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ATC Logistics Transport Tracking emerges as a dynamic and dependable player in the heart of India’s bustling logistics landscape. It revolutionizes the transportation industry with cutting-edge solutions and a commitment to seamless cargo management.

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New Delhi011-25892045,011-41419647,011-47320478,011-49069309[email protected]/
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Delhi011-43596828,011-46099407[email protected]3981-83,NAYA BAZAR, DELHI-110006

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ATC Logistics India PVT LTD

ATC Calculated Arrangements Pvt. Ltd is one the most seasoned (laid out in 1939), presumed and expertly oversaw transportation and coordinated factors organization of their country. It participated in essential as well as optional dispersion with a public spread and exceptionally impressive presence in Northern and Western Piece of India with an extraordinary spotlight on Kolkata as well.

Functionally, The organization has a well-established workforce with a highly experienced labor supply available within the organization. The brand image is firmly established and clearly positioned.

They have completely coordinated in-house created IT framework and start-to-finish store network module for example from starting place to point of utilization arrangements. By prudence of their solid comprehension of Indian geology and troublesome territories, they really arrive at utilization and Supply groups the nation over and ready to areas of strength for foster models on mutually advantageous premise.


  • ATC Logistics Transport Tracking will guarantee that any material conveyed by them will be conveyed securely with absolute attention to detail and dependability place in India. Let trust and dependability not be simple words but rather the premise of client certainty for quite a long time into the future.


  • Offering the top tier-incorporated transport arrangements that will assist organizations with dealing with the store network processes flawlessly.
  • Offer start-to-finish coordinated transport arrangements across numerous industry verticals with an imaginative methodology in giving creative arrangements.
  • The administration’s Mission is to pursue conveying the right merchandise, brilliantly, to the perfect locations, at the right expense, each time and like clockwork.

Services of ATC Logistics Transport

General Freight

ATC LOGISTICAL SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD skillfully handles complex freight, from 5-kilogram packages to those that weigh 9 tons and possess a whole truck. Instances of ATC’s proficiency and speed? Packages destined for Chandigarh from Delhi (as well as the other way around) arrive by 11 a.m. the next morning. 

Bundles on the Delhi-Gurgaon-Delhi course arrive on that very day. Delhi – Amritsar course that very day, Delhi — Bombay within 72 hours, Delhi-Calcutta in 96 hours, i.e Overall Cargo even They are the quickest. Furthermore, They Now have the Quickest “EXPRESS Cargo ” Administration.

Express Cargo

Door-to-door service proves faster than air shipping, particularly for short distances (limited air cargo requires a 24-hour cooling period). Presently this assistance is accessible in practically all courses.

Project Cargo

ATC Strategic Arrangements PVT. LTD. specialists transport large equipment from manufacturing plants to various project sites such as dams, flyovers, and power stations. On parkways or beyond what is expected.

Customized Freight

Custom answers for delicate and unique freight, autos, development/designing/mining material, gadgets, style and materials, drug/medical care/clinical gear, glass, paper, distributing/printing/tradeshow material. Cargo that needs additional consideration.

FAQs By ATC Logistics Transport Tracking

What is ATC Logistics, and how does it work?

ATC Transport Tracking is a system that allows you to monitor the status and location of your shipments. It works by providing a unique tracking number for each shipment, which you can use to access real-time information about its journey, including its current location and estimated delivery time.

Can I track my shipment in real time using ATC Parcel?

Yes, ATC Tracking provides real-time tracking capabilities. You can enter your tracking number on the ATC Transport Tracking website or app to see up-to-the-minute information about the location and progress of your shipment.

Are there any fees associated with using ATC Courier services?

ATC typically provides its services to customers free of charge. There are no additional fees for using the tracking system. However, it’s essential to confirm this with the specific transportation company or service you’re using, as policies may vary.

Is ATC available for both domestic and international shipments?

Yes, ATC is often available for both domestic and international shipments. You can track shipments traveling within your own country or across borders, making it a versatile tool for keeping tabs on deliveries regardless of their destination.

How can I access ATC Transport Tracking to monitor the status of my delivery?

To access ATC Couriers, you will typically need a tracking number provided by the shipping or transportation company. Visit the ATC Logistics Transport Tracking website or app, enter your tracking number, and view real-time updates.