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Shenzhen City400-002-5566[email protected]Sifang Headquarters, Building 12, Fuyong Yiku, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

Official Website: https://www.4px.com/

4PX Shipping Transport China

Since its inception in 2004, Shenzhen Disifang Express Co., Ltd. has established itself as a complete service provider for the global cross-border e-commerce supply chain. Since its foundation quite a while back, the organization has zeroed in on the improvement of cross-line web based business planned operations. 

Through the global warehouse distribution network and terminal delivery network, it has won the majority of cross-border customers with innovative and dependable logistics supply chain services driven by IT technology and big data. Trusted by web based business merchants, it has now formed into a main undertaking in the field of cross-line internet business coordinated operations. 

The organization as of now has around 10,000+ workers and more than 100+ branches all over the planet, serving around 1 million cross-line online business shippers and in excess of 200 million cross-line online business end clients all over the planet. 

In 2016, the organization got a billion-level vital venture from Cainiao Organization, an auxiliary of Alibaba Gathering, and turned into a significant accomplice and operations specialist co-op for Alibaba’s worldwide trading methodology; in 2018, the organization got another round of speculation from Alibaba Gathering, and the organization It is likewise the main cross-line web based business strategies organization contributed by Alibaba Gathering up until this point. 

Global order fulfillment services, warehousing and logistics management system services, global returns solutions, global parcel direct shipping service, and global transshipment import service are the companies with the most complete service types and the most complete global network in the market segment. At the moment, DSF is based on two networks: the Global Parcel Delivery Network (GPN) and the Global Fulfillment Network (GFN). 

4PX Express Services

The global parcel delivery service that Shenzhen Disifang Express Co., Ltd. offers is second to none. Utilizing a broad organization and creative coordinated factors arrangements, they guarantee ideal and dependable conveyance of bundles around the world. Their obligation to productivity and precision goes with them a confided in decision for cross-line online business shipments. 

Disifang Express offers leading. Cross-border e-commerce fulfillment services. From stock to packing. Streamlining diverse online business needs.Trust them to smooth out your activities and improve consumer loyalty. Disifang’s commitment apparent in comprehensive reverse logistics services. 

Dealing with returns effectively is critical, and their specific arrangements guarantee a consistent opposite planned operations process. With an emphasis on consumer loyalty and functional greatness, they deal with the converse progression of merchandise with accuracy and dependability.

FAQs By 4PX Express Courier Tracking

What makes Shenzhen Disifang Express a leader in the international supply chain for cross-border e-commerce? 

Since 2004, Disifang Express led. Focus on cross-border e-commerce. Innovative strategies, IT technology. Global network, trusted by merchants.

How broad is the worldwide organization of Shenzhen Disifang Express, and what number of clients does it serve? 

With more than 100 branches and 10,000+ representatives around the world, Shenzhen Disifang Express serves roughly 1 million get line web based business transporters and north of 200 million end-clients internationally. This broad organization highlights its obligation to offering complete types of assistance on a worldwide scale. 

What vital ventures has Shenzhen Disifang Express gotten, and how would they add to its worldwide activities? 

In 2016, Cainiao, Alibaba’s subsidiary, invested significantly, making Disifang a crucial partner in global operations. Subsequently, in 2018, Alibaba further invested, solidifying Disifang as its primary cross-border e-commerce logistics company, enhancing global influence.

What administrations does Shenzhen Disifang Communicate propose in the cross-line online business store network portion? 

Diverse services: global order fulfillment. Warehousing and operations management. Global returns, direct delivery. Comprehensive global parcel services.

How does Shenzhen Disifang Communicate deal with the converse planned operations process for cross-line internet business? 

Disifang’s obligation to a far reaching on the web business store network is obvious in its Worldwide Opposite Strategies Administrations. It uses specialized solutions to handle returns effectively, ensuring a smooth reverse logistics process.