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AEC Parcel Service Tracking Following Operations stands apart among the USA’s dependable messenger following administrations. This Transport Strategies Organization furnishes clients the country over with calm conveyance and exact bundle checking.

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Illinois+1 312 626 6661[email protected]8801 S 78th Ave, Bridgeview, IL 60455, United States

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AEC Parcel Service Tracking

EC has worked for north than 15 years as the head global conveyance organization that has some expertise in production network upgrades. From that achievement, AEC Bundle Administration framed when the package-delivering part of the firm developed into its own organization. 

It currently works as an affiliated business gaining practical experience in buyer-centered delivery for more modest bundles.

They have practical experience in client care from first contact to the second your packages show up at their objective and then some. Their commitment to working on the cycle and offering the least expensive delivery organization administrations keeps on developing for many years.

History of AEC Parcel Tracking


  • Atlantic Express Corp. was established giving commodity administrations from Chicago to Eastern Europe.


  • AEC starts to develop inside the vehicle exporter specialty.


  • Vehicle trading administrations grow with delivery to the Center East.


  • AEC’s package division makes an exclusive bundle of the board framework to support development.


  • AEC’s bundle division starts offering house-to-house package conveyance administration to most nations in the EU too Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.


  • AEC Bundle Administration Inc. is made as an affiliated business to Atlantic Express Corp. assuming control over all package delivering activities.

Company‚Äôs Goal 

At the AEC Bundle Administration package conveyance organization, their #1 objective is your finished fulfillment, precise and quick conveyance of individual bundles, and enhancements to your business activities. 

You merit global modest transportation that never holds back on quality, administration, or dependability.

Core Values of AEC Parcel Service

Center around Consumer loyalty

At the point when you transport a bundle from the US to its last objective, you want to believe that it will show up rapidly and at a reasonable cost. They endeavor to win your trust with each shipment and have been doing as such for over 15 years.

Security at Each Step.

Moderateness and speed mean pretty much nothing in the event that your bundles don’t show up securely at their objective. It doesn’t make any difference on the off chance that you’re transportation to Ukraine, Germany, Italy, or some other country, AEC Parcel Service guarantees the security of each and every piece of cargo and safeguards against potential issues constantly. 

AEC Bundle Administrations control the whole production network, so you never need to trust your bundle to an external firm. This equivalent expanded security, proficiency, and reasonableness, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Proficiency and Moderateness

You don’t need to hold back on quality with regard to finding the least expensive transportation organization around. At the point when you pick a devoted strategies organization like us, you get further developed proficiency and an incredible cost.

Full Strategies Administrations for All Package Delivery Needs.

As a client, you get the exact strategies and transportation administrations you really want to send bundles to companions, families, and organizations in Europe. 

AEC Transport devoted group at AEC Package Administration offers a wide assortment of administrations for protected and effective more modest bundle dealing.

Your Smart Choice

They offer a one-stop answer for a wide assortment of client types, and cargo needs, and have areas all over the US. They do this with the best spotlight on your total fulfillment and reasonableness.

Services of AEC Parcel Service

Worldwide Bundle Delivery Administrations in AEC Tracking

For over 15 years, their group has given extraordinary worldwide bundle transporting administrations to people and organizations inside the US. They work in Eastern Europe, Russia, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine, albeit different districts are likewise accessible for direct assistance. 

At the point when you pick AEC Bundle Administration, you get true serenity that your bundle conveyance is taken care of with absolute attention to detail and security.

Helpful Package Delivery Areas

Regardless of where you reside or work in the US, you can find one of their transportation areas effortlessly. They work from four distribution centers in various areas around the country for comfort and to assist the global bundle transporting process. 

Drop-off specialists are accessible in many areas across North America including Hawaii and Ontario, Canada. Their helpful delivery rates mini-computer will show the bundle drop-off areas that are the nearest to you.

Delivering Choices to Europe

AEC Parcel Service vehicle organization offers both economy and express transportation choices for your benefit. The choice of which to utilize relies heavily on how rapidly you believe the bundle should show up and your spending plan. 

They will work with you to decide the global bundle-delivering technique that turns out best for your novel necessities.

