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Melbourne1300 363 992[email protected]30 Convention Centre Place, Melbourne, Victoria 3006, AU

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ANL Shipping Tracking Australia

ANL has practical experience moving your item to/from Oceania, and then some. Putting the extraordinary spotlight on manageability, client support, and a serious “can do” demeanour, they know your freight and, more critically, how to move it. 

The Company ANL offers transport administrations to all significant Oceania objections, with inclusion all through Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, the Indian Subcontinent, and North America.

ANL Tracking, under Chief Shane Walden in Melbourne, originated in 1956 as a government entity and joined CMA CGM Group in 1998. ANL is proud to be based in Australia, and its brand identity, “Better Ways,” embodies these fundamentals.

In line with the upsides of their parent organization, ANL Shipping keeps a firm position on manageability. NL launched the Reef Recovery Program to aid coral reef regeneration, combat coral bleaching, and prioritize ocean preservation and biodiversity. CMA CGM Group, led by President Rodolphe Saadé, operates 530+ vessels on 200 routes, serving 420+ ports in 160 countries.

Core Values of ANL Logistics

Crewship: The Australian spirit of camaraderie, loyalty, and mutual support is exemplified by the concept of “mateship.” This is not just a casual friendship; It’s a feeling of support for one another, especially in difficult times. Australians are known for lending some assistance to their friends, whether it’s a neighbour, partner, or outsider.

Fair go: The “fair go” ethos is a key faith in offering everybody an equivalent chance and treating individuals with decency and regard, no matter what their experience, nationality, or financial status. Australians are proud of their society’s efforts to foster an environment where everyone has a chance at success and strives for inclusivity.

Relaxed attitude: Australians are known for being easygoing and laid back. A relaxed outlook on life, an openness to change, and a propensity to not take things too seriously are all part of this mindset. A worthwhile approach advances a decent and less distressing approach to everyday life.

Regard for variety: Australia is a socially different country, and esteeming variety is at the core of its personality. The diversity of the nation’s cultures, languages, and customs is celebrated by Australians. Understanding, tolerance, and celebrating differences are encouraged by this value.

Association with nature: The Australian scene is unquestionably different, going from flawless seashores to huge deserts and lavish rainforests. Australians have a strong connection to the natural world and frequently place a high value on outdoor activities, fostering a profound appreciation for the environment and its significance.

Spirit of entrepreneurship: The entrepreneurial spirit of the Australian people is a reflection of ANL Tracking Company’s past of innovation and resourcefulness. This value contributes to the development and expansion of the nation by encouraging originality, taking chances, and a willingness to investigate new opportunities.

Dangerous Cargo in ANL Shipping Tracking

Prior approval from the ANL Dangerous Cargo Office is mandatory, with an issuance of an acceptance number, before loading hazardous goods.

Acceptance of dangerous goods depends on adherence to IMO Rules, local/national regulations, ANL Policy, and ship-specific considerations, per Ship Manager/Planner.

Shippers will be held fully accountable for any consequences that result from their negligence or the negligence of any person working for them directly or indirectly, even if they accept hazardous cargo.

The product classification is entirely the responsibility of the shipper or consignor. The transporter will give their neighbourhood specialist the Hazardous Products Statement and the pressing testament, bluntly marked. No perilous merchandise will be stacked on board vessels without these reports.

Frequently Asked Questions By ANL Shipping Australia

What is the Australian National Line?

A major shipping company, Australian National Line (ANL), provides a tracking and monitoring system known as ANL Logistics. It enables customers to track their shipments’ real-time status and location as they travel by land and sea.

How do I use ANL to track my shipment?

You can use ANL Shipping to follow your shipment by entering the unique track number for your shipment on the ANL Logistics website. The system will then inform you of your shipment’s current location, anticipated arrival time, and other pertinent information.

What kind of data can I get from ANL?

The following gives a scope of data about your shipment, including its ongoing area, flight and appearance times, course subtleties, and any possible deferrals. It assists you in remaining educated about the advancements regarding your freight.

Is ANL’s following accessible for a wide range of shipments?

ANL’s tracking is generally accessible for various shipments, but it’s advisable to confirm its availability for your specific shipment.

Is there a mobile tracking app for the Australian Container Line?

ANL Transport offers a mobile app for easy shipment tracking on the go, with features like GPS for monitoring status.