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AKR Parcel Service Contact Number

Salem 0427 222 5555[email protected]SY No. 104, Siddar Kovil Fundamental Street, Kandampatty bye-pass, Salem, 636005

Official Website: https://akrexpress.com/#home

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AKR Parcel Service Tracking

Established IN 1997

Pioneers every step of the way. Essential offices, for example, Short-term Activities, Entryway Conveyance, Entryway Get, and 100 per cent vehicles were uncommon in their industry in those days. 

They controlled the business forward by executing these offices right from Day 1. They were likewise the first in the business to introduce SMS Alarms and SMS Following.


  • To make life simple, by focusing on safe conveyances on time, constantly!.

AKR Express Parcel Tracking Team

Their thoroughly prepared and exceptionally energetic group is very prepared to take care of their client’s necessities. Every one of the workers of the association across all units is treated with deference. 

This provides them with a feeling of having a place and promotes a culture of regard, which therefore reflects in their cooperation with AKR LR Tracking Clients.


They continually smooth out their interactions to keep away from bottlenecks, and further develop effectiveness. This steady tweaking guarantees that the speedy time required to circle back is reliably kept up with, and taken to the next level.

Wellbeing of Merchandise

Guaranteeing the security of your products is among their first concerns. Periodical preparation and schooling on the legitimate treatment of the products, 100 per cent compartment-bodied vehicles, very much shielded transhipment yards, and fast following instruments, are undeniably carried out to assist them with guaranteeing an inward feeling of harmony to their clients.

Simple entry

Every one of the AKR Express Parcel Tracking frameworks is intended to guarantee that the change from Booking to Conveyance is consistent, quick, straightforward, and proactive, where our clients wouldn’t want to reach us. In any case, when they actually do have to contact us, our proficient client care group will quickly deal with their questions.


Throughout the long term, they have put a lot of effort into laying out a powerful and strong framework, with a ton of scrupulousness, and long-haul viewpoints.

Their Clients endow them with the undertaking of conveying their merchandise, with certainty; furthermore, continue with zeroing in on what makes a difference to them.


They mean to outperform their previous selves with regard to lessening protests, which are now at excellent levels. Their earlier year’s accomplishment turns into a benchmark for the ongoing year, and they have been effectively diminishing protests, for many years.


It is in AKR Express Parcel Tracking DNA to never put benefits over a Legit Client’s inclinations. They genuinely comprehend the benefit of procuring the Trust of their Clients. They approach what is happening with Incredible skill and Obligation.

Services of AKR Tracking

Entryway Conveyance

  • AKR Express Tracking gives Entryway Conveyance administrations at every one of their branches.
  • Sympathetically inform the booking representative that you wish to have an “Entryway Conveyance”, at the time of booking the transfer.

SMS Cautions

  • Get programmed Booking and Conveyance affirmation by means of SMS.
  • To profit from this element, mercifully give the portable quantities of both the source and the beneficiary, at the hour of booking the transfer.

SMS Following

  • To follow the most recent status of your transfer, send an SMS in the configuration AKRspace>LRnumber’ to 93554 92200.
  • This office will be particularly helpful in regions with low organizational inclusion, and unfortunate information networks.

24-hour Conveyance

  • AKR LR Tracking gives 24-hour conveyance across the vast majority of their stations.
  • Benevolently check at the hour of booking, or call their client care for additional particular subtleties.

Advanced Installments

  • Every one of their stations acknowledges advanced instalments.
  • Instalments can be made carefully utilizing any of the computerized instalment passage applications like Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and so on, utilizing UPI id.

Banned Items in AKR Parcel

  • Apportioned merchandise.
  • Gas chambers.
  • Sandalwood.
  • Timberland produces products.
  • Cardamom.
  • Jaggery.
  • RTX.
  • Jellastin stick.
  • Phosphorus.
  • Uranium.
  • Explosives.
  • Crackers.
  • Matchboxes.
  • Other combustible merchandise.
  • Weapons.
  • Bullets.
  • Cloves.
  • Other stash merchandise.
  • Khanja.
  • Liquor.
  • Spirit.
  • Acid.
  • Country drugs.
  • Kadukkai.


  • Tamilnadu – 33AAECA2701K1Z4.
  • Andhra Pradesh – 37AAECA2701K1ZW.
  • Karnataka – 29AAECA2701K1ZT.
  • Kerala – 32AAECA2701K1Z6.
  • Pondicherry – 34AAECA2701K1Z2.
  • Telangana – 36AAECA2701K1ZY.

Frequently Asked Questions By AKR Express Parcel Tracking

How might I follow up on my shipment with AKR Express in India?

To follow your shipment with AKR Express in India, visit their authority site or utilize their versatile application. Enter your extraordinary following number given at the hour of booking to get constant updates on your bundle’s status.

What data do I have to track my shipment?

You will require the following number given to you by AKR Express when you booked your shipment. This remarkable identifier permits you to screen your bundle all through its excursion.

Does AKR LR Tracking Communicate offer worldwide following administrations?

Starting around my last update in September 2021, AKR Express was principally given homegrown status following administrations inside India. Be that as it may, it’s prudent to check their site or contact their client care for the most recent data on global following choices, as their administrations might have extended from that point forward.

Is following my shipment with AKR Express for nothing?

YES, following your shipment with AKR Express in India is normally presented as free help. There are no extra charges for utilizing their global positioning framework to screen the situation with your bundle.

How would it be a good idea for me to respond on the off chance that my shipment’s following data isn’t refreshing?

In the event that you notice an absence of the following updates for your shipment with AKR Express Parcel Tracking, there could be different explanations behind the deferral. In the first place, check your following number for precision and attempt once more at a later time, as updates may be forthcoming. On the off chance that the issue continues to happen, connect with AKR Express client service for help with settling the matter.