Bundle Conveyance You Can Trust

More than anything else, delivering bundles globally requires a serious level of unwavering quality and trust that your package will show up precisely where it ought to be immediately. 

More modest bundle delivery has become quite possibly of their most famous assistance. Not at all like bigger corporate suppliers, AEC Transport focuses on each client’s necessities at reasonable rates.

Worldwide Vehicle Transportation Administrations in AEC Transport

With regard to worldwide vehicle delivery, they believe you should get top-quality administrations from industry experts. 

For that reason, AEC Parcel Service offers vehicle transporting administrations for the benefit of our parent organization Atlantic Express Corp. which has been giving global vehicle transportation for over 20 years now. 

The legitimate prerequisites, security concerns, desk work needs, and calculated processes engaged with the transportation of a vehicle abroad require proficient assistance from an organization like Atlantic Express Corp. which has been playing out these administrations for a long time. They want to get your vehicle where it needs to go.

Why Boat Vehicles To an Alternate Country?

Whether you need to make the most of lower vehicle costs, are moving to another nation, or for some other explanation, worldwide vehicle transporting gives you the chance to get your vehicle where it needs to go. This likewise incorporates the transport of car parts and other related things.

Protected and Lawful Vehicle Commodity Administrations.

You don’t need to stress over legitimate, import and product, or security issues when you pick a vehicle delivering from the USA with their accomplices. Atlantic Express Corp. has an NVOCC Permit No.15362N. – a sea transportation mediator permit, which permits offering real and legal global vehicle delivery administrations. 

They have the experience, information, and associations to make the interaction smooth and secure.

Rules for Worldwide Vehicle Delivery.

Bringing in or trading a vehicle, light truck, cruiser, or other traveler vehicle includes numerous worldwide standards and prerequisites to guarantee a protected, quick, and reasonable section. 

With over twenty years of involvement, Atlantic Express Corp. gives master help at exploring this occasionally interesting cycle. Top to bottom information on unambiguous rules permits offering you the smoothest and most hands-off process conceivable.

Freight and Compartment Transportation via Land and Ocean

Get every one of the advantages of over 20 years in business when you set up for global holder delivering with their parent organization Atlantic Express Corp. Regardless of what sort of allowed stock or different things you need to send from the US to another country, they can assist it with arriving securely, rapidly, and for a spending plan well disposed cost. 

Atlantic Express Corp. handles transport freight to North, Focal, and South America, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Center East, Africa, and more areas all over the planet. Each client gets the exact administration they need.

Transport of Holders by Truck in AEC Parcel Service

Albeit these shipping administrations center around US regions, their accomplice organization likewise offers transport of freight compartments to ports for global delivery. 

Your organization needs a one-stop arrangement to expand proficiency, speed, and unwavering quality. For that reason, Atlantic Express Corp. offers so many interconnected transport administrations and even gives refrigerated delivery full EPA enlistment.

Holder Freight All over the Planet.

Having a lengthy organization of stacking offices and workplaces assists with offering both LCL and FCL holder transporting choices from a not insignificant rundown of waterfront ports. 

Incorporate New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and Dock, and that’s just the beginning. A NVOCC Permit No.15362N. – a sea transportation middle person permit that Atlantic Express Corp. has, guarantees legitimate and smooth freight development all over the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions of AEC Parcel Service Tracking

How do I track my package?

Go to their site and enter your following number to see all the following data. In the event that you can’t get data from their site, kindly call or email us.

How can I insure my package? How does the insurance work?

$100 protection is incorporated free of charge. To increment the protection sum, you need to pay $5 for each extra $100. This is complete misfortune protection meaning it covers bundles that are totally obliterated or lost.

How can I calculate the total cost of shipping a package?

You can compute the full expense for transportation of a bundle by utilizing their cost mini-computer on the site or by reaching their client care group.

Do you offer packing services? Do you sell packing materials?

AEC Parcel Service offers pressing administrations and sells pressing materials in a portion of their areas. Kindly call ahead to affirm before dropping off your bundle.

What is the most extreme permitted esteem I can put without paying extra obligations/charges?

The greatest permitted esteem relies upon the country you boat to. More unambiguous data can be found involving cost number cruncher as well as on the national guides.