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ATS Courier Tracking Canada

In the Canadian transportation sector, ATS Healthcare is the largest provider of temperature-controlled healthcare. Their clients value the dependability of their complete shipping solutions for temperature management, security, and other issues. For the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, and over-the-counter products, they adhere completely to Health Canada’s guidelines.

SNC Lavalin Pharma has perceived and can confirm its exclusive requirements through the capability of its frameworks and strategies. ATS offers shippers a clean, effective, and committed healthcare-focused solution in conjunction with 24/7 tracking, data capture and retention, their nationwide network of temperature-controlled facilities, and the highest level of security.

Andlauer Transportation Services (ATS / ATS Healthcare), which was established in 1991, is the market leader for temperature-controlled transportation. The first Ambient Service in Canada, ATS began providing pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers with a comprehensive solution to temperature management and security goals in 2002. In 2009, ATS sold the retail portion of the business to concentrate solely on the healthcare industry as a result of a corporate decision to target the growing demand for temperature-controlled services.

At the moment, ATS Healthcare handles a significant amount of business from Canada’s leading pharmaceutical companies. They are centred around giving an exhaustive cluster of administrations expected by medical care-related organizations to move their items.

All major Canadian cities are served by ATS branches, which can be found coast to coast across the country. Their offices include total environment temperature control, observed every minute of every day with inflatable puzzle shipping bays to forestall air spills and keep up with temperatures during open-entryway stacking. Higher sort speeds and capacities are guaranteed by their auto-sort barcode conveyor systems.

ATS Cargo Dedicated Services

Bringing Pharmaceutical Knowledge to Dedicated Fleet Services ATS Healthcare provides dedicated and semi-dedicated fleet services to the Canadian healthcare sector. ATS Healthcare Tracking offers materials management, production scheduling, customer service, and warehousing in addition to transportation.

The Benefits of ATS Healthcare:

  • Efficiencies connect with their ability in vehicle details, steering, innovation and temperature the board.
  • Improved customer interaction as a result of consistent training in an ISO-certified setting. Better driver retention.
  • Reduction in the amount spent on capital.
  • Cost savings by outsourcing this service, which isn’t a big part of many businesses’ core competencies.
  • A general improvement in service.
  • Flexibility to accommodate your company’s fleet expansion.
  • In the event of exceptionally high volume events, access to additional ATS assets.

Moving Medical Care in Canada

ATS Medical Care gives across the nation temperature the board administrations given crucial drug shipments. Complementary transportation services developed as a result of their ongoing search for new technologies. Today, they use a variety of transportation options and added-value services to provide the care that the Canadian healthcare industry requires.

  • AIR – ATS Medical Services accomplices with the best freight carrier network in Canada to offer the best conveyance courses of events the nation over.
  • GROUND – ATS Healthcare provides expedited ground delivery transport over the road.
  • LTL – ATS Medical Care can offer support for palletized orders from one to truckload amounts.
  • Messenger – ATS Medical Services offers facilitated conveyance by ground and air for little package shipments.
  • CHAIN OF Mark (COS) – ATS Medical Services provides a secure vehicle of controlled substances using processes that are agreeable with Wellbeing Canada prerequisites.
  • HEAT – ATS Medical Care offers warmed assistance from October 15 to April 14 yearly, to safeguard against freezing; this applies commonly to well-being and excellence items and different things not controlled by Wellbeing Canada under Rule 0069.
  • AMBIENT – ATS Healthcare supports clients in meeting the requirements of Health Canada Guideline 0069 by providing year-round temperature control between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.
  • APPOINTMENT PROCESSES – For the delivery of your shipments, many recipients require specific appointment times. They manage the process, avoiding customer penalties and fines.

Technologies for Temperature Management

At ATS, dealing with this kind of transportation and appropriation is an area of strength for them.

They provide your shipment with the necessary care both in their facilities and on the road:

  • Distribution coverage from coast to coast with full temperature control.
  • Ambient Ground (15° – 25°C).
  • Ambient Air  (2° – 25°C).
  • Cold Chain (2° – 8°C).
  • Heat Service (above 0°C).
  • Drivers who can check the trailer’s interior temperature.
  • Every minute of everyday temperature and area observed on vehicles.
  • To help prevent temperature swings, the dispatch area displays the temperatures of the vehicles before loading.

Frequently Asked Questions By ATS Healthcare Tracking

Can shipments related to healthcare be scheduled for a specific time of delivery?

They may offer options for scheduled delivery of healthcare packages, depending on the service selected. Ask about accessibility during the booking system.

How is the secrecy of medical care shipments kept up during travel?

They place a high priority on healthcare shipment security and confidentiality. Unique taking care of choices and adherence to severe security conventions are essential for their responsibility.

Could I at any point get warnings for refreshes on my medical care shipment’s status?

Yes, settle on email or SMS notices during the booking system to get opportune updates on the situation with your medical services shipment.

Is there a particular method for bundling clinical things for transportation?

Yes, To ensure the safety of medical supplies during transportation, pack them securely. Allude to their rules or reach them for bundling proposals.

Can I change the address of a medical package in the middle of its journey?

Rerouting choices might be accessible in specific cases. Get in touch with their customer service right away to talk about the possibility and any necessary procedures.