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ABT Parcel Services Tracking India emerges as a dynamic and dependable player in the heart of India’s bustling logistics landscape. It revolutionizes the transportation industry with cutting-edge solutions and a commitment to seamless cargo management.

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COIMBATORE+91 (0422) 4333666[email protected]ABT PS, 180, RACE COURSE ROAD, COIMBATORE-641018

Official Website: http://abtps.com/index.aspx

ABT Parcel Tracking India

From a Little Seed, a strong trunk might develop The Planned operations behemoth ABT, a powerful trunk established from the idea seeds of their incredible Visionary, their Pioneer Late. P . Nachimuthu Gounder, began business in 1921 by employing Bullock trucks at Pollachi, an undersized town a long way from Coimbatore city, Tamilnadu.

Later in 1931 as perennials grew, their business developed with 21 transports and jumped into a notable Traveler transport organization The Anamallais Transport which possessed 150 transports in 110 courses working in and around Coimbatore district that equalates the help of Public carriers.

The variety of numerous divisions is an empowered development that sent them to make an achievement and in this way, ABT claims its pride for being a forerunner in the transport industry. 

At the point when their Incredible Executive, Late Dr N. Mahalingam child of Late P.Nachimuthu Gounder felt for expansion, under his direction Sri AV Giri, Brother by marriage of ABT Parcel Services Tracking company’s administrator summoned ABT Package administration in 1964.

Then child of Their Unbelievable Director, Their fair Executive Dr. M. Manickam assumed control over the business, which presently has developed as a conspicuous player in the Coordinated factors industry.

As of now Incredible Fabulous child of their Organizer and excellent child of their administrator, their Young and Dynamic Chief, Mr. M. Harihara Sudhan, taking care of the business instilling new Business Techniques, and carries out cutting-edge innovation that reengineers the customary ABT to meet out the latest things.

ABT’s pride is being preferred by its important and Brand faithful clients and subsequently, the accomplishment behind ABT entitles.

Owned Vehicles240 +
Clients Worldwide110 +
Tonnes Transported2340

WHY CHOOSE ABT Parcel Service?

  • In excess of 350 Organizations claimed containerized vehicles.
  • In excess of 120 courses spreading across eight states.
  • 216 lakh kilometers running each year.
  • 6 Lac’s tons treatment of merchandise each year.
  • Rs. 2400 Crores worth of merchandise booking each year.
  • 1 Crore No. of articles being reserved each year.
  • Organization possessed stockrooms in all Region central command.
  • Committed group of representatives.
  • Luxuriously experienced Specialists Organization.
  • Prepared Drivers Own Studio.
  • Goodbye prepared experts.
  • Modernized activities at Branches.
  • Electronic focal following of freight.
  • In excess of 500 stations are spread across eight states, specifically Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry, Goa, Gujarat, and Maharashtra today.

Core Values of ABT Parcel Tracking

Trusted Franchise

  • They have had franchises with them for in excess of thirty years and have expanded their confidence and unwavering quality that they have in the practices in the business, which has made the generosity towards the development of the organization.

Customer Support

  • ABT Parcel Services Tracking Company’s Client Care Group capability in the Administrative Office and in the branch office towards nonstop faster conveyance and if any discrepancies arise.

Reliability & Punctuality

  • Regarding the client’s needs and significance of the their property, they take most consideration on the treatment of the property. and keep up with the commitment of constancy.

ABT Services

Financially savvy execution and quality

Use group-driven specialty markets with enthusiasm as opposed to utilizing stages. Monotonectally reestablish in fact sound expectations and strategic “fresh” thinking.

Use novel chances to powerfully foster cycle improvements in view of broad exploration. Produce exceptionally compelling possibilities for vertical center capabilities in a tenable way. Stay away from generally safe, high return cycles and spotlight on pandemic encounters.

Bundling and Stockpiling

ABT Parcel Services Tracking needs to ensure that regardless of how huge or little your business is, they have the devices to decide the correct method for putting away your provisions’ bundling and keep it in an environment-controlled region to stay away from residue and soil.

Quality and security

They have a powerful security and quality framework that is overseen by prepared workers, determined to diminish dangers, mistakes, and mischief that could happen during transportation interaction.

Care for Environment

ABT’s office is coordinating computerized innovation, decreasing its ecological effect. which adds to a cleaner climate.

Frequently Asked Questions By ABT Parcel Services Tracking

How would I follow my ABT Bundle Administration shipment?

To follow your shipment, visit the ABT Package Administration site and enter your following number in the assigned field. You’ll get continuous updates on your bundle’s area and conveyance status.

Where could I at any point find my following number?

You can regularly find your ABT Bundle Administration following number on your transportation affirmation email, receipt, or on bundle name. It’s typically a progression of alphanumeric characters.

Is the following accessible for all ABT Bundle Administration shipments?

Indeed, the ABT Bundle Administration offers the following administrations for the majority of its shipments. Nonetheless, a few administrations might have restricted following choices, so it’s ideal to check with ABT Package Administration for explicit subtleties.

How would it be a good idea for me to respond in the event that my following data hasn’t been refreshed in some time?

In the event that your following data hasn’t been refreshed for a drawn-out period, you might need to contact ABT Bundle Administration client care. They can give help and examine any expected issues with your shipment.

Could I at any point get warnings about my shipment’s status?

Indeed, ABT Parcel Services Tracking frequently gives the choice to get email or SMS notices in regard to your shipment’s status. You can set up these warnings during the following system on their site.