

PER – Short-lived

  • Short-lived Freight Administration gives an effective acknowledgement of transport and conveyance administration for transient freight as per the IATA Transitory Freight Guidelines (PCR).

AVF – Live Fish

  • Shipments of live fish will always board the next available flight. This help offers a tight 1 hour, 15 minutes cut-off for hand-in/an hour accessible for hand-out.

AVI – Live Creatures

  • PetLounge offers clean and agreeable offices for pets/creatures heading out from one air terminal to another. To visit the PetLounge website, click this link.
  • Waybill finished in full.
  • Test loads and aspects taken
  • Waybill accepted.
  • Checking the shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions By Bidair Cargo Tracking

How might I follow my Bidair Freight shipment on the web?

By going to the official Bidair Cargo website and entering your tracking number into the designated tracking tool, you can track your shipment online.

What is a Bidair Freight following number, and where might I at any point track it down?

A Bidair Freight tracking number is a remarkable identifier for your shipment. You can, as a rule, find it on your transportation receipt or the affirmation email you got while booking your freight with Bidair.

Is Bidair Freight’s following accessible for all shipments?

Indeed, Bidair Freight gives the following administrations to the majority of its shipments, permitting you to screen the status and area of your freight progressively.

How frequently is the following data refreshed for Bidair Freight shipments?

The following data for Bidair Freight shipments is ordinarily refreshed consistently, with constant information on the shipment’s advancement, including takeoff, appearance, and any significant achievements.

How would it be advisable for me to respond, assuming I experience issues with Bidair Freight or need further help?

Assuming you experience any issues with Bidair Freight following or need extra help, you can contact Bidair Freight’s client care group through their site or reach them by means of telephone or email for brief help